Simon Wolf
Behind The Scenes With 20 Young Girls
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120 Min ( 2 hr 0 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I can't say the 7.5 is a proper rating over all, I mean this is one of those things that is HEAVILY reliant upon taste. For those of you who like to see what it's like from a BTS kind of view through out a scene, HERE IT IS, those looking for sex probably won't like it. Yes there's sex and cums shots and all, but this movie focus a bit more on the girls private lives versus sex. Personally I liked it, very entertaining to watch. I was happy to see we started the scenes with all the ladies IDed, in the credits the guys got IDed, and we got to see the scene progress (all be it large gapes of time per scene missing) from beginning to end. Solid work and nice idea Simon Wolf, personally I wouldn't have though of something like this to do.
Cast: Alex Devine,Anna Belle,Ariana Jollee,Boo Dilicious,Brooke Banner,Cherry Lane,Delilah Stone,Fallon Sommers,Felix Vicious,Kylie Rachelle,Lexi Matthews,Lisa Marie,Lucy Lee,Mandy Starr,Natalia Wood,Naudia Brown,Nevaeh Ashton,Sabrina Snow,Simone,Tanya James,Wendy James (with Trevor)
Let me start off saying this is somewhat of a unique thing for me, I have yet to see a movie ALL shot in Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) footage; until now. With that said, I will not be doing screenshots for this movie nor going into great detail with the girls. I will however give each girl's name, age (as show in the movie at the time), who she worked with and anything I found interesting in her cut of the BTS footage.

The movie that the BTS footage is taken from is as follows:
Young Pink #1
Young Pink #2
Young Stuff
Wet Teens
Young Natural Breasts

The girls appear in this order

Anna Belle - 21 / Kurt Lockwood / Favorite position is doggy, first had sex when she was 17 and the pop shot we see at the end of the scene she was in was great; VERY funny!
Ariana Jollee - 21 / Joey Ray / Told a story of her getting fucked in the pussy as she fisted her ass (off camera)!! She also shared that she likes to suck her thumb when she gets DPed; interesting to say the least....
Delilah Stone - 18 / Dale DaBone / Says she's a film student and should be doing BTS stuff herself soon!
Natalia Wood (Julia Taylor) - 19 / Frazier Luvitt / Says she's from San Francisco and into guys bodies.
Wendy James - 20 / Alex Sanders / Grew up in Minnesota and used to "cow tip" back home.
Simone - 19 / Joey Ray / Says she's from New York.
Lucy Lee - 22 / Alex Sanders / Says Vince Voyeur got her in the business.
Fallon Sommers - 18 / Steve Hatcher / Says she grew up in southern California and has been in 14 or 15 movies (at the time obviously).
Alex Devine - 20 / Steve Holmes / Says she's been in 6 Boy/Girl scenes and what she does is "all about the money".
Kylie Rochelle - 18 / Mark Ashley / She likes people playing with her clit and watched a lot of porn in high school.
Tanya James - 19 / Tony Pounds / Says she wants to do something in the medical field.
Boo Delicious - 19 / Dale DaBone / Says she's from southern California, has never squirted and thinks "faking it" is stupid; I agree Boo .
Cherry Lane - 18 / Joey Ray / She says she prefers small penises, was watching porn at age 13 and we get to hear complain about working in 60 degree weather!
Lisa Marie - 20 / Frank Gunn / We didn't get much from Marie in the BTS here, just basically her scene from the BTS cameraman's standpoint
Nevaeh Ashton 20 / Chris Cannon / Tells us her name is Heaven spelled backward, from Las Vegas and just started sucking cock a year ago (at the time of this BTS anyway)!.
Naudia Nice - 19 / Joey Ray / Says she's from "everywhere" and at the RIPE YOUNG AGE of 6 she learned how to masturbate!
Felix Vicious - 19 / Dez / Says she likes to be spanked and have her hair pulled - the right way from the roots.
Brooke - 20 / Chris Cannon / Tells us psychology is her major in college and makes sure the phrase "I'm too pretty to work with an ugly guy" is caught on camera; repeating it TWICE!
Mandy Starr - 19 / Mark Ashley / Says she's 100 pounds, 5' 7'' and this is her third scene
Sabrina Snow - 19 / Frank Gunn / Says she's always wanted to be a porn star, been in the business for 2 months and her boyfriend jerks off while watching her scenes!

Bonus Scene: Here we have Lexi and Trevor. Lexi is a good-looking girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. Trevor walks in, making some small talk, then he begins kissing her neck, soon moving to her tits; sucking them. Pulling her panties off he fingers and eats her for a bit, then she sits up and begins polishing him off; returning the favor. Moving along she rides in cowgirl where we get some nice close up shots of the action, then Trevor puts Lexi in missionary and we get an amazing shot of the insert! He pumps away on her for a bit, then has her get into doggy before cutting to him popping on her tits. This was an OK scene really, fortunately it was a bonus scene because it wasn't very good. Also since it was a bonus scene, no harm was done to the actual movie since its just extra material; not the actual movie.