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Elegant Angel
Big Wet Asses #15
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Big Wet Asses #15 (2009)

Co-starring: James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Mr. Pete

Directed by William H.

Reviewed by PL

(10.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Big Wet Asses
180 Min ( 3 hr 0 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Hands down this is one of the best pornos I have ever seen. The overall energy and chemistry of this title was insane, and the action was ridiculous... Easily this one is near the top of my list of all-time favorites. It kicked off with a star's (Gianna) long awaited anal, which worked out perfect. not only was the scene hot, but Gianna genuinely looked to enjoy her ass fuckin' and enjoyed Mike too. That isn't always the case with first anal scenes... Then there was the Julia/Manuel scene... As I watched this I couldn't help to think about Julia Ann: Hardcore - although I didn't review this, I did watch the Manuel Scene before I had shipped it off to the reviewer. This scene wasn't as good in my book as it was Christina's, but the scene here was make-up in my eyes. Real, raw sex. And from the BTS, Julia seemed to have this same sentiment. Then Manuel brought out another perfect performance, this time from Mia. Wow... I knew she's always had chemistry and a "thing" for Manuel, and it showed brightly here. Kimberly's scene was damn good as well, but didn't quite hit the high of those three. As for Ava's scene, I wasn't as impressed, and I didn't even realize it was her first anal until I was writing this. Although she took a solid ass fuckin', it's not even in the ballpark of the others. And that's no knock on her, she just needs more anal experience (well, as of this scene ). If I had one complaint, it would be the "wet ass" wasn't all that played up, but seriously... It didn't matter at all to me. Really, I can't say enough about this movie. It is a must own DVD/BluRay. Hell, I got this as a screener on DVD, I have purchased the BluRay for my personal collection. So in essence, I have TWO copies of this title My suggestion, don't waste the time on a rental, and just buy it. It's worth every penny and then some!
Scene 1: Gianna Michaels (with Michael Stefano)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Gianna is a very sexy girl with long dark red hair and natural DD cup tits. We open the scene with the now famous William H. tease; the girl doing her routine on a stark white background. Gianna does a really good job too, I swear I could watch just this all day... As we get to the scene, mike buries his face in her ass, then after some passionate kissing, she sucks on his dick. In doggy, Mike fucks her ass cheeks, then she reaches back and finger fucks her ass while telling Mike to slip in her pussy. We get some nice close-ups of the action, then she cleans the cock off with her mouth as she continues to work her ass with her fingers. up to cowgirl, Gianna really rocked the cock and I loved how she reached back and used her fingers to add more "pressure" to the cock. Stopping, the two engage in some 69 action, then with Gianna on her belly, Mike teases her ass with his cock, then slowly slips it in. She took it in stride too, not looking to be in paint at all. In fact, she looked like she really enjoyed it! We get some small gapes, then the cock goes back in and Gianna fucks the cock herself, just some really awesome footage here! The action continues as Gianna rolls onto her side. Taking a break, she does some ATM, and heads up to cowgirl where she slides it back in her ass. Goddamn... Gianna does some really sexy riding too, then does more ATM before spinning around for RCA. Finally, with Gianna's ass out toward the camera, Mike slips back in her ass and lubes her up with oil. I absolutely adored how she told him "Stay there. Let me work it." - Thought my cock was going to explode! Fortunately it didn't but Mike's soon did, as he stroked off onto her ass cheek. This was a mind-blowing scene. Really! They chemistry was off the charts and the small banter back and forth between these two, was sexy as fuck! Just amazing... Additionally, I was really diggin' the bush Gianna was rockin'.
Scene 2: Julia Ann (with Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Julia is a sexy looking woman with long blonde hair and fake DD cup tits. After the tease, we catch up to some very deep and passionate kissing between Julia and Manuel. Really sexy stuff, and the grouping added to the authentic feeling. Laying her down, Manuel dives into her pussy, then she gets into doggy to finger herself as he eats her ass before slipping his cock in her pussy. She reaches back and chokes him as he works it too! Keeping a hold of her, Manuel takes Julia to reverse cowgirl. He rubs on her clit and looked to make her cum pretty hard, then she took over and had another. Off and in a 69, Julia turns up the heat even further, eating his ass while he does his best to fuck her tits. They do some choking and slapping, then she heads up to cowgirl where Manuel chokes her while she's fucked. Afterwards, Julia is rolled down onto her back for a bit, then after getting her ass loosened up, he slips up behind her, slipping his cock in her ass. Relaxed, Julia gets in doggy to resume her ass fucking, and she gets it hard while getting choked a little more. She's then rolled up to reverse cowgirl, but she maneuvers around for some side saddle. I found it really sexy how they both watched the action! She slips off the cock and they go into a sexy deep kiss again, then she finds his ass again, eating it while he plays with her ass; using his feet. Back to doggy, Manuel oils up her ass and makes his home in her ass for a few. On her knees, Julia gets a big open mouth facial, but also gets a load in her eye. Another eye popping scene! Jesus Christ! Just when I thought the chemistry and hot action couldn't get any hotter than the last, I was wrong. these two matched the last scene pound for pound. Another must see scene! Also, another nice bush here. I'm not sure if I recall seeing Julia sporting one before this; looked nice though!
