Bang Bros Eighteen and Not so Innocent
(click to enlarge) Eighteen and Not so Innocent (2018)

Starring: Melody Parker
Co-starring: Oliver Flynn

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.00 / 10)

Where to get it
51 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Yes, for this review, I hop aboard the legendary Bang Bus. Though it may sound a little cheesy, I think that it's kind of cool that I am actually reviewing a Bang Bus scene. Yeah, this is likely the first of many to come, but they have been around a long time, meaning that I have watched bits and pieces of these scenes for years. Even as far back as when they were still trying to pass these reality based scenes as being "real" rather than staged. These days however, it's obvious that the wise porn viewer knows better. However, with that said, the typical setup is still in place here. The guys cruise along until they just so happen to come across a hot girl, one who doesn't quite know what they're about, or what they are soon to get themselves into. In this case, the boys discover 18 year old Melody Parker as she walk home. At first she's timid, and hesitant about approaching the creepy white van. but of course they soon find that Melody isn't quite as innocent as she appears. Soon, she's in the van where we see her both suck and fuck the large cock of Oliver Flynn. The scene of course, as indicated by its setup, wants us to believe that Melody was found on the street - that's just how these scenes go - but in reality, Melody is a hot up and comer in the biz. Personally, I am a big fan and supporter of this girl. She is totally cute. I mean from her cute dimples, beautiful eyes and smile, as well as her thick ass, there is no denying that. So with that said, she was more than enough incentive to check out this scene. So what did I think? I really had fun with the setup. I know that this is my first go around with Bang Bus, so I'm not so sure how this setup might differ from one scene to the next, but yes it may be something that would be a bit repetitive. But for now, it's fresh and enjoyable enough. I will say that Melody looked quite good in her pink overalls, and tube top under shirt. And speaking of these articles of clothing, they are soon removed as things move to sex. When it comes to the sex, unfortunately it does lack, as after Melody sucks Oliver off, we are left with just 2 positions. Those being doggy and reverse cowgirl prior to Oliver finishing on Melody's face. These positions are nicely executed. The problem is though, that they leave you wanting more. More sex - and yes, more Melody Parker. Especially the latter, there is just not enough of this cutie. So to bring it all together, what we have here in a few words is a lot of talk, yet very little action. Again, I didn't mind the setup. I had fun with it. I just wish that the key components could have been equally balanced. At the end of the scene, I couldn't believe that it was already over. With this in mind however, again I am a fan of Melody Parker, so yes, you will see me review more of her in the future, for sure.
Cast: Melody Parker (with Oliver Flynn)
Rating: 5.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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The scene opens with the Bang Bus crew cruising Miami on a hot Sunday afternoon. For this ride, they are joined by Oliver Flynn. Oliver and the driver ponder the idea of going fishing, however Director Big J has his mind on nothing else - finding some pussy! And it isn't long before they spot some, when they come across a young girl wearing overalls, who appears to be walking home. they approach the girl, who happens to be Melody Parker, as they slow the van down. They start with a couple of simple questions - "do you go to church?", and "Are you 18?". Melody answers that she sometimes attends church, and that she is indeed 18 years of age. Melody is initially hesitant to talk any further, and even a few motorists show concern. However, the guys assure that they are just merely filming for their successful tube channel. They even soon offer Melody $100 to continue the chat, after which they learn that she is coming home after a night with her boyfriend, and not with her best friend as her mom believes. After getting Melody to flash her tits to them, and after a call into her concerned mother, the guys convince Melody to join them in their white van as they offer her a ride home. But of course, they have other hidden plans. Once inside the vehicle they continue to chat it up with Melody, as the topic of Melody's phone bill somehow becomes the topic. It's at that point that Big J offers to pay her phone bill in full if she finishes the "interview" with her top off. After more hesitation, Melody soon gives in, as she eventually goes into a tale of the time she was fired from her fast food job for having sex in the freezer room. Big J basically then cuts to the chase, and takes note of what she said earlier about she fucking basketball players - which means that she must like big cocks. It is then that Oliver emerges from behind the backseat, fully nude, with a huge, hard white cock. We then come to learn that for Melody, it's not necessarily about the color, but rather the size. This, as she hesitates to even make eye contact with Oliver's cock. But as with all else, they are able to persuade her to touch and grab it. But of course, things don't end with touching, because soon, 18 year old Melody takes said cock into her eager mouth. Here, Melody shows us, and them that she definitely has skill, as she commands Oliver's cock. However, it's during this, that Big J notices that Melody may want more, as he asks her if she gets wet while sucking cock. It's after a hand check by Oliver, that we see Melody stripped down, and fucked from behind in doggy. Big J 's camera is first on Melody's reaction, before taking a view from behind, as Oliver employs a steady pace. Next up, Oliver has Melody lie back on the back seat for missionary. In this position, Oliver maintains the pace, going even harder over time - this as Melody says that she can feel it in her stomach. The position then changes with Melody getting on top to ride Oliver's cock in reverse cowgirl. Initially, Melody sits on the cock, but is off balance, so she repositions herself, leaning, back with her legs pinned behind as Oliver pounds her pussy steadily. This lasting until he works himself up to cum. The sex then ends with Oliver blowing his load onto Melody's face and tongue. Following this, Big J offers up another dare for more money - he asks Melody to streak with the cum on her face. Melody quickly agrees to it, and is soon out of the van. But unfortunately for Melody, the guys have other plans yet again, this time leaving her behind, as the scene comes to a close.