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A part of the AdultForce network Karma's Casual Friday
(click to enlarge) Karma's Casual Friday (2018)

Starring: Karmen Karma
Co-starring: Damon Dice

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.50 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Big Tits At Work
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Well, it's true, after another long hiatus, I have returned to reviewing, and I do so, by reviewing my first ever scene from BRAZZERS, and my choice of poison is a scene featuring the delicious Karmen Karma! For this scene, she is paired with Damon Dice, a stud, who's more than capable. The setup for the scene is simple but fun. Although the scene doesn't spill many details, we know that Karmen is a business lady and to assist her, she has hired Damon. On the work front she finds that Damon is a little iffy. He's always late, and a little nervous when he's around his new boss. But then comes Friday - the last day of the work week, And it is a day that Karmen likes to "let loose" - literally. Meaning she likes to kick back with her clothes off. It's such occasion which soon turns an awkward situation, into a sexual one, as Karmen puts her new assistant Damon, to very good use. The overall scenario is fun for what it is, as it is accurate I suppose. The way that Damon's character acts, and reacts to Karmen, is exactly how anyone would. I mean she is fuckin' gorgeously fine! Karmen just returned recently after a retirement. Personally, I did not get to see her the first time around, spare for her small, non-sex appearance in Jakodema's film, RED VIPER. So, to say that I am rather thrilled with her return to porn, would be an understatement. You'll definitely see me reviewing more of her, right here on the pages of WCA. As for the sex of the scene, it's solid for the most part. Nothing is too surprising as far as the sex, but as a whole, it's enjoyable. With that said, it is not without it's key moments. Personally, I feel that the best sexual moment came, when in missionary, Damon steps on Karmen's throat, while his dick, just lets her pussy have it. The pounding here is hard, and I liked that. Had the action been this consistently hard through out, I of course, would have rated the scene higher. Aside from this, other key points for me were of course Karmen's instances of squirting, and of course the moment where we see her ass bounce in full view, as she saddles up on the cock in cowgirl. As I said, as a whole, this is a solid, and fun scene overall. Have I seen better? Yes. But at the end, I left this scene being satisfied with it. Both performers here do a good job at creating a serviceable level of chemistry, I'd say.
Cast: Karmen Karma (with Damon Dice)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Masturbation, Side Fuck, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Standing Side Fuck
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In this scene, Karmen Karma is the strong boss-lady type, who has hired Damon Dice to be her office assistant. But things are not off to a great start, as timid Damon is late to the job on his very first day. From there, we go through time sped up, as we see 3 days pass, as Damon's flubs, and Karmen's flirting leads us to "Casual Friday". But as we, along with Damon find, Karma's definition of "Casual Friday", is more than a little risque. Damon, who's late once more, comes up on Karma, just as she has removed her white blouse, as her busty figure remain in just her black bra, and leather skirt. It's the later. which she has shy Damon assist her in unzipping. After sending Damon off to send over some contracts, and to pick up her dry cleaning, Karmen believes that she has some alone time, as she begins to masturbate - however, Damon has not left. In fact, he quickly has his hard cock out, This, is of course, something that Karmen soon notices with glee, as she invites Damon in, as things between them get underway. Karmen quickly takes Damon's cock into her mouth to work it over with her obviously talented mouth. This is a blowjob that also includes some sucking of Damon's balls, before we see Karmen position herself on her desk. It's then that Damon, prior to taking thing into side fuck tongues at Karmen's holes. The follow-up being missionary, which sees Damon, whom is positioned sideways plant a foot on Karmen's throat, as he hammers his cock into her pussy. Transitioning, a return to sidefuck, soon follows after, during which Karmen is held tight, and wide open for her pounding. Karmen again repositions on her back administer an upside down sucking of Damon's cock. During which, Damon soon simultaneously finger-bangs her. This becoming concentrated, as Damon fingers her hard to multiple squirting orgasms. After, Damon eats her out a bit, Karmen then says that she wants to ride the cock, this as Damon positions himself on the desk next. First, Karmen is slammed on the dick in reverse cowgirl, before a glorious display of ass, as Karmen bounces on it from cowgirl, with her feet planted. Following this run, Karmen is then, briefly, face down, with her ass up in the air as Damon fingers her snatch deep. This being subsequently before doggy as Karmen props her left leg up on the desk, thus opening her wide. Doggy lasts only briefly however, as it's soon to standing sidefuck, as Karmen stands on one leg to endure a heavy pounding. It's here that Damon is consistent, hitting the pussy deep, and hard until he must cum. It's then that the scene concludes, as Damon shoots his load, aiming at Karmen's awaiting mouth.