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A part of the AdultForce network Dance for Me
(click to enlarge) Dance for Me (2019)

Starring: Tiffany Watson
Co-starring: Scott Nails

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.00 / 10)

Where to get it
19 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review we have a scene from BRAZZERS titled simply, "Dance for Me". The storyline set up for the scene is a simple one, and it is this; Scott nails is a patron at a luxurious peepshow booth, and Tiffany Watson just so happens to be tonight's entertainment, as she work from inside of the booth teasing for all who pay see her. Things between she and Scott kick off, when the peepshow girl invites him inside her booth for a little hands-on fun that involves a little bit of oil, and a lot of titty fucking.

When it comes to this scene, it was actually suggested by Tiffany Watson herself that I give this one a look, after I had complained that I scrapped a review that was to feature her recently, because I did not like the storyline. We talked about how BRAZZERS always seems to have great storylines and at the time I wholeheartedly agreed. However, the ironic thing is that, I now see this scene from BRAZZERS, which stars Tiffany, and I happen to be questioning just where the story was here. When it comes to the storyline for this scene, it truly is as simple as I explain it above. Scott goes to be a peepshow, the girl invites him inside her booth, they get it on. These are the three simple stages of the scene. What we really have here is just the sex scene essentially. This would usually be well and good with me. However, I must tell the truth, when I say that I felt that the action here is just a little bland. Aside from the instances in which we see Tiffany squirt, honestly and there's nothing too exciting about the action seen here between Tiffany and Scott. Scott does well by fucking consistently and hard. However, it's all pretty generic. Not to mention that, we see here, one, not two, but three titty fucking sessions total. This seems to stem from Scott being seemingly obsessed with Tiffany's tits(he talks about them a lot here). Though the production values are the usual, and the set is nice, and although I have no problem with Scott, and I love Tiffany, I hate to say it, but I just wasn't feeling this scene too much.
Cast: Tiffany Watson (with Scott Nails)
Rating: 5.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggy
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This scene takes place as Scott Nails visits a fancy peepshow booth. Things begin as Scott pushes the start button located outside of the booth. It is then that Tiffany Watson emerges from inside the booth,and proceeds to put on a show. She then dances and tease, and as the camera accesses Scott's point of view. Things then continue as Tiffany pull out a bottle of oil, and then go on to oil herself - especially her tits. She then rub herself down, which eventually leads to her fingering herself as she spread her legs for Scott. It's after some time however, that Tiffany motion for Scott to join her inside, and of course it does not take him long to oblige. Scott enters the booth and it is a short time later that he begins to finger Tiffany, prior to getting his hard cock out. It is after that that Tiffany gets to work as she suck it. Here we see her stroke with both hands, as Scott, additionally fuck her face. This then goes to a brief round of titty fucking, prior to Scott going down on Tiffany to tongue at her pussy. After this, the action goes to missionary. It's from this position that Scott continues at a quick, and steady pace, as he fucks the pussy, this continuing, as Tiffany's legs are held tightly together, allowing Scott to plunge deeper inside of her. Following this, it is briefly back to cocksucking, before we see another brief round of titty fucking. Next up, Scott says that he wants Tiffany to ride the cock. This, as he lie on his back. Tiffany squats down on the cock, she proceeds to bounce on it, in reverse cowgirl. prior to Scott taking over to fuck hard, and fast. It's as a result, that we see Tiffany squirt a couple of times, Next up, the two of them go over to a nearby couch, as Tiffany climb on for cowgirl, It's here that we see Tiffany pop her ass on the cock. Scott takes over to fuck, but eventually, Tiffany soon returns to her bouncing. Tiffany is then back to cock sucking, However, the action soon takes to spoon a on the couch. From this position, Scott fucks the pussy nice and steady for a time, But it's next that Scott straddles Tiffany's chest to fuck her tits once again. The next position is doggy. It is from this position that Scott maintains a steady pace as he fuck the pussy from behind. This continues however, as the two of them go over to the stage area, and Tiffany prop up her left leg opening up with both the camera and for Scott. It is then that Scott continues to fuck the pussy deep, until he must cum. Things then come to an end with Scott jerking off to spew his load onto Tiffany's chest and face.