Katrina Jade is a Badass Slut That Gets Used By Two Cocks
(click to enlarge) Katrina Jade is a Badass Slut That Gets Used By Two Cocks (2019)

Starring: Katrina Jade
Co-starring: Prince Yahshua, Ramon Nomar

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

36 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today, I look at another scene from BANG!. This scene. from their original series "Rammed", features Katrina Jade, as she just so happens to take on not only one man but two, as she finds herself joined by Prince Yahshua, and Ramon Nomar for a three-way, which for us, kicks off shortly following an outdoor tease segment featuring the lovely lady. The scene itself is pretty much straight forward gonzo, as the only true sendoff is a solo tease, which sees Katrina talking to us directly. Going into this scene I wasn't sure what I was going to receive from it. However, I did know that individually Prince Yahshua, and Ramon Nomar are great, and so, paired with Katrina Jade, one of the most beautiful women that I've ever had the pleasure of writing about, I assumed that things here would be pretty great. Well, if you have read my reviews, and you know me by now, then you know that I bring honesty with each and every one of them, no matter if someone or some thing has an invested interest with me.

I will speak honestly here, and say that this three-way scene between these three particular performers was just not as great as I expected it to be. In my opinion, I found that it took a while for this scene to truly reach it's peak, however it does after a while. In my opinion this is thanks to Prince Yahshua. Here there is a definite contrast between the male performers, which I picked up on. In the scene Ramon, just seems a little bit more relaxed than usual. I usually see him go much harder than this. However, then there is Prince, who most definitely does go harder. In comparison to Ramon, Prince is the one who brings the most heat here, in terms of his overall performance. For the majority of this scene, he is seen fucking hard and fast. Not only this, he exchanges dialogue that is pretty humorous, as always. From him telling Katrina to "get that dick!", to a reference to Spider-Man, and telling Katrina to, "be nasty", Prince is always saying something that is entertaining nonetheless, as he entertains us not only with his sexual performance, but also with his words. With this said, again there is just a definite contrast between the two male performers here, and for me it kinda threw off the overall vibe of the scene a little bit. But, as I referenced above, things do pick up near the end, boosting the overall quality of the scene. My favorite moment of the scene, is without a doubt, seeing Katrina positioned in doggy by the two gentlemen, as they began to take turns with her, making Katrina essentially the equivalent of a human pinball. This is then followed up by a very nice display of the piledriver position, as the camera positions itself, nicely capturing the action at hand. This position, leaving Katrina happy, as her face is drowned in cum at the end, as she declares that she loves being a slut.

I have to say that I love Katrina Jade, and I do feel that she is one of the most beautiful women in our industry, without a doubt. She this has a natural beauty and sex appeal about her, that is undeniable when she is on screen. However, I just felt that this one particular scene is a little uneven, or unbalanced, if you will. The energy between all parties just does not match at all times. That's my honest opinion. I have definitely seen better scenes by all three individually. But with this in mind, I still, somewhat enjoyed it. especially as the scene nears its end. Like I said, it dies get better before the closing point. However, no matter what I say, this is only my opinion, and is always somebody is bound to enjoy this one differently than I. So, in closing. The scene has its moments, but to me I just felt that this could have been better.
Cast: Katrina Jade (with Prince Yahshua, Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Piledriver
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Our scene begins outdoors by the pool, as Katrina Jade, tease it up for the camera. She is, of course, wearing black - a fringe-cut top as well as black bottoms. These are bottoms which she peels down her ass midway to tease that she makes her plump backside bounce, as the camera has a close range view. Some teasing with her big tits follows, until she gets them out to shake them in front of the camera as well. The camera also follows Katrina from behind, as she walks forward, followed by additional hosting, which see Katrina make her way indoors. Now inside, she climbs up on a couch. She sits on the back of the couch and spreads her legs as she goes on to to tease even more. She asks us if we "want to see her big fucking juicy titties?", before saying that she wants to have her holes destroyed by our hard cock. It's a short time after this that she is joined by not one, but two men, those two men being Prince Yahshua, and Ramon Nomar. Katrina is really eager to get things started. This, as she gets both cocks out to suck them.

Katrina can barely contain her excitement, as she is now surrounded by two big cocks. This, as she begin to trade-off on both of them with her mouth. It is an extra sloppy affair, as she slurps on both cocks, this until singling each, first sucking off Prince, followed by Ramon. The action next moves over to the couch. Here, while Katrina sucks Prince as he is seated, Ramon takes Katrina from behind in doggy, and proceeds to pound her pussy hard. This occurring for a time, until the men switch, and Prince then occupies doggy. It's from here, that Prince proceeds to hammer it in an an increasing pace. This before telling Katrina to "do what she wants to do. And what she wants to do is to ride Ramon's dick in cowgirl. It's from here that we see Ramon maintain a steady pace of fucking. However, just like previously, Katrina is then passed to the next man. Katrina climbs on to take cowgirl from Prince, and it is here, that his pace becomes increasingly harder. We then follow this up and Katrina riding Ramon in reverse cowgirl next. This before it is back to Prince on the couch, as the action takes to spoon. Again, it is Prince who maintains a hard, and fast pace, as he hits the pussy hard for a time. Next up, the position is doggy, as Prince first fucks Katrina from behind, as he half straddles her. He hits hard, before passing it off to Ramon. It is from here that the guys take turns with Katrina several times. After this the guys position Katrina on the back of the couch, as things go to the piledriver position. Prince is first to go after Katrina, as he half straddles the back of the couch, to continue penetrating the pussy This, as Katrina sucks off Ramon. But of course, they soon switch, as Ramon takes prince's place. Ramon climbs over the back of the couch for a more traditional piledriver position to drive his cock deep into Katrina, at a steady pace. This continuing until both men are seen jerking off to drop a load onto Katrina's face below, this of course bringing our scene to a conclusion.