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Bang Bros Mia Takes the Biggest Dick Ever
(click to enlarge) Mia Takes the Biggest Dick Ever (2018)

Starring: Mia Martinez
Co-starring: Vlad

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.50 / 10)

Where to get it
38 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Okay if you are one that keeps up with social media porn, then you probably know why I chose this particular scene to review. Yes, it is because it features the foreign export known as "Vlad". If you don't happen to know who Vlad is, now I'm sure that you will probably know soon enough. No it's not because of really masculine good looks, or charismatic charm. No, it's because of what is in his pants. And what is in his pants is a humongous cock. Some say that it is 12 inches soft. I'm not sure, all I know is that it's huge. Very huge. In this scene director Big J catches up with longtime BANG BROS collaborator, Mia Martinez. Initially, she thinks that it's just another day on the job. However, big J has a surprise for her in the form of Vlad - a performer from Russia. Mia has no idea what she is in for when Big J makes a bet, saying that the cock that he has for her today will be the biggest one that she's ever taken. Of course, Mia first blows it off, because, as she admits she's taken a lot of dick in her time. However, it isn't long that it is revealed that there is some truth to what big J is touting, when Vlad comes out. Vlad's cock somewhat flaccid, is still so long that it protrudes from the leg of his tight biker shorts. Mia is of course amazed, and it doesn't take long until she takes, obviously, the biggest cock that she's ever dealt with. Yes I chose the scene of course to see, and witness Vlad's big cock for myself. However, whenever he came out in the scene, and it was clear that there is a language barrier, I was a bit worried about how the scene would carry out, because all that Vlad could mutter in English was the word "titty". It essentially became Mia's nickname from him through out the scene as he keeps repeating it over and over again. As for the sex. Because of Vlad's size and girth penis-wise, the sex in question is a spectacle of course. However, as far as entertainment goes, it is somewhat slow, as it finally reaches its peak at the end of the scene. Vlad seems to be one who does not perform with much energy, as just getting it in is a challenge. It really does take a while for Vlad to get in his groove so to speak. So yes, most of the action here is slow, but a positive is that near the end - again, things get better, with his big cock deeper in the pussy, as he keeps a better pace up, than he does for most of the scene. This amounting to a scene that is somewhat ok. To speak of the subjects, this is my first time seeing either Mia Martinez, or Vlad, actually. Mia I must admit, looks really good. She has a tight body, and her top half features in this scene, succulent tan lines. She also has nice tits with pierced nipples, and a very nice ass. I like her! As for Vlad, I'm old school, and my first reaction to him - 2 words - "John Holmes". Like John Holmes, Vlad is skinny, not attractive, yet has one thing between his legs that gets him a lot of attention. However, unlike John Holmes, Vlad lacks the charisma, both away from the scene and during sex. Away from the scene, as I said there is a language barrier and Vlad can barely speak English. Now I am not faulting him for this, but for the viewer, it comes off as a little bit boring to be honest. As for the sex, Vlad has a big tool, and that tool does most of the work for him, as he just sit back allowing the girl to take it. We it comes to charisma, Vlad, is most definitely not Dredd. When he does put some effort in, is energy is lackluster, as for most of the scene his strokes were short offering little movement. As I mentioned twice before, this does improve towards the end, which is a good thing. Overall the scene is just ok as I mentioned. Am I impressed with Vlad? I am impressed with the size of this penis. But otherwise I must say not really. I do think there is room for improvement though, in terms of performance. As I eluded to earlier in the review, the only word that Vlad was able to say was the word "titty" - it essentially became Mia's name for the scene. I know that the producers wanted to play this off as a joke. Admittedly it is funny at first to hear him say the word over and over again, but after awhile it just becomes repetitively annoying, and kinda creepy. So to sum it up, I went into this scene curious for good reason, and came out of it having seen a scene that was somewhat enjoyable, but definitely could have been more interesting. On that note, I will be looking at more Vlad scenes in the future with a keen eye on possible improvement.
Cast: Mia Martinez (with Vlad)
Rating: 5.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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After joking about having a camel toe, as she sit on the couch, Director, Big J catches up with Mia Martinez - he says it's been awhile. Mia says that she was in a relationship, but that it has already ended. Big J then asks if Mia has fucked anything "interesting" lately. She says that she recently fucked a girl. But J reiterates asking about interesting dick, but Mia says not really. The conversation continues as Mia says that she likes cocks of all size. Following this, Big J has Mia strip out of her aqua green shorts to reveal a pair of pink panties. Mia then poses and twerks on the couch, as J tells Mia that the guy that they have for her is "ready to eat". He also goes on to bet Mia $100 that this will be the biggest dick that she has ever had. Mia doubts this, but when Big calls on Vlad, all doubts are ceased, as it is obvious that J is the clear winner. Vlad's cock is so long, that it is seen sticking out of the leg of his biker shorts. Mia is quick to explore and she is astonished by both the length, and thick girth of Vlad's cock. Mia cannot believe how thick the cock is - this as she compares it to the width and the length of her arm. A curious Mia soon puts the cock in her mouth to suck, but can only get a little more than the tip n, as she work the cock for a time, as is Vlad both standing and seated. This is followed up by Mia half straddling the cock to take it in her pussy, but it is a slow process, as it barely fits. Mia works it in, and eventually Vlad is able to give the pussy some thrusts. After this, Mia assumes position on all fours, as Vlad takes her pussy from behind. Here, Vlad picks up the pace a little, as he crams his cock in. The camera goes from side, to reaction, to behind - where things look best. The next setup after sees Mia on her back with her legs pinned back for missionary. During this, Vlad employs his fastest pace, as he plugs away at the pussy and soon, Mia takes him really deep. This lasting until Vlad pulls out to erupt, aiming at Mia's mouth.