A part of the Nubiles Cash network Bratty Blonde Sister
(click to enlarge) Bratty Blonde Sister (2018)

Starring: Lexi Lore
Co-starring: Logan Long

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
18 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From the NUBILES PORN NETWORK, comes this scene from their relatively new website called BRATTY SIS.COM, where the object is to feature bratty stepsisters in storyline scenarios. In the case of the scene, Logan Long is a stepbrother, who needs tutoring from his younger stepsister, Lexi Lore. She, in fact owes him a favor, as he let her borrow his car. So when asking, he expects her to be fine with it. Unfortunately, on the contrary, she refuses to do so as she has other plans. Still determined to get something out of the deal, Logan proceeds to come on to his bratty sis. This scene is actually my second experience with the NUBILE PORN NETWORK. If you have been keeping track, then you should know that there were a few things about the first scene that I rather enjoyed. Fortunately seeing as, it is from the same folks, when it comes to this scene in particular, not much is different. Again this is a scene that is relatively short clocking in at just over 18 minutes in length. So again, it packs a lot into very little. No matter the runtime here, we still have a very fun storyline scenario. I must say that I really enjoyed the aspect of the bitchy stepsister, and in the scene Lexi Lore pulls it off so well. She's a sexy little thing(pierced nipples, braces, and all!)! Technically, again we have the camerawork that I took to the previous time out which is the use of longshot, POV and closeup consistently. As for the sex itself, it is fairly solid as well, making this an overall enjoyable time. I really liked it, and surely would recommend.
Cast: Lexi Lore (with Logan Long)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
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In this scene, Logan Long is a stepbrother who needs tutoring with his homework. Since his little stepsister, Lexi Lore owes him a favor after she borrowed his car. So he comes to her in confidence that she would be willing to help out. Unfortunately though, Lexi just isn't having it. She's preoccupied, and says that she has somewhere to be, thus refusing. This angers Logan, who is determined to get what he wants, and what he wants is a piece of Lexi. He strips her of her top, and squeezes her tits, which are complete with pierced nipples. He then follows that by stripping her of her denim shorts, and panties. Logan then goes down on his sister, however she is not amused by his lack of head game. However, her attitude suddenly changes when she gets an eyeful of Logan's big cock. She is then quick to suck, taking it deep into her mouth, this, as the camera takes an overhead POV view. Following this, Lexi is up on the couch, and on all fours, as Logan takes her from behind in doggy. Here, again, you have a longshot view, as well as POV, as Logan slams the pussy. Following this, Logan is on his back, as Lexi mounts him for both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl variations. After a time there, this leads the action to lastly missionary. It's here that Logan continues to fuck the pussy at an increasing pace, until he has to cum. The scene ends in POV overhead, as Logan blasts Lexi's young face with a hot, white load.