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A part of the AdultForce network Lockeroom Licking
(click to enlarge) Lockeroom Licking (2019)

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review, I take a look at this girl/girl scene from BRAZZERS, and their series, "Hot and Mean". This is a scene which tells us a fun story, titled, "Lockeroom Licking" and it stars Molly Stewart and Chloe Cherry. In the story, Chloe Cherry, the closeted lesbian, catches Molly in the act of masturbation, following a shower. Instead of getting upset about Chloe walking in on her, she instead, decides to get retaliation in a sexual manner, also at the same time giving Chloe seemingly what she wants anyway. In my opinion, this was a really fun scene as it is well-plotted and I enjoyed the way that it unfolded before my eyes. It's a high-spirited scene featuring two beautiful girls, as they happen to enjoy each others bodies. The storyline leads into a sex scene between the two, one that I actually found to be really sexy and sensual. There are several moments within the scene that sees Molly takes charge, over the more vulnerable Chloe Cherry, who in character, is very obedient to femme fatale, Molly. Most of the girl/girl scenes that I have seen, have been fast paced, and adrenaline filled. However, in the case of this scene on the contrary, it is slower, and again more sensual. One of my favorite moments in the scene, is a moment that sees Molly passionately lick up the sides of Chloe's neck. The scene also possesses one of the best lines that you are likely to hear in a girl/girl scene this year. It is the moment which Molly stops to say to Chloe "Less Talking, and more eating". This line in particular, definitely made me grin. Such a nice little add-on. This is a scene that flows consistently well throughout the position to position changes, and works well as a progression scene. I'm a little bit bummed however, that there was no sort of tribbing between these ladies to be found here. But, other hand, this is a solid sexual encounter between two passionate performers. I have been waiting a while to see Molly Stewart. I became acquainted with her beauty during the time of this year at AVN Expo, it was at the event that she was looking really good. So, here with this scene, I was finally able to see her, and what's best is that she is here with one of my very favorites, Chloe Cherry! Be sure to check out this scene if you happen to get the chance.
Cast: Chloe Cherry,Molly Stewart
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: 69
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The scene opens up with redhead, Molly Stewart casually walking into the girls' lockeroom and dropping towel after a shower. Assuming that she is alone, Molly then proceeds to rub herself. This, as the camera treats us to some great views of the act, especially those from underneath. It is then that short time later, in walks the nerdy Chloe Cherry, catching Molly in the act. However no matter how determined Chloe may be, as to not be spotted by Molly, unfortunately for Chloe, Molly senses that someone is onto her right away. Molly then calls Chloe out and instructs her to have a seat on the beach. Molly then goes on to question just why is it that Chloe never takes a shower with the other girls? Molly take this as a sign that Chloe must be turned on by the same sex. The awkward Chloe then attempts to squirm her way out of the situation, however, Molly isn't having it, and looks to punish Chloe in a rather unique way - in a sexual manner. Molly then pours cold water onto Chloe's white shirt, as she says that it's time for Chloe to take a shower now. Molly then follows up by saying that one can't take a shower with their clothes on. This, as Molly goes on to strip Chloe of her clothes. She pushes her up against the lockers, and then spanks Chloe. Molly then asks Chloe if she likes that - which promptly, and finally gets Chloe to confirm her interest in girls. After the spanking, and rubbing of Chloe's pussy, Molly then asks Chloe if she wants to fuck her to which Chloe nods "yes". Molly then has Chloe lick and suck on the toes from each of her feet, as Molly masturbates. Following this, she has Chloe sit straddled on the bench. This as she goes on to touch and feel Chloe, before instructing her to bite on her nipples. Molly follows up by doing the same for Chloe, the two exchange passionate kisses in between, before Molly goes on to lick each side of Chloe's neck. After Chloe again suck on Molly's nipple, she then has Chloe lean back, for her to go down on her. From here, Molly skillfully laps her tongue on Chloe's clit for a time. This, before Chloe returns the favor. From here, Molly assumes the position in doggy, straddling the bench, as she has Chloe go on to bury her face into her ass. As Chloe stops to spread Molly ass, Molly tells her "less talking, more eating", this as Chloe continues. Following this, we see Chloe face down, and ass up as Molly goes on to finger Chloe's pussy. This continues for some time, as Molly increasingly progresses her pace of the in and out with her fingers. Next up, Molly lies back and spreads her leg, for Chloe who goes down. It is here that we see Chloe lap her tongue on Molly's pussy, as the camera gives us several views, including one from overhead. Following this, passionate kissing leads to 69, with Molly taking top. This position continues as both girls each other to climax.