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Burning Angel Entertainment
A part of the network Anal School
(click to enlarge) Anal School (2018)

Starring: Lola Fae
Co-starring: Mick Blue

Directed by Joanna Angel

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
31 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: First things first, I must say that this was a really great scene from the folks from BURNING ANGEL ENTERTAINMENT. Directed by Joanna Angel, the scene titled "Anal School", features Lola Fae as a rebellious teen, who has been sentenced to detention with a strict, yet attractive Professor portrayed by Mick Blue. During this detention session, it turns out that Lola is rather horny and she is going for her teacher. However, with that said, it's just not any old "horny", as on this day, young Lola has a distinct desire for anal sex from Professor Blue. Much to Lola's surprise, when she gets scolded by her Professor, it is her want that she receives from him. Yes, this scene which features some high-powered action between these two, begins first in a school detention setting, however later moves to a bedroom setting, as Lola takes her Professor straight into the bedroom at her parents house, when they are away.

First of all, I really enjoyed the setup. The whole look and feel of it has a classic, teen sex film vibe. Particularly, those released in the 1970s. The scene is even initially accompanied by some old school synthesizer-like scoring, which I really enjoyed. I am wondering if it is Small Hands who is responsible for that, as he often is. If so, or to whomever, I must give them props for this, as it really kind of set the tone for things. The scene also initially had some foley work inserted. If you do not know what foley sounds are, they are artificial sounds implemented into film to substitute sounds that cannot be captured on camera. Now, I'm not saying that this is particularly great foley work. Because, let's face it, I was easily able to pick it up. But with that said, the artificial sounds, such as Mick stomping back and forth as he pace in the room, actually benefits the old-school vibe that I have mentioned. Well anyway, the scene has a nice set up, but then we get to the sex content of the scene itself. As I said, it is this action, that is really good. Things started off good with Mick shoving Lola against the wall and nailing her in side fuck. This also includes doggy, and hard face fucking. But fast-forward to when we move locations when the sex begins to flourish in the bedroom. The sex essentially begins vaginally, however when Lola and Mick take the next steps to graduate things to anal, that is truly when a sexual spark, if you will, is lit. From then on, things do not look back, as the action is hot and heavy, and fever-pitched, as often we see Mick Blue, to be honest. Though at this point in the scene, Mick focus is Lola's ass. Mick also continues to give pleasure to Lola's other hole as well. The action here is just great, as I said multiple times now. But it is true - it's a true statement. It is clear that both performers were truly into what was going on, especially Lola Fae, who begs for more, as Mick bangs the fuck out of her. Lola's energy is just fine Max I loved it. What I also loved was Lola's display of flexibility. Here, more times than not. her feet are behind her head. At one time she's rolled into a ball, basically, as Mick is just there plunging into both of her holes. Boy, what a sight that is to behold. If this that wasn't enough, also on display is very nice deep throating skills by Lola as well. It's particular skill, that Mick himself seems to be amazed by, as it is happening to him. With this said, about her yes, it is true Lola is a small package of sexual dynamite, who seems to be ignited by her ass is being fed a big cock. Again, this was a great scene to watch unfold. One that just got better as it went along. And let me tell you, it was unexpected by me. I did not expect the action between Lola and Mick to be this good. But it is true. The veteran, Mick Blue, brings out all the good in Lola Fae here. What an awesome scene it is! A scene that I definitely do recommend you checking out, as soon as possible. I have a feeling that you will not be disappointed by it!
Cast: Lola Fae (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Side Fuck, Doggy, Cowgirl, Doggy(anal), Cowgirl(anal), Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Spoon(anal), Spoon, Front-Facing Spoon, Front-Facing Spoon(anal), Missionary
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In this scene Lola Fae has been given detention with her obviously strict Professor, Mick Blue. However, even so, Lola is still defiant. This, as she scribbles down in her cute little diary that she "wants her teacher in her ass". It is this thought which soon brings Lola masturbate, as she proceeds to rip the front of her fishnet stockings, as she then rub her clit, and then finger herself deep. Shortly after this, Lola further instigates the situation, by taking a nearby small chalkboard, and scribbling down that she wants Mick in her ass. It is a short time later after that Mick discovers this, and thus confronts his rebel student. He then ponders ways to punish her. Fortunately for Lola, the punishment which he comes up with, is strangely exactly what she wants from him. This, as Mick gets his cock out and for Lola. Lola wastes no time in going on to suck her teacher's cock. This, as he additionally fuck her face, nice and hard, as she gags and gurgles on it. This is followed up by Mick standing Lola up and spanking her, just prior to ripping the back of her fishnets. It is then that his cock goes into her pussy, as the action goes to standing side fuck, as Lola finds herself shoved, and propped against the wall. Mick, from here, fucks steady. This, just prior to things going to standard doggy, and briefly back again. Following this, we see more face fucking, deep throating, as well as passionate kissing, between teacher and student. It is then that Lola says to Mick, that her deadbeat parents are never home - hinting at a change in venue

