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Bang Bros Anatomy Lesson with Aidra Fox
(click to enlarge) Anatomy Lesson with Aidra Fox (2018)

Starring: Aidra Fox
Co-starring: Lil D

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.00 / 10)

Where to get it
24 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from BANG BROS titled "Anatomy Lesson with Aidra Fox", begins in a rather comedic way that I rather enjoyed. From the get-go the vibe of the scene is comedy, as young performer, Lil D, is on his way home from school; backpack, school best and all, when he is stopped by his smoking hot neighbor who scolds him for having bad grades in school, and subsequently paying more attention to video games more than anything academically. She of course, drags him inside her house, to teach him a lesson. However, the only lesson that she ends up teaching him is how to fuck. The setup of the scene itself is really, really funny. I mean, we have Aidra Fox, who is sexy as hell, as she does her best "Miss Parker" from FRIDAY impersonation. Then we have Lil D, who is a young performer technically, however, he looks really young in appearance. D plays the role of the naive youngster really well, which makes it so humorous. Especially, as Aidra drags him into the house by his ear. It is just great stuff. Once the scene moves inside, we then go on to the sexual aspect of things. Overall, when it comes to the sex, in my opinion I felt that it was just ok, to say the least. I mean, in my assumption, I did expect there to be much more energy than what is seen here, especially from Lil D. I'm just calling it like I see it, and it seems like he was kind of nervous during the performance stage. Now I could be wrong about this - but that's what I see. The performance between the two is decent enough, but I felt that it was the veteran, Aidra Fox who was giving out the most energy here between the two of them. I personally am a big fan of Aidra, and here, she looks really, really good. I must admit that I'm a sucker for those dimples of hers. She is the one who truly keeps the appeal of the scene going, once we get past the storyline. Again, the scene is okay but could have been better. This is just my opinion. I expected Lil D to bring it much harder. But he is still young in his career, and so there may be much improvement for him to come. I really like him, but as I mentioned, I am just calling it as I see it. To sum things up, I couldn't help but to think that Aidra carried the majority of the scene.
Cast: Aidra Fox (with Lil D)
Rating: 5.00/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon
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We begin the scene as Lil D is walking home from school. He is soon met by his sexy neighbor, Aidra Fox. Aidra says that she talked to his mother, and that his mother told her that he is failing classes at school - especially math. She then asks what he plans to do after school is completed. She notes that spends most of his time playing video games and not studying. Then he says that he plans to be a professional basketball player. Aidra is quite disappointed, and offers to tutor him. Not only that, she literally drags him into her house by his ear. Once inside she quizzes D, and asks him if he has any textbooks on him. As it turns out he does not. Not to be discouraged, determined to tutor him in something, she offers up the next big thing - a crash course in anatomy. This, as she gets down to business, and drops to her knees to suck cock. First, Aidra runs her tongue up the the shaft before deep throating it. She continues to work the cock in and out of her mouth, stroking it with both hands as the camera take a POV overhead look, As the blowjob then continues as Lil sit on the floor, Aidra soon mounts and rides for a time in reverse cowgirl, and the cowgirl. From the latter, she initially half straddles the cock, before full on positioning to bounce and grind. The next position sees Aidra bent over, as D takes her from behind for doggy. Here, we see D maintain a steady pace, until the camera once again goes to POV overhead. From there, Aidra is face down, and ass up, as D plugs away at her pussy. Doggy then continues with D holding Aidra's arms back as he continues to ram his cock in. It's to the couch next for spoon. And it's here that D finally increases his pace to pound a little harder - this lasting until he must cum. The scene ends with Lil D sitting back to allow Aidra to jerk him off until he erupts.