Scene 3: Kimberly Kane (with James Deen)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Kimberly is a sexy and pretty girl with short brown hair and natural B cup tits. Exactly like the other scenes, we open with tease, but the best so far, then we cut to her with James as he spanks her and sucks on her tits. Moving on to her ass, he tongue fucks it, then she returns the favor with some cock and toe sucking! As they begin getting naked, she slips his underwear on, which I found hot as fuck! Anyway, they weren't too focused on and not too long after they are lost, she's standing up and facing him as he slips his dick in her. Sitting down with her, she rides in cowgirl while we get some nice shots. Taking her to missionary, James pounds Kimberly's pussy while sucking on her feet a little, then stops to oil up her ass before dipping his meat in her. I really loved how she played with his balls while he fucked her too! Rolling Kimberly onto her side, James keeps at it until she looked like she came. Keeping the dick in her bum, Kimberly's rolled up for some side saddle where she really worked the cock nicely before spinning around to reverse. Cutting away, James is behind her, spooning her asshole while she looks to rub another orgasm out. He shows off some small gapes too, then she gets into a pile driver. This position worked a little better for giving us some gapes, and William got some super close-ups too; I like!! After another cut, Kimberly is lying over the arm of a couch as she gets her ass oiled up some more before James slips back in her "no-no hole". He pumps away until he's ready to cum, blasting her ass with cum and fucking her feet a few moments before the scene officially closes out. Although this scene didn't explode off the scene like the others, it was still a very good scene. I really liked the underwear play and although this is the second time I have seen Kimberly take it up the ass, I consider this one the first "real" ass fuckin' I have seen her take. Hadcore Circus was the real first, but it wasn't nearly as good.
Scene 4: Ava Rose (with Mr. Pete)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Ava is a cute and sexy girl with long black hair and natural B cup tits. After her tease, we see her with Pete as they kiss before he focuses on her ass. He eats it and uses his hand to show how "deep" it is, then explores both her holes with his fingers. Focusing more on her pussy, Pete fingers her to a squirt, then fucks her pussy. Cutting away, she sucks his cock some, then Ava gets her pussy fucked in doggy a few before telling Pete "Stick it in my ass"; and he does Moving on, she then rides cowgirl anal, and a lot of it too! After a cut she's around in reverse, still taking anal. We get some nice shots and he chokes her some, then after yet another cut, we watch as Pete oils up her big beautiful ass while Ava's on her side. With the cock back in her ass, Pete fucks away until he's ready to cum, doing so on her lubed up ass. Although a solid scene, there was a drop off in energy and chemistry here. Ava looked great and clicked well with Pete, but not quite as well as the previous scenes. A very, very watchable scene though
Scene 5: Mia Rose (with Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Mia is a sexy looking girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Getting past some rather sexy tease, we see Mia and Manuel kissing, then he dives in for some quick eating and fingering action. Hell, I think Mia came from just that too! Down in doggy, Mia forces Manuel's face in her ass, then while on her side he has her suck his cock. They choke one another while this goes down too, then finally Mia gets on with the sex, riding in cowgirl and looking to cum 3 or 4 times! Rolling her down onto her side, Manuel chokes and slaps her while she begs to be fucked harder and harder! Sexy shit! She looked like she came at least 1 more time, then he slips in her backdoor. After another orgasm, Mia's legs begin quivering and she begs Manuel to bite her. She took a break and worked her own pussy, looking very sexy while doing it, then we soon cut to her up in reverse cowgirl anal. I found it really hot how he had Mia use her feet on his balls while he fucked her ass too! Nice! Moving on, Mia's in doggy. Manuel pounds her ass, then she works the cock herself until she cums realllly hard! Manuel lies down to take a break, but Mia quickly mounts his face and rides it, looking to cum a time or two before we cut to her in doggy. He oils up her ass and she wiggles it around, then he slips in her pussy. He pounds it a few, then pulls out and jerks off into her open mouth. She pushes the cum out to end the scene. Here's a return to the first two scenes chemistry and energy levels And again this scene exploded off the screen at me. There's always been sparks between Mia and Manuel, that's for sure, and they shined here. This is easily the best scene I have seen her in to date.
Even though there was a second disc devoted to nothing but extras, there were a few extras on the first disc as well. So here's that list:

And here the list of extras on the second disc:
Needless to say, there was a plethora of extras and well worth an extra point (+1).