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(click to enlarge) Ivy Lebelle Gets Tricked Into Fucking A Fake Production Assistant! (2018)

Starring: Ivy LeBelle
Co-starring: Alex Jett

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

28 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For my very first review for BANG!, I take a look at a scene from one of their original series, a series titled "Trickery". Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. Each of the scenes from this particular series, deals with someone tricking someone else into a sexual encounter. In the scene in question, it all begins when Alex Jett, a horny youngster, overhears a conversation pertaining to a porn shoot. When a male talent asks for his scene partner's phone number, the sly Alex is able to steal a look at it, thus contacting Ivy Lebelle, the female talent, and pretending to be part of the production team. He is able to trick Ivy into coming over to his house, and also believing that he is the rescheduled talent for the day. This, of course sets in motion a sexual encounter between the two of them. Yes, Ivy is effectively tricked. This story-based scene begins with a set up that I found to be a really fun one. It is one that definitely keeps the comedy element in tact throughout. Most of this is a credit to both Lebelle and Jett, who manage to remain in character for the entire scene. Even during the sexual content. The opening storyline makes way for an overall fun time, even when the sex begins, as it creates sort of a feel for the viewer. It is a feel that puts the average viewer in said situation. This is because Alex Jett, the male talent for the scene, has a really young appearance, and looks like the average young man out to get some pussy. Here, his acting is on point. He is both timid, and nerdy, reminding me of Melvin Junko from THE TOXIC AVENGER, while at the same time, looking like early SUM 41 Deryck Whibley. He is someone that we can relate to. And someone that we of course envy here, as he gets to fuck a goddess like Ivy Lebelle. On to the sexual content. This is content that the comedy vibe sort of overshadows. However, there are moments, and key elements to be found here. What could be a good or bad thing, the sexual content here works out for the fact that end story Alex Jett is someone who is overwhelmed and inexperienced when it comes to fucking someone like Ivy. It plays out this way. This is a bit of a hindrance when it comes to impact overall that the sex has on the scene. However, at the same time, it lends to the idea that Ivy Lebelle is in control. This means that we get to see her have her way with the cock on a couple of occasions. I just love the way that she rode Alex's cock both in cowgirl and the reverse variation of the position. The way she slowly grind on the cock, was so fucking hot. These are truly moments in which the viewer definitely wishes that they were in a position of the male talent. I know that it is true when it comes to me! The scene plays out and comes to an end after around of missionary and side fuck on the bunk beds, which results in a semi-facial finish. Following this, the story also wraps up, as Ivy finally catches up with the original production crew and learns of Alex's deception. All this, after giving Alex the fuck of a lifetime. It's the conclusion that I saw to be fitting for maintaining the overall humor of the story. Overall, this scene from BANG!, is a fairly decent offering. I felt that the storyline was a really fun time, and I love the fact that the performers stuck to the idea of it. Another positive thing that I would like to mention is the dirty talk which Ivy Lebelle brings to the scene. It's just great, and adds a lot of sexual heat to the festivities. I just loved it! Those are the pros for the scene. The scene's cons come by way of the technical side of things. Some of the POV work is shaky as to simulate inexperienced POV, I am assuming and it is also inherently blurry. This is coupled with the professional camerawork as well. This means that there is sometimes a shift in the quality, in terms of angles, and things like that. So, there are times that the image on screen isn