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Burning Angel Entertainment
A part of the network Goth Teen Nymphos - Whitney Wright
(click to enlarge) Goth Teen Nymphos - Whitney Wright (2019)

Starring: Whitney Wright
Co-starring: Small Hands

Directed by Joanna Angel

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

Where to get it
26 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review, I take a look at a scene from BURNING ANGEL's "Goth Teen Nymphos" series. This scene features Whitney Wright, as she is paired with Small Hands, who portrays her stepbrother. The scene begins with a rather humorous set up. Whitney is a teenage goth who practices black magic. She also happens to like to do naughty things in her little black coffin. As it is on this particular day that she somehow gets her stepbrother involved in those very things, as he joins her in the black box. It's supposed begin with masturbation between the two, but of course goes well beyond. That is our setup. It's simple but, as I said it is fun. Of course after that that we go into the sexual content of of the scene. It's actually pretty straightforward, and very fluid, meaning that the position changes are rather seamless. The two performers together Whitney Wright, and Small Hands, are passionate in their chemistry on-screen. As for the actual fucking, Smalls here, delivers another consistent performance, that progresses nicely as the scene continues. Whitney on the other hand, has a matching level of enthusiasm during the scene. Collectively, what you see here, is pretty solid all around. It is well captured by the cameras that are on looking. There are some key moments here in my opinion, when it comes to the sex. I really enjoyed the moment during which the action took to the floor and into doggy as Small Hands took charge, as he straddle Whitney to fuck deep, and hard. I also of course enjoyed the moment of standing cowgirl that we see here. In my opinion, this position always looks good on camera, as I've said before - from either standard or reverse. And lastly, I enjoyed the moment of missionary on top of the coffin as Whitney Wright wrap her legs around Smalls' back. Again, this looked really good on camera, and Whitney's ass at times had a nice little jiggle to it too! I really enjoy these two performers on an individual basis already, and together, of course they are even better. However, for the entirety of this scene, while this scene is a good, enjoyable one overall, honestly speaking, when it comes to sex, there's nothing really truly unique about it, although it is indeed well performed by Whitney and Smalls. I like these two. Yes, Small Hands is one of the coolest guys in the industry, in my opinion. And Whitney? Whitney is so beautiful, and her presence is undeniable on screen. One of the most likable people that you will ever find in this business. And plus, her bush is absolutely amazing, I will say! However, with that said I must be honest when I say that, my previous summary about the scene is how I feel about it. While the setup here is very fun and enjoyable, and is a credit to BURNING ANGEL's ever-growing production value, which just seems to get better. and better scene by scene, and film by film. Though, when it comes to the sex, although, yes it is good, the format itself is pretty much "by-the-numbers", if you know what I mean. So in closing, I would not say that I do not recommend the scene. I'm just saying that you may, or may not find it very similar to what is that norm for the so-called "average" porn scene.
Cast: Whitney Wright (with Small Hands)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Standing Side Fuck, Missionary, Spoon, Side Fuck, Standing Cowgirl
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In this scene, Whitney Wright is a goth teen who practices black magic(or at least she attempts to). We begin with she outside, attempting to summon the spirits, when her stepbrother Small Hands convinces her to come inside. Once inside, Whitney oddly, heads straight to a coffin located in the middle of the living room. This prompts Small Hands to say that since Whitney and her mom moved in, things around his nice, modern house, has been weird. Not only is there Whitney's black magic, the house has been surrounded by bats, and other strange occurrences include, cooked foods being replaced by raw meats in the fridge. As Small Hands continues his rant, he is interrupted by noise coming from the black coffin. A horny Whitney says that she is masturbating inside the box, and that if he were her real brother, he would masturbate with her. Surprisingly, soon, Small Hands agrees, and soon joins her in the coffin. But, yes of course, the goth nympho Whitney simply cannot stop there.

The two begin with kissing, prior to Whitney getting down to sucking, and stroking Smalls' cock. However it isn't long before he takes her from behind to fuck her in doggy. The two then step out of the coffin for a moment of standing side fuck. But following this, Smalls lifts Whitney and places her on her back, on top of the now closed coffin. This, as he fucks her first in missionary, and then in spoon. After hitting the pussy deep and hard from here, the action again takes to doggy from the floor, as Smalls steps over to straddle Whitney's ass the pound it for a time, before it's to missionary/side fuck. However, after this, Smalls hoists Whitney up, to pound her in standing cowgirl. Following this, Smalls has Whitney position herself the way she would like to be fucked. She positions on all fours, as a return to doggy on top of the coffin is made. From here, Small Hands half-straddles in order to pound deep for a time, before Whitney is seen face down and ass up, before being on her back. From here it's missionary, as the position eventually sees Whitney with her legs wrapped around Small Hands, as he drive it in deep. A brief them again in spoon follows before they are back in an upright position, as Smalls maintains a steady pace while trusting forward. This leads to his moment of climax, however not before the two once again step inside the coffin. It's here that Small's jerks off and eventually sprays his load onto Whitney's face. This of course makes an effective end to the sex.