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A part of the AdultForce network Big Spotlights
(click to enlarge) Big Spotlights (2019)

Starring: Michele James
Co-starring: Xander Corvus

Reviewed by PL

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
28 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll be honest, I almost didn't recognize this was Michele. She had a bit of a different look to here. Maybe it was the missing glasses that she seems to have most scenes (which I love, by the way), or maybe it was the makeup, or maybe the outfit. All I know is she looked fantastic, which is on par with Michele. Right from the opening tease, I was hooked. Her eyes were seeming larger and her hair was made up a little different than I've seen. Additionally, her outfit and the backdrop really worked well. The whole opening was really fantastic. Over on the sex side of things, I wouldn't go so far to say these two had sparks flying all over, but they clicked decently well in my eyes. Certainly, the kissing and eye contact ramped up some of the intimacy, but Xander was a machine. He dripped Michele's pully pretty much non-stop a fucking inhuman feat in my eyes! And to add to that, there were very few edits that I saw, something that I always consider a good note - few edits mean this is raw fucking. Overall, this was a pretty hot scene, which I expected considering the cast. This is a no-brainer, you gotta check this one out!
Cast: Michele James (with Xander Corvus)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Reverse cowgirl, Side Saddle, Cowgirl, Spoon
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In a black leather jacket and a sexy skimpy outfit (which seemed to be a cross between lingerie and a bikini), Michele went into some really nice stylized tease action. When Xander join, he immediately focused on her big pierced tits, oiling them up nicely before warming her pussy up with his fingers first, then moving on to using his mouth. Once primed, Xander turned to fucking her tits and then mouth as she laid on her back. She asked for the cock deep down her throat, and she got it! So, with a face full of slobber from the face fucking, Michele offered up her pussy in doggy. Xander worked her good, jackhammering her pussy and positioning her for us. Mounting Xander in reverse, Michele gave us a view that I was waiting on, those big beautiful oiled up titties bouncing around while she went up and down on the cock. She has some nice hip action going on too! Just like doggy, Xander mercilessly drilled her little pussy. Hopping off, Michele deep throated the cock some more, which looked easier for her too, then straddled Xander in cowgirl. When he took her to spoon, I really loved the strong eye contact and kissing, it really added to the heat. After some mish, Michele went back to cowgirl, but this time the camera was at Xander's head, giving us a nice view of her POV style. A spectacular view. Back to missionary, Xander pounded her pussy until he couldn't take it anymore, blasting his wad across her shiny tits and chin.