Bang Bros Book Nerd Gets Fucked on The Bus
(click to enlarge) Book Nerd Gets Fucked on The Bus (2018)

Starring: Michele James
Co-starring: Jmac

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

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54 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: The scene started off a bit slow, about half of it was set-up, but Michele was weeeell worth it! She gave good energy and played the part well. The "setting" always makes it tough for consistently good shots and angles, but there were some sprinkled about. The video was crystal clear, that's for sure. I can't wait to see more of Michele, she's ridiculously hot and I'm really hoping she's around for a long while! Check this one out!
Cast: Michele James (with Jmac)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Jmac and his buddies were out for a ride, cruising the local parks for chicks and they hit the jackpot finding Michele! They gave her a line about reviewing books, which got her interest, but soon the cameraman noticed her pierced nipples through her shirt. Of course, it turned to wanting to see them. After some negotiations, we all got we wanted . After a little more coaxing, the guy finally got her to join Jmac in the back of the van. As expected things turned to sex. When Jmac showed off his cock, she was impressed. Starting off she was a little shy about it, but things progressed and soon she had Jamc's cock between her tits- with a big smile on her face. Not too long after that, she was using her mouth on it. Finally, it was time for the cock and Michele went up to cowgirl. She wasn't able to get too down on it, maybe 3/4 of it, but Jmac certainly gave her a good dickin'. It was no doubt Michele's ass was great, but the real money was when Jmac went to the floor and had her ride review; showing off her sexy face, amazing tits and trimmed bush! For fuck sake those tits bouncing around were mesmerizing! In doggy, Jmac gave us a nice shot of her pussy filled up, then impressed with having Michele get into a pile drive - while the car was moving! Taking her up to the bench again, he railed her pussy some more in mish, choking her some as he did. Pulling out, Jmac glazed Michele's tits with the majority of his cum, but because he had her tongue out and mouth open he gave her some on her tongue too She swallowed it too! Of course at the end, like all the bang bus scenes, she ends up on the side of the road while they pull off.