A part of the AdultForce network Squeaky Clean, and Ready to Cum
(click to enlarge) Squeaky Clean, and Ready to Cum (2019)

Starring: Bunny Colby
Co-starring: Keiran Lee

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
29 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Unlike most of their scenes, this scene from BRAZZERS, titled "Squeaky Clean, and Ready to Cum", features a very thin set up. The scene simply begins as the scene's featured starlet, Bunny Colby, is seen taking a shower, as she soap up and caress her lovely curves for us. This is then followed up by an additional tease segment in which Bunny, oils herself with Nuru massage gel. This being shortly before the action starts. Because soon, Keiran Lee steps in to interrupt for the greater good. Yes, as far as setups go, that is all that we have. Fortunately for us, in the end, it turns out that it would not matter. Simply put, this is a straight up raw, and somewhat oily sex scene - and it's a pretty good one too. However, to be honest, initially I felt that the scene itself was kind of boring. Yes, this scene gets off to a fairly slow start, one that almost put me off of it. But am I glad that I held on? Yes I am! The good news here is that the scene does pick up and does get harder and faster. And what I mean by this is that once things truly reach their peak, Keiran absolutely wears out Bunny's rabbit hole. Things do get much harder and faster, once the action first approaches the cowgirl position. It's just great stuff. This, coupled with, bunny's screaming reaction to her pleasure, makes it all the more a turn on for sure. Here, Bunny is vocal and loud, almost sort of crying in estacy, as Keiran hammers it hard. I loved it. I'm not sure just how many times that she uttered the name of "God", but it was a lot. This scene, by its title suggests that it relies on an oily gimmick. However surprisingly the oil itself proves to be a minor factor as it is more about raw and passionate sex. However I am fine with that. As it turns out this ended up being a really good scene. This in turn having Bunny Colby make a nice impression on me. What body that this girl has! It is absolutely amazing! As far as Keiran Lee is concerned. in the matter of this scene in particular, I thought he was also great with his consistent work as he fucked Bunny nice and hard. I had previously saw a comment in the member section on BRAZZERS for the scene which said that Keiran should have been replaced with a younger male talent. Well, after seeing this scene, I ask the question: why? In my opinion, Kieran brought it to the best of his ability, and together here with Bunny Colby, he creates a very nice scene. Yes, one that I do recommend!
Cast: Bunny Colby (with Keiran Lee)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Spoon, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy
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The scene begins in the shower with Bunny Colby, as she lather up, and rubs her voluptuous body for the camera's watchful lens. Following this, she takes us into the bedroom. She now wearing blue lingerie, and proceeds to lather herself up once again, this time with Nuru massage gel. A tease segment follows. However, she is soon interrupted by Kieran Lee, as the two go into sex.

Keiran embraces Bunny from behind, as he feels up her body. This including her nice big tits. This, as Bunny strokes his cock. Keiran follows this up by lying back on his back. This, as Bunny goes on to work over his cock in POV. We see Bunny, tongue suck, as well as stroke Keiran's cock singularly, and with both hands. Following this up is some titty fucking. After an extended period here, Bunny then removes her panties, as Keiran goes in between her legs, to tongue at her clit. This prior to he burying his face into the pussy. Keiran continues to lap his tongue on the pussy a little longer, this prior to things going into spoon. Initially, Keiran begins slowly, and steady, with Bunny's legs held wide. However, soon the pace does pick up and gets harder, and also included, is the instance in which Bunny's legs are closed tightly together. This position causes Bunny to cum, and so she follows this up by sucking Keiran's cock clean. This, before the action takes to cowgirl as Bunny climbs on to ride the dick. Again, initially things are steady as Bunny's ass bounces on the cock. However as things continue, Keiran goes on to wear out Bunny's pussy, as he fucks it fast and hard, this occurs during several intervals. It is this action, which again, causes Bunny to cum hard on the cock in which she again goes to clean with her mouth. After this suck session which also includes burying her face into Keiran's balls, Bunny again sits on the cock in reverse cowgirl. This position sees Bunny bounce on the cock, as well as lean back to take a hard pounding from Keiran once again. It is this which occurs for an extended period of time. This is followed up with Bunny on her back, vertical to the camera. This, as Keiran goes on to pin her arms and legs back as he drives his cock into her deep and hard for a time. Things in finish up in doggy, as it's here briefly that Keiran fucks Bunny's pussy from behind, building himself up to cum. Things come to a close with Keiran jerking off hard to produce a load which he showers down upon Bunny's beautiful face.