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(click to enlarge) We Need Cum, Stat! (2018)

Starring: Bonnie Rotten
Co-starring: Danny D

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.50 / 10)

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35 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In this comedic vignette scene titled, "We Need Cum, Stat!" Bonnie Rotten is a woman who has a rare condition, in which she needs a cum deposit in order to live. In the scene, it's a situation in which Dr. Danny D is faced with, and it is a situation that he does not hesitate to rectify, once he learns of the requirement. That requirement being a fresh hot load into Bonnie's ass. Yes, this all-anal scene, in story sees Danny D fuck Bonnie's ass, as if her life depended on it - literally. Just in summary this scene sounds to be a lot of fun, which is why I gladly took it on for review. And besides that, I am a big fan of Bonnie Rotten anyway. With that said, story portion itself is indeed somewhat fun. It's campy, and brilliantly played up by all involved - especially Danny D Who is of course our brave Doctor tasked with saving lives with his throbbing cock. Here, we see Bonnie rushed into the hospital in critical condition, as she masturbate and in need of something desperately, and when Danny finds out what that is, we are essentially, off to the races. The sexual content here, as I said, is anal exclusive. Yes that means that here, there is absolutely no vaginal penetration. It's all about the ass! For the most part, Danny maintains control as he goes hard into Bonnie's backside, ramming his thick cock in. The action itself is fairly fluid, and to me overall, very good. Going in, I kind of expected Bonnie to take a hard pounding, which is a good thing, when it comes to the action seen here. However, with that said, there are a couple of things which kind of hindered it for me, and that is simply the repetitiveness of the positions, as well as the lack of Bonnie's trademark squirting. When it comes to the positions, there are several times in which the action went to both cowgirl as well as missionary. And as far as the squirting goes, things do get off to a great start, at one point at the beginning of the storyline. Right after Bonnie gets into a room, she is masturbating, which soon causes her to squirt at a high volume, and squirt everywhere. Elsewhere during the scene, there are moments where the sex and her otherwise masturbation, bring Bonnie to squirt, however at the moment of climax, the camera suspiciously sort of cuts away to Bonnie's face, instead of the squirt itself. To me this was really strange. Who knows? Maybe Bonnie did not squirt enough for the camera, and the cutaways are maybe a way in which to compensate for such. I don't know. But in the end it's awkward editing regardless. However with these things, there are some key moments which stand out here. First off, yes there is a moment in which Bonnie genuinely has her asshole deeply fisted by Danny. When I say that this moment is hot, that is absolutely no exaggeration. Another moment that I really enjoyed, was the moment in which the piledriver position is seen. To me this position looked really good on screen, as Bonnie took the shaft deep into her ass. Other things also enjoyable, were Danny's hard pounding, accompanied with Bonnie's eager dirty talk as she endured what Danny gave her, as well. So altogether, while the scene does have its cons, it does have things which I, in my opinion, consider redeemable about them, so therefore my overall impression of the scene is a mixed one, honestly speaking. As I mentioned, I am a big fan of Bonnie Rotten, in fact, she and I happen to have been born on the very same day, on May 9. Beyond this however, I have to say that I have seen her showcased more effectively in other scenes. With this in mind though, I do suppose that this scene is still worth a look if you are in the least bit curious nonetheless, for the things stated above. See it for yourself.
Cast: Bonnie Rotten (with Danny D)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy(anal), Cowgirl(anal), Spoon(anal), Piledriver(anal), Standing Side Fuck(anal), Reverse Cowgirl(anal)
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The scene opens up, and it is a scene within a hospital. We see as Bonnie Rotten is rolled in on a stretcher. She is in a panic and she is masturbating ferociously. Also in a panic, is Dr. Danny D and his voluptuous nurse. When it comes to what is wrong with Bonnie, Danny is not so sure. However, his female counterpart seems to know exactly what the problem is. According to her, Bonnie has a rare condition where she needs cum, in order to survive. With this knowledge, Danny wastes no time in calling for cum from the supply room. Unfortunately however, his assistant alerts him to the fact that they are all out, and that in this case Bonnie will need a fresh cum injection. A procedure that Danny says that he is never administered before. After gathering his thoughts, Danny then proceeds to whip out his cock for Bonnie to suck. his aim is to deposit his cum down his throat. But again, there is another hangup. The nurse says that in order for this to be successful, the injection must be internal. Initially, Danny believes this to be Bonnie's pussy, but the nurse instead actually means that the injection must be taken anally. She says that it is the quickest way for cum to get into one's system. This, as things officially get underway. Things begin with Bonnie slurping on Danny's thick cock, just prior to Bonnie being on her back. It's from here that Danny soon occupies her ass, fucking it in missionary, as Bonnie's legs are held high. Danny fucks nice and steadily, until a pause shows Bonnie rub her pussy fast until she squirts. Danny then commands anal from doggy, as Bonnie is on all fours, next. Initially, it is straight away. That is, until Danny forces Bonnie's head down and fucks her ass, hard. This, as Danny gags Bonnie with his tie. Following this, Bonnie sucks Danny's cock as he lie back on the bed. She then climb on top of him as things go into cowgirl. It is here that Danny continues to fuck at a quick and hard pace, thus causing Bonnie to nearly squirt as she lie back and try to get her pussy off. She is unsuccessful, however Danny next, quickly takes things into spoon, as things continue at a steady pace. Next up, the anal is back to missionary, as Bonnie's legs are held high and behind her head for Danny's plowing, while he watches himself go in and out. Here, Danny's steady pace is an increasing one, as he fucks the ass harder and harder. During this, Bonnie screams with excitement. This is followed up a brief moment of Danny rubbing Bonnie's pussy until she squirt once again. However next, he begins fingering her asshole. This fingering, soon however turns to full on fisting, as Danny punches Bonnie's asshole hard and fast, until the sex returns to missionary once more. Again Bonnie's legs are suspended back, as Danny pounds into the ass, deep. Following this position, the action seamlessly transitions again to cowgirl. From here, it's a combination of Danny's hard fucking, as well as Bonnie planting her feet to bounce up and down on the cock. This being before we see another transition, this time to piledriver off the edge of the bed. From here, Danny steadily goes deep, as he plows the ass for a time. Next up, we see standing side fuck. There is an an attempt at standing side saddle, when Bonnie asks for it deeper. However, this soon this dissolves back to standing side fuck, which sees Danny fuck at a fast, hard pace, prior to bringing things to reverse cowgirl, next. Here, Bonnie bounces on the cock, as it continues to plug her ass, until Danny pulls her in and fucks her hard. The final position is a return to doggy, as Danny keeps it up, as he fuck deep, lasting until pulling out to shoot his load into Bonnie's gaping asshole, ending things in an anal creampie.