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A part of the network Gorgeous Little Blonde Mackenzie Moss Fucking Live
(click to enlarge) Gorgeous Little Blonde Mackenzie Moss Fucking Live (2019)

Starring: Mackenzie Moss
Co-starring: Jake Adams

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
58 Min
Condoms: Scenes: 1
Overview: With this review, I here take a look at my second live show from CHERRY PIMPS, and as I would find, boy what a show it would be! With this show which was taped February 11, 2019 we have the industry newcomer Mackenzie Moss, who is here paired with male talent Jake Adams, as they perform live for a live Internet audience. Personally I really enjoy these types of scenes, as they give you an insight as to how the performers are in real life. Not to mention that the chemistry share between the two participants is both raw and spontaneous. I also enjoy them because sometimes you might additionally get introduced to someone which you may have never heard of, or are otherwise brand new to the business. In this case it is the latter. Yes, the featured starlet booked for this scene, is relatively new to the business, as she explains that this scene in particular, was only her fourth scene in, and when it comes to a live setting, it was her first. Well when it comes to scenes released, I do believe that this is her very first scene to have hit the public. With that said, they always say that first impressions mean a lot, and I have to tell you that with this scene, Mackenzie Moss leaves the viewer with a damn fine impression indeed. In fact, I don't say a lot about what I am reviewing as I am doing it on Twitter, however during this review I had to make several stops to Twitter, just to tell everyone how much I was in love with Mackenzie. While I could say that I fell love with her because of the scene, that wouldn't exactly be true, as I have connected with her via Twitter. Her personality is truly infectious. And she brings that very personality to this scene. Throughout this scene, she is happy and eager to take anything that Jake gives her. She does so with excitement, as well as with a smile on her face. This scene is pretty much high-energy from the start. Though the beginning consists of Mackenzie in Jake welcoming the viewers into the chat room, which leads to a solo tease segment from the female performer. Once things truly kick off between these two performers, the action seen truly never lets up, from beginning to end. I really enjoyed this scene, I enjoyed it for its entirety, and I had a smile on my face the whole time, that was nearly as big as the one Mackenzie has as she's taking the dick. Mackenzie Moss may be a newcomer when it comes to porn, however it is obvious that her "hoe" ways are nothing new. She is without a doubt, absolutely skilled when it comes to this type of thing. I also liked that she kept the viewing audience involved. In my personal opinion, she has already became a star, and she is just getting started. Along with this girl's eagerness and enthusiasm, her presence on-screen is an incredibly undeniable. Not only does she perform well, she looks great, even down to her beautiful pussy! As for the male talent side of things, we have the more experienced Jake Adams. I have to say that I also really like this guy. I reviewed him last a few weeks back, I was impressed with him then - and I am even more impressed with him following this scene. Jake has a long dick, and I really like how he uses the thing. He really gets in there and bangs fast and hard, giving the girls a nice, good dicking. Mark my words there is a performer of the year trophy in Mr. Adams'future. This guy fucks with the best of them, and also I hear that he throws a mean house party as well! Overall, this was a fucking amazing live show. You aren't always going to get live shows that are as good as this. This scene was amazing in my opinion. Here we have a lovable star in the making, whom we watch endure a nice hard fuck and love absolutely every minute of it. I'm not sure what else one can possibly want from a scene like this. It's great. So with that said yes it is obvious that I highly, highly recommend that you check this one out if at all possible. As for Mackenzie Moss - what a lovely first impression.
Cast: Mackenzie Moss (with Jake Adams)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Side Fuck, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Side Fuck
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The live show kicks off as Mackenzie Moss and Jake Adams are in bed, as the greet people as they arrive in the chat room, The two take time to acknowledge a few usernames, before someone in the chat asks what Mackenzie's feel smell like. Jake gives them a whiff and comes back with the answer, that they smell like nothing - they smell as of they are clean. Another fan asks Mackenzie if she can show her ass to them. She's reserved, but Jake convinces her to give a tease. Mackenzie says that the scenes that she likes is a mix between girl/girl and rough sex. Jake can hardly wait for the action to begin, however he leaves her alone with the audience for some time as she performs a solo. Mackenzie masturbates on her back, on all fours, and then back again, all while playing to the viewing audience, instructing them to stroke their cocks and so on. This continues until Jake comes into frame once again, rejoining Mackenzie. The two exchange passionate kisses, until Jake goes on to pull Mackenzie over to the edge of the bed, as he goes down to lick her pussy briefly. It's brief, because soon, Mackenzie is on her knees and is sucking cock. She sucks Jake's long cock, with equally long strokes with her mouth, and also strokes it with her hands, prior to Jake cramming it deep down her throat. Following this Mackenzie is on her back, and once again at the edge of the bed, as this time, Jake takes things to Missionary, He continues normally here, before taking to the bed to pin Mackenzie's legs back and really give it to her deep and hard for a time, before things seamlessly carry over to spoon, as Jake keeps up the heavy pounding. Following this, Jake removes his condom in order to make for a POV blow job, as Mackenzie makes eye contact with the audience, as she take to them. Next the action goes to straightforward doggy, prior to Mackenzie lying more flat on her stomach, as Jake fucks her deep, hard and fast. The action, next, while still in doggy, they switch sides of the bed, as Jake maintains his pace, as Mackenzie is again eventually laid flat and pounded. This goes to side fuck for a time, before Mackenzie climbs on for cowgirl. Initially, Mackenzie bounces on the cock, this of course before we see Jake again taking over to hammer it in deep and hard. Following this the position reverses to reverse cowgirl next, as Jake maintains his hard brand of fucking. Next up they switch things up for the camera Jake's back is for the camera as he is lying on his back. This is Mackenzie again takes to reverse cowgirl. This time with her ass in full view of the camera. Here, she bounces briefly before going back to cowgirl. This before Jake takes a back to missionary, and then to reverse side fuck, regular side fuck, and then in doggy as Mackenzie is once again on all fours take a hard pounding one that ends with Jake pulling her in close by her hair to pound balls deep. It is after this, that we near the end of the scene as we see Mackenzie suck on Jake's balls, as he stoke his cock. This eventually results in Jake emptying his load onto Mackenzie's face. Following this Mackenzie once again plays to the audience with some jerk off instructions before saying her goodbyes to them.