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A part of the MadCheddar network Kendra's Obsession - Part 2
(click to enlarge) Kendra's Obsession - Part 2 (2016)

Co-starring: Isiah Maxwell

Directed by Greg Lansky

Reviewed by PL

(9.25 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Kendra's Obsession
47 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Like part one, this was a fantastic scene. The visual representation is stunning. The scene's aesthetics play right into my tastes. Of course, the scene was about Kendra, and it was mesmerizing watching her in action. She's a stunner. But, Jillian did a fantastic job holding her own and balancing the scene out. Her rimming and ATM action was so fuckin' sexy, and the squirting was a great touch. I didn't feel the chemistry was quite as good as the first scene, probably because it had three participants, but the addition of Jillian really added to the scene well. Isiah did a solid job too, he took things nice and slow, never breaking his medium-paced temp - which fit perfectly with the scene. I think it's pretty obvious, but to remove doubt, highly recommended
Cast: Jillian Janson,Kendra Sunderland (with Isiah Maxwell)
Rating: 9.25/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Prone, Missionary
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A few weeks after the photo shoot with Kendra and Jason, Kendra and her boyfriend are over at a power couples place. Jillian was an actress and model, and Isiah was a successful movie producer, and to top all that off, they were swingers! With the champagne flowing, that made the sexual juices lose and after a few consensual questions, Kenda leaned in and began kissing Jillian while she (Jillian) sat in Isiah's lap. "That's so hot, be bad for me baby", her boyfriend said and it was on!

The kissing started to include Isiah, and before long, the ladies were naked and Kendra was sucking on his cock. Moving the fun inside, Kendra's boyfriend took pictures as Kendra and Jillian got back to sucking on Isiah's long cock. Both of the ladies were impressive, getting it down their throats pretty well. Being the gues, Kendra got first dibs, taking the cock inside her in reverse. Getting off, Jillian took the chance to taste Kendra's juices off Isiah's cock before going up to ride in cowgirl; sucking on Kendra's big beautiful tits as she did. What a sight Isiah got when the girls went to doggy, side by side, as he took turns fucking them. It was pretty hot how Kendra stared her boyfriend down with a little bit of a smile on her face while she got railed. The ladies moved around to give the camera some better shots, still getting it in doggy, and man it was hot watching Jillian licking Kendra's little pink asshole. With Kendra going down to her belly, Jillian did her best to help Isiah get as deep as he could before they moved on to some missionary action. We got lots of really hot shots and some great close-ups during Kendra's time, but when it was Jillian's turn, she topped it with some squirting and some fantastic eye contact with Isiah! With Kendra close to the action, Isiah got close and pulled out just in time to blast a load in Kendra's mouth. Most fell out of her mouth, but she had some left over, passing it over to Jillian via a kiss. She swallowed it down with a smile and Kenda slurped up some more feeding that to her too before we faded out.

To Be Continued....