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Reality Kings
A part of the AdultForce network Drywall, Wet Pussy
(click to enlarge) Drywall, Wet Pussy (2019)

Starring: Christie Stevens
Co-starring: Xander Corvus

Directed by Toni Ribas

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
38 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today I return with another review for BRAZZERS, this one from their extra series, featuring Christie Stevens, and BRAZZERS contract star, Xander Corvus. In this scene, "Drywall, Wet Pussy", Christie is a sexy client for Xander who have been hired by she to repair the drywall in her home. Only it is only a plan put in motion by Christie to get at Xander, meaning, to get what is in his pants. After a few failed attempts to woo the handyman, it is a mishap involving drywall plaster, which brings them together. It is a result that is quite humorous in the beginning, only to wind up hot and heavy in the end, as these two, in my opinion manage to produce, a scorching sex scene. Yes, I have to admit it. The sex scene here is quite incredible to say the least. The chemistry between Christie Stevens and Xander Corvus is undeniable. It is truly apparent these two were really into each other, and all that was happening in that moment. Here, things get off to a rather nice pace during the course of the action. However, things truly picked up, I thought once the action went to reverse cowgirl on the floor. It was here that Xander really turned things up a notch, as he really gave Christie his cock nice and hard. Quite frankly, from here, he really started to beat that pussy up, and there was no turning back. This vibe continued with Christie saddling up in cowgirl. Another thing which I think is a highlight of the scene, is that Toni Ribas'camera places us in the action Not only was Christie's very nice round ass right at the forefront for a time, my perverted ass, also enjoyed the fact that Christie's pretty butthole was also a focal point at one time. This also nicely captured by Ribas. With this said, all I can say is that it is a solid scene through out, during which, Xander keeps up a steady pace, as he just pounds away. And if solid consistent action wasn't enough, the scene itself ends in a cream pie finish. This is a true example of two performers giving it their all for the camera. It's safe to say that I really enjoyed this scene. Particularly, I really love Christie Stevens. I am a big fan. What can I say? I have reviewed her quite a bit recently. However, I would have to say that this scene truly showcases her to her full potential. Of all this scenes that I have seen of her recently, this is the type of scene that I hope for. I wanted to see her fucked nice and hard, and in turn look great at the same time, and here, it's exactly that, so I say great job. Not only to Christie, but to Xander who brings his best to the scene, as well as my friend Toni Ribas, who expertly captures it all here. So yes, to end things, I feel that this is a very good scene, and it is definitely one that I urge you to take a look at, as you will probably be glad that you did!
Cast: Christie Stevens (with Xander Corvus)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Standing Side Fuck, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Side Fuck, Missionary, Reverse Standing Side Fuck
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This scene titled "Dry Wall Wet Pussy", takes place when Xander Corvus is hired by Christie Stevens to finish a wall at her place. Despite Xander saying that the wall is immaculate with no flaws visible to him. Christie still says that there are cracks and imperfections, which he does not see. Right from the beginning, it is obvious that Chrisrie is merely going out of her way to come on to the handyman, rather than to have him do any legit work. She does things such as spill water on her voluptuous breasts, along with bending over, and otherwise flirting with her curves. Unfortunately for her however, none of it seems to work, as no matter how fazed Xander may be by his sexy client, he somehow able to keep it together. That is, until the next mishap occurs shortly after Christie gets her tits out. With her breasts now exposed Christie comes into the room, only at the same time, Xander happens to be mixing plaster, and he soon, accidentally flings plaster onto said chest. An occurrence which startles Christie. Christie is soon off to shower, to wash off the white plaster. However, the slapstick comedy continues when she has another run in with Xander as she decides to go ahead and get what she wants from him. This is when the two of them go into a sexual encounter shortly thereafter. Things begin with passionate kissing between the two, as Xander feel up Christie's tits, slap them around, and suck on them, prior to she going down on him, taking his cock into her mouth. From here we have a round of sucking of the cock and balls from Christie which is before Xander takes things into doggy. To begin, Xander hits the pussy from behind at a steady pace, before having Christie spread her ass, so that he can go deeper. Next, we see standing side fuck briefly, as Xander continues his pace, only to return to doggy for another brief stint, the action then seamlessly transitions to reverse cowgirl on the floor, as Xander lie on his back. From here, we see Christie bounce upright for a time, prior to leaning back to allow Xander to fuck her pussy at a quick and hard pace. This would continue as Christie sit upright once more. Following this, Christie is quick to suck Xander once again including his balls like before. This being just prior to she climbing on, as things go to cowgirl next. Things begin nice and steady that until Christie leans forward for Xander to really give it to her, nice and hard, pounding away at her pussy. As things continue, Christie eventually plants her feet to bounce down hard on the cock, this being prior to Xander again, taking over to really nail her deep. The next position is spoon, as Xander keeps up the pac,e really nailing Christie's tight little hole, as her legs are open wide for the pounding. Following this, the action then transitions to side fuck, and then missionary, as we see Christie legs held back, as Xander continues to pound the pussy, essentially doing cock push ups, as he goes deep inside of her. Next up, is another round of titty-fucking prior to a return to doggy. Things begin doggy, and then turn to side fuck, as well as reverse side fuck, before Christie leg is propped back up on the ladder for doggy. This which Xander continues as he goes deep and hard at a steady pace until he finally comes, releasing th wide load inside of Christie to effectively end things.