A part of the AdultForce network BrazziBots Part 2
(click to enlarge) BrazziBots Part 2 (2019)

Co-starring: Alex Legend

Reviewed by TripleXStarlets

(8.50 / 10)

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In series: BrazziBots
38 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Last week I reviewed the first part of Brazzer's new futuristic series entitled "Brazzibots" with Riley Reid trying to retrieve information out of the Brazzibots creator and unlock the truth about why the Brazzibots have turned against their owners. This week, the series shifts to a modern suburban home, where we get to see the beautiful Brazzibot in a domestic setting.

Abigail Mac is a frustrated and tired housewife who always seems to be cleaning up and taking care of the house after her useless husband, Alex Legend. Alex decides to help out his beautiful wife, and help out around the house, and by helping out he means buying an expensive brazzibot to do all the work. Abigail is upset at first as he introduces their very own Brazzibot (Nicolette Shea), because of the amount of money he spent but once Nicolette begins to cook supper, Abigail changes her tune and finally gets to relax. While cooking dinner, Alex realizes this is no ordinary robot as she gives him a nice blowjob in the kitchen while his wife is distracted by a magazine. After that, the scene shifts to the bedroom where Alex is sitting in bed, the now refreshed Abigail, comes in wearing sexy purple lingerie and is ready to fool around. After some kissing and titty sucking, Abigail notices the Brazzibot staring in the doorway and is startled by her and demands she leaves. Alex sees an opportunity unfolding before his eyes as he suggests that maybe the Brazzibot should join them. I guess Brazzibots take their jobs very seriously. I will say that all the performers bought into their characters and made the dialogue comical and engaging. Abigail Mac uses facial expressions to exaggerate her emotions and deliver her lines which is entertaining.
Cast: Abigail Mac,Nicolette Shea (with Alex Legend)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Fuck 'n lick, Missionary, Pussy Stacking, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck, Blowjob
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Abigail Mac and Nicolette Shea are two dynamic powerhouse performers that are extremely active and perform at optimal energy levels. The recipe for a successful three way (FFM) scene, is that both performers need to be able to feed off each other's energy and be active throughout the scene, it is common for one star to take over the scene, pushing the other performer into a secondary role where they have nothing to do and are not able to keep the viewers attention. Abigail and Nicolette not only feed off each others energy, but they encourage the other to take their performances to another level, really bringing out the best in both starlets. There is not a moment where either star takes a step back and becomes disengaged from the action, leading to an extremely enjoyable and action packed scene. Throughout the scene Nicolette does a lot of the verbal directing as she commands Abigail to "suck his dick" then proceeds to shove her head down on Legend's cock forcing her to deep throat her husband, then later shedirects Abigail to lick her pussy as Legend thrusts his cock inside her. Both performers did plenty of dirty talk throughout the scene, as well as engaged each other by kissing, touching, spanking, choking, and performing oral on each other. These are two very vocal and passionate stars who have a great ability to get wrapped up in their scenes which makes this a fun 30+ minutes of non stop action. The pacing was fantastic as they were able to switch positions and we get to see these ladies get fucked in a variety of ways from reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle and the always favorite, pussy stacked position. Like I mentioned earlier as one girl was taking Legend's cock inside her tight pussy, the other was completely engaged and always had their hands and mouth busy.

Overall, I thought this was a great scene that is just fun to sit back and enjoy. I thought Abigail and Nicolette had good chemistry and they played off each other very well and they were evenly matched style wise. I will also say that Alex Legend definitely had his hands full here, he was able to hold his own against these two intense stars but there are moments he fades in the background as the action between Abigail and Nicolette captures the gaze of the viewer for the majority of the time. This is another high quality, well shot and executed scene from Brazzers.