At is then that the location changes, as we see Lola Fae and Mick Blue, now in a bedroom setting, as the two kiss passionately. This is followed by more face fucking by Mick, prior to he throwing Lola on top of him, as the two take to the bed. This is followed by cowgirl with Lola on top. From this position she goes on to bounce nice and steady on Mick's dick. However, Mick also takes charge fucking her pussy at an increasing pace. Just as the action is at its fastest and hardest, Mick of course asks her what she wants it in her ass. Thus, beginning the anal. First up, Mick prepares things by going on to tongue at Lola's ass, just prior to also lubing both the orifice, as well as the end of his cock. This, just prior to the action going to doggy, next. From here, Mick proceeds with caution, as he first, eases his dick in nice and slow. Once he is able to make himself at home inside of Lola's anus, he soon goes on to pick up his pace, to go faster and harder as he pounds away at Lola's asshole. It is a feeling that young Lola craves. After a nice pounding goes down, it is then ass to mouth, as Mick sits back to allow Lola to suck him off. Here she does just that, showing skill, as she deep throat each, and every inch of Mick, much to his amazement and excitement. The action then makes a return to cowgirl only for this time it is for anal. Mick continues with his consistent fucking of the hole. This is prior to the change of position, as it reverses to reverse cowgirl. From this position, Mick first takes Lola's pussy for a time. This of course, being until he again occupies Lola's ass. It is then that Lola leans back and puts her legs behind her head, showing amazing flexibility, as Mick goes on to fuck Lola's asshole deep, and hard. Following reverse cowgirl, Lola again cleans the cock with her mouth, this before Mick goes on to return the favor by tonguing at Lola's pussy, while she is on her back with her legs behind her head again, with nice display of flexibility. After this, he follows things up by going on to put his cock in her ass, to once again fuck it at a quick and steady pace. This action then transitions to spoon as Lola's position remains the same with her legs behind her head. Mick continues things, plowing away at the ass deep and hard, while also going on to jam several fingers simultaneously into her pussy at her request. Also by her request he applies choking as well. Following this, we see more deep throating by Lola until she is again on her back, her legs behind her head, as Mick once again tongues and sucks at her pussy and asshole. This before proceeding to fuck both of them in spoon. It is then directly after this that the action goes to front-facing spoon. It is here, that Mick has his way with both Lola's pussy and ass, as he pounds them deep and hard at his trademark breakneck speed, ending with an assault of the ass. The action next takes to missionary, as yes Lola once again has her legs pinned back and high behind her head. This time around, Mick goes on to fuck the pussy with a purpose, and that purpose is to cum. Here, we see him keep up a consistent pace, as he drills the ass until he must come. The scene ends with him standing up on the bed and subsequently jerking off, until his Dick erupts with cum, which Lola's mouth is more than ready for.