Bang Bros
Big Tit Cream Pie #22
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Big Tit Cream Pie #22 (2013)

Co-starring: Bruce Venture, Chris Streams, Criss Strokes, Mike Adriano

Reviewed by PL

(7.70 / 10)

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In series: Big Tit Cream Pie
273 Min ( 4 hr 33 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: This is the first time I have a BangBros movie, and I'm pleased to say, I like it! Granted it's focusing on my favorite thing, cream pies, but still... The sex was good and the cast was pretty fuckin' killer. I've not seen most these girls (I've seen Raylene and Karina White), and I was very pleased with them, especially Romi! My favorite of the bunch for sure, but Brooklyn came in a very close second. I'm not sure if I liked the lengthy interviews or not, some were almost half the scene, but there were certainly some good ones, so it's hard to knock 'em too much. Sex wise, it was all solid, but some of the cream pies were on the weak side, most notably the last one. Overall a pretty good flick, and a very easy recommended movie for those who like cream pies.
Scene 1: Romi Rain (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.50/10
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Romi is a beautiful girl, with long black hair and fake DD tits. She opened the scene talking a bit with the camera man, and you could just see the sexiness oozing from her. Wow. After giving us a nice look at where "it's going to go", Mike enters the scene and gets thing doing by tasting her asshole. Making things a bit more interesting, Mike broke out some honey using it on her nipples and even her clit! I really liked this bit too. As the scene progressed, Romi sucked and tit fucked the cock before using her pussy to tease the cock; ultimately fucking her missionary with POV shots. Moving on, Romi rode in cowgirl, then in doggy, where there were more nice POV shots. When she went back to cowgirl, she squirted a bit, which seemed like a surprise to her, making the situation more fun. Moving onto her side, Romi fingered her ass while Mike continued to assault her pussy. She did something I thought was cook, having Mike taste her finger several times, then flipped over to her back to get her pussy filled with cum. As she leaked the spooge, she blurted out "this is the first time anybody has came inside me". Well Mike did today, and left behind a good load, with Romi rocking a pretty damn good scene. I really like this chick, and based on recent releases, she's certainly a favorite... Can't wait to see more!
Scene 2: Brooklyn Chase (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Brooklyn is a cute girl with medium length brown hair and fake DD cup tits. After learning this is her first BangBros shoot and she only does cream pies for "special people", we get a little tease action. I really liked the spit play she did, and I especially liked how when she showed off her pussy, she was already wet and creamy! When Mike came in, he focuses on those big ol titties before trying to tongue fuck her ass. But it was a bit too tight [;)] Breaking out the oil, Brooklyn then focused on the cock, rubbing it on her tits and tit fucking it. Very nice! Apparently it was too good for Mike too, he had to make her stop before he came! Finally he gets the chance to fuck her, starting off in missionary. She was nice and creamy too! Over in doggy, we got some nice POV shots, then she dropped down to her belly for a bit. Cutting away, Brooklyn rode in reverse and regular cowgirl, before signaling the end of the scene by taking Mike in mish. We got some nice POV shots and she uses a vibe on her clit until she looked like she came hard. Mike unloaded in her, but a bit too shallow, resulting in a cream pie that the camera didn't get a good shot of. Regardless, this was still a good scene and I really liked Brooklyn. A great looking girl with an amazing body, she's certainly on a list to see more of! Anyway, Brooklyn gave some good energy and clicked pretty well with Mike.
Scene 3: Karina White (with Bruce Venture)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Karina is a very attractive girl with long brown hair and natural C cup tits (I would have swore these were Ds! She said they were C's though). Today is Valentine's day (for the scene) and as the director talks to her, she says she's been in porn two years now. Eventually getting on with some tease action, Karina showed off her amazing tits and "rosy pussy" before finding a large blue dildo. She stuffs it in her little pussy, making it gape before she moved on to sucking Bruce's cock. As the action got under way, Karina started off in reverse cowgirl, then ended up on her side/back. Getting a little more adventurous, Bruce has her get into a semi-pile driver positions, using the arm of the couch she was on, which provided some nice shots to us! Not to mention some POV too! Over on all fours, Karina got the cock some more before standing up, with one leg up, begging for Bruce to cum inside her. When he did, I was afraid it was just going to plop out, but it didn't. I'm not sure if it was a really weak load, or if it was really think, but there just didn't seem to be much of it. But I was loving the devilish smile on her face as she sat down to let the camera see what little leaked out of her before fading away. A pretty solid scene, but not very exciting... Karina didn't look to have much chemistry with Bruce. One thing that did catch my attention though, Bruce was almost silent the entire scene. Pretty impressive, in my book.
Scene 4: Raylene (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Raylene is a pretty woman with medium length brown hair and fake DD cup tits. They kick this one off reminiscing about the '97 ANV show and the fact she's only done one cream pie scene! Apparently she only does them for Mike Adriano, and he set this up, so it's still for him [;)] They go on a bit, leading into her showing off her "pretty flower". When Criss joins the fun, he takes a taste of her ass and pussy, and she reciprocates with some BJ action, ending up in reverse cowgirl. The camera caught some really nice close-ups too, showing off Raylene's meaty pussy. Taking a break from the fuckin', Raylene does some more pole sucking before going to spoon. Again there's a break, but this time, she got Criss deep down her throat! Almost all the way! Back to the sex, Raylene got fucked while on her back. In POV, Criss took his time with her, teasing her pussy and her ass, actually almost slipping his head in her ass. But she wasn't having it, having him fuck her pussy instead. He laid into her good, really giving her the cock until he popped inside her. A good load too. The camera kept a good bead on her, giving us some very tight shots of her cum filled twat, which also allowed her to showcase the control she's got over her pussy muscles; opening and closing her hole with ease! Another solid scene here, but the thing that stuck out to me wasn't the sex, rather it was the interview. Yeah, she didn't divulge much "good info" but Raylene gave us a very good interview.
Scene 5: Kendra Lust (with Chris Streams)
Rating: 7.00/10
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Kendra is a very attractive and sexy woman with medium length black hair (in a cute pony tail) with fake DD cup tits. Like all the other scenes, this opens with a lengthy interview, in which she shows off her emergency panties; apparently called C-string panties. She also showed off how wet she was, very nice! Thinks then take a turn toward toys. She uses some nipple pumps and a pussy pump (with the assistance of the cameraman/director), along with showing us how she can make herself lactate! On to more traditional toys, she uses a glass toy for a few moments before Criss comes in. He started off teasing her ass, then gave her ass a taste before she's lubed up her tits; tit fucking him. Finally, the scene moved on to the sex with Kendra on her back (singing "Happy Birthday") with Criss lubing up her pussy before slipping in while we got some nice POV shots. I really liked how she held her pussy open for him to fuck her too, very hot! Moving the action upwards, Kendra starts off in reverse cowgirl, then spins to side-saddle, ultimately going to cowgirl, where Criss really pounded it. The camera loved her there too, she looked fantastic! They took a break from the action again, with Kendra on her back telling Criss "Before you cum in my pussy, I wanna see you pump it up!", and he did... Fully filling the suction cup with her pussy! So after that and a bit more BJ action, Kendra stood up to take the cock for a bit before ending up back in mish. I liked how she stroked his cock off before he fucked her, but he seemed to struggle to cum, resulting in a cut-to cream pie. Very little came out and the little that did looked like it could be fake... They didn't leave the camera on the pie for long either, which makes me think it was faked... Unfortunately it wasn't blatantly faked, so it's too hard for me to tell. At least the scene was pretty solid, and Kendra was just so hot it wasn't funny. Her whole persona worked for me, and those dimples were killin' me! One thing was for sure though, she wasn't too into Criss playing with her asshole! She stopped him several times throughout the scene.