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Burning Angel Entertainment
A part of the network Cum on my Tattoo - Scarlet De Sade
(click to enlarge) Cum on my Tattoo - Scarlet De Sade (2018)

Starring: Scarlet de Sade
Co-starring: Ramon Nomar

Directed by Joanna Angel

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
28 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From BURNING ANGEL's, "Cum on my Tattoo" series, this scene sees Scarlet de Sade, and Ramon Nomar as a married couple, who are quite opposite. As we see in the scene, two different worlds basically collide here. This as the older Ramon, is more of the quiet type, and enjoys yoga and meditating, while his wife is younger, more Gothic and surely and most definitely, more wild. We learn that Scarlet is feeling deprived of something. She feeling deprived of cum! Specifically, she wants her husband to cum on her tattoos. Scarlet has many of them, therefore many targets for such an act As always the idea behind this series, is that of fun. The basic setup of this scene is that things are disrupted, when Ramon finds that his peaceful meditation session is interrupted, when he catches a glimpse of his young wife squirting lube on her tattooed tits in the front yard. To sum things up there is a confrontation between the lovers, which results in sex and, of course cumming on one's tattoos. And speaking of the sex at hand, this is a very good scene. When it comes to the scene overall, I was really interested in doing this one, because I am a big fan of Scarlet de Sade, who is a beautiful, beautiful girl. She's thick in all the right places, and honestly, there is a whole lot sexy about seeing her sweat covered curves in action. But with that said, here Scarlet is paired with the capable cock of Ramon Nomar, in a scene that is pretty much high-energy, especially from the start of the scene's anal activity. The scene begins playfully enough, with some good vaginal sex. However, once Scarlet's buttplug is removed(rather it falls out) and the anal sex commences, there is no looking back for the scene, as it is high-energy all the way, until it's finish. Following the removal of the buttplug, Scarlet's asshole is wide-open for Ramon's taking - and take it, he does. He fucks Scarlet's butthole, both hard and fast for the majority of the remainder of the scene. This as Scarlet and her hole eagerly and easily take what Ramon gives. It's great. This very nice action between these two passionate performers, is coupled with very nice cinematography by Mike Quasar. Camerawork which, not only perfectly captures the ins and outs of all the action, but Scarlet's dark undeniable beauty, and sex appeal as well. She is a total babe, and the scene itself I feel represents not only she but Ramon, very well. Overall this is a very fun scene. While the setup itself at the beginning is very minimal, the action that it leads to, more than makes up for what it may lack. The action in question is very solid, and straightforward as Ramon plows Scarlet's holes, all while she enjoys every second. With this said, this is a very nice scene from Director Joanna Angel and crew.
Cast: Scarlet de Sade (with Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Cowgirl(anal), Doggy(anal), Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Spoon(anal), Missionary(anal)
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Our scene begins with Ramon Nomar in a peaceful state of mind as he meditate. However, unfortunately for him his zen is soon interrupted when he gets an eyeful of his young, hot, and tattooed wife, Scarlet de Sade. He finds himself extremely distracted, when he sees that his wife is in clear view, lubing up her tattooed tits. In rather a panic, Ramon questions Scarlet on what she is doing. She says that since Ramon won't cum on her tattoos, she is instead, doing it herself. Ramon then hopes to rectify the situation, thus confirming that he enjoys cumming on her tattoos, this, as a couple begin kiss passionately. We then move inside as Ramon shove Scarlet back on the bed. It isn't long before he rips open her fishnet bodysuit, in order to tongue and suck on her clit. This continues as he also fucks her ass with the buttplug that is already inserted. Scarlet follows this up by then slurping and throating Ramon's cock. As a brief pause between this sees Ramon ripping another hole in the bodysuit underneath Scarlet's bra line, as he proceeds to slip his cock through it, and additionally fuck Scarlet's tits for a brief time. Next, Ramon lies back, as Scarlet furthermore sucks his cock. However next, she climbs on top to ride in cowgirl. Ramon sits back in a chair, as Scarlet climbs on to pop her ass up and down on Ramon's cock at a steady pace. It is during this that Scarlet's buttplug falls out, after which, Ramon begins to replace the buttplug with his fingers this as Scarlet continues to ride. After some time, Ramon then places his cock into Scarlet's asshole. It's from then that Scarlet bounces on the cock, in addition to her grinding on it. For a brief moment Scarlet crawls up, and straddles Ramon face, allowing him to eat her pussy. However, her next position is doggy, as Ramon takes her from behind. From here, he continues to fuck her ass at his steady pace. This being until he repositions Scarlet, propping her left leg over, which subsequently opens up her asshole for a deeper pounding. From here, Ramon increases his pacing going faster, and harder as his cock rams Scarlet's ass. Immediately following this is some ass to mouth. This as Scarlet cleans the cock with her mouth. This is prior to the action taking to reverse cowgirl, next. Initially from here, Scarlet fucks the cock by bouncing on it, but it is soon that Ramon takes over again, fucking deep and hard, as Scarlet's legs are held wide. There is again a pause for Scarlet to, again suck Ramon off after it is been in her ass. But, after a brief time, it his back to reverse cowgirl, once again. The next position sees Scarlet positioned on her side as the action next goes to spoon. It is here that Ramon continues to hammer the ass with his big cock, as Scarlet's legs are both opened and closed. The next, and final position is missionary, where Ramon continues to give Scarlet a nice anal treatment. From this position, Scarlet's incredible tits bounce as Ramon fucks at an increasing rate, which only get faster and harder. This soon leading to Ramon reaching his climax. The scene finally comes to an end when Ramon jerks off to erupt onto Scarlet's tattooed breasts.