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A part of the AdultForce network BrazziBots Part 4
(click to enlarge) BrazziBots Part 4 (2019)

Co-starring: Jessy Jones

Reviewed by TripleXStarlets

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In Part 4 of Brazzer's dystopian series "Brazzibots" we are taken back to where part 1 began, the Brazzibot Headquarters. It appears as though Riley Reid has been missing since her visit, and fellow colleague Jessy Jones is concerned. Jessy calls the Headquarters where he speaks with Brazzibot lab assistant (Karma RX), who is able to deceive Jessy by disguising her voice as Riley's and convincing him to visit to see what she has found. Jessy is skeptical but comes anyways, he is surprised when he meets Karma Rx and how hospitable she is as she agrees to take him to the lab immediately to see Riley. Karma's amazing rack in her tight and revealing red blouse may have helped put him at ease. But it isn't long before things get weird, as the Brazzibot begins to make philosophical statements about Brazzibots being just as human as he is and their goal of creating a new, more perfect, world. Jessy appears confused and just wants to get Riley and leave, that is when the doors behind him open and two additional Brazzibots (Nicolette Shea, Lela Star) are standing in the doorway. Karma then asks if he has ever fucked three women at once, and firmly places her hand on the bulging cock protruding through his pants. The other two bots close in around him, and soon all three are on their knees and pulling out his hard cock to feast upon.
Cast: Karma RX,Lela Star,Nicolette Shea (with Jessy Jones)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, doggystyle (standing), Fuck 'n Lick, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissoring
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This was a very good scene, filled with solid action and energy from start to finish. It is enjoyable to admire these beautiful women as they take turns sucking Jessy Jone's cock and waiting eagerly for their pussies to be filled. All three performers are invested and make sure to remain occupied in some fashion for the duration of the scene. It is a treat watching Nicolette licking Karma's dripping wet pussy from a 69 position, while Lela gets fucked in a standing doggystle position. Moments later, Nicolette is the one taking the cock from behind as she helps herself to more of Karma RX's pussy, while Lela is sitting on Karma's face and receiving tongue lashings. They all seem to be enjoying themselves and each other. Another nice moment happens when Karma is being pounded missionary style on the table, Lela is still sitting on her face, as Nicolette is rubbing Karma's clit and commanding her to "squirt all over that cock" then Nicolette wraps her mouth around the cock as Jessy pulls out for a moment before resuming.

As far as the performances go, I can't say enough about Nicolette Shea, she has an outstanding camera presence that demands the viewers attention, and she is able to consistently perform at a very high energy level that makes this scene entertaining. She is the rare type of starlet that elevates the performances of the stars around her. She is like an on screen director as she commands instructions and always ensures she is in perfect position for the viewer. When you are sharing the scene with a talent such as Nicolette, you basically have two options, that is to match her level of energy and intensity (i.e. Abigail Mac), or be pushed off to the background. I didnt feel as if Lela or Karma were able to rise up to the level they needed to be in this scene. This is not a knock on either of these talented stars, who both perform adequately here and do a nice job of playing with each other and are engaged the majority of the scene, but more a testament to the high caliber performer that Nicolette has become. Neither Lela or Karma has the camera presence or awareness that Nicolette possesses however. Jessy Jones is also able to hold his own in this scene, he doesn't add much to the overall enjoyment of the scene but he isnt completely overwhelmed by these three starlets and turns in a solid performance, and his acting ability and delivery is seasoned.

Brazzers is able to add another strong scene in this series, the ending to this episode suggests more Brazzibots scenes will be coming out, which I will be waiting anxiously for. Brazzers continues to shoot some of the highest quality scenes around.