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A part of the AdultForce network Fall Upon a Big Cock
(click to enlarge) Fall Upon a Big Cock (2019)

Starring: Autumn Falls
Co-starring: Keiran Lee

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
36 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today I am back reviewing a scene for BRAZZERS. This vignette style scene starring Autumn Falls, titled Fall "Upon A Big Cock" presents to us a rather fun scenario. In this scene, young Autumn Falls is college student, who has a chance to be accepted into a rather unique sorority. Alpha Beta Cock, a sorority that, from the sound of it, is based on sex. The sisters of Aloha Beta Cock, have told Autumn, that in order to join their sisterhood, she must do but one thing. And that one thing is to fuck a big cock. In the story, as fate would have it, Autumn would not have to wait long, as the big cock she is searching for, practically falls into her lap, so to speak, when she notices what her stepfather, Kieran Lee is packing under his shorts, after a sweaty workout. Of course, it isn't long before the horny Autumn, soon come on to Keiran, first in the shower, and then of course, in the bedroom. As far as the story goes, again I felt that this was a really fun set up to our sexual situation. I really dig this storyline of a "sexual sorority", and their unique stipulation. I also of course like the name of said sorority, I mean just check out the shirt which Autumn wears at the beginning of the scene. It literally has a pink rooster, alongside the symbols for alpha and beta on it. It's just the subtle, clever things that impress me sometimes.

Now we move on to the sexual content of the scene, of course. This scene stars Autumn Falls, who I have been waiting to review for some time. One look at her amazing body will tell you why. Autumn has an amazing body, with a pair of naturally well endowed breasts that just look great. Here, she is paired with Kieran Lee, and it is a scene that initially gets off to a rather moderate start, I would say. However, once Autumn begins sucking Kieran's cock, and she does that a lot here in this scene, it is from that point on that we know that Autumn means business. During the scene, and during the moments of sucking, Autumn completely commands Kieran's cock, often taking it into both hands and deep sucking it hard, right before our eyes, and often in POV. There are other bright moments during the scene, of course, I am first speaking about the moments in which Autumn rides cock in either cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl, during which her beautiful tits are in full view for us. Frankly put, Autumn's nice natural tits just look glorious as they bounce up and down for the camera. However, when it comes to key moments, in my opinion the scene's best moment comes near the end during which Kieran takes Autumn into the missionary position. This is a position that begins routinely enough, only to see Kieran eventually increases pace, to absolutely pound Autumn's love hole deep and hard, at a relentless pace. This moment alone is what happens to earn the extra half a point from me, the scene itself has a very strong conclusion, which works in the scene's overall favor, in my opinion. With that said, the scene is not without its flaws, as it particularly has one main annoyance. There was just something in this scene that really annoyed me as it progressed. To explain, during the entirety of the scene, and virtually during every position change, the veteran Lee, whether he would be in charge of the action at the time, or not, instructs Autumn on how to position herself, and otherwise how to be, as the position in question is performed. Personally, this annoyed the hell out of me to be honest. It was so annoying, and perhaps it is what BRAZZERS members complain about Kieran Lee for, when it comes to scenes. To me, Keiran giving out orders for almost everything that occurs here, was a little distracting, and almost fairly off putting. Instead of telling the girl what to do, I would just rather him let them use him as somewhat of a fuck toy in certain moments. Just let the girl perform naturally. Oftentimes, it is how I have seen better results. So with that said, I just feel that this particular aspect was kind of holding things back a bit, hindering the scene's overall possible potential. However, with all things considered, this is still a very good, and appealing scene overall, I enjoyed it, despite having this one big annoyance. It is honestly the scene's very strong finish that finally drew me in. It is also nicely edited and shot. So with that, this would be a scene that I would recommend, surely on account of its fun nature, and generally enjoyable sex. Autumn Falls is definitely a young starlet that one should check out.
Cast: Autumn Falls (with Keiran Lee)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary
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At the beginning of this scene Autumn Falls, writes in her diary that she has just been accepted into the sorority Alpha Beta Cock. However, in order to fully join the ranks of the sorority, there is but one stipulation. Autumn, must first fuck a big cock. To Autumn, is all well and good, however she does not know where she is going to find one, seeing as she does not have a boyfriend. After this, we then see Autumn sneaking into her parents' bedroom, as she is on the search for something. It is then that she finally makes a discovery when she finds a giant black dildo taking up residence in her mom's drawer. She retrieves the dildo with excitement and then lies back on the bed, only to pull her black panties aside, to toy her pussy with the dildo. Unfortunately, right before Autumn can insert the toy, she is unexpectedly, interrupted by her stepdad Kieran Lee, who makes a surprise appearance. Autumn is able to conceal the toy in time, as she make small talk with Kieran. However, it is at the same time that she notices something big. And by big, we are talking about the size of Kieran's bulge which protrudes from his shorts. This of course piques Autumn's curiosity who is then quick to get a peek at him in the shower as he washes up after his workout. It is from there, that Autumn touches herself before stripping down, in order to join him in the shower. It's in the shower, that she finds a surprised Kieran, obviously. However, it does not take Autumn long to get him to go along with her plan. This, as Autumn drops to her knees to suck her stepfather's cock. It's here that autumn works the cock, although it is brief. This is because the action next takes to the bedroom, as Keiran pushes Autumn back onto the bed. It is here that he goes in between her legs to tongue at her pussy for a time, before having her finger herself. This is then followed up by Kieran lying back to allow Autumn to then go between his legs to lick his balls and suck his cock. It is during this time that Autumn commands the cock, holding it with both hands as she suck deep and hard. She would eventually sit on the cock for reverse cowgirl, as we see her bounce steady. This, before returning to sucking on the cock, and then taking up cowgirl next. It's from this position that we see Autumn slammed down on the cock, fast and hard. This, as her big natural tits bounce with the motion. Following this, it's back to sucking cock and balls for Autumn. However, this is brief, including a footjob. This is because next, the action goes to spoon. It's during this position, that Kieran. has both, Autumn's legs wide open, and also held tightly as he slam his cock in for a time. Following this, we then see a brief round of titty fucking, prior to Autumn once again straddling the cock in cowgirl, only this time with her ass facing the camera. Initially from this position we see her grind on the cock with Kieran's instruction, however before long Kieran takes over to fuck at a steady hard pace.The position then reverses to reverse cowgirl in which Autumn has her legs pinned behind her back. This, as she grind and down on the cock, and as Kieran once again take over to fuck and steady and hard pace. Next up things go to missionary. It is here, that Kieran fucks at an increasing pace, as he eventually pins back Autumn's legs, in order to slam deep and hard into her pussy. This lasts for some time, before Autumn goes on to resume sucking cock and balls, this time including Kieran's ass. Finally the action goes to spoon, as Kieran once again takes up a steady pace, fucking hard and fast, until he build himself up to cum. The scene comes to a close with Keiran jerking off, and then decorating face with a nice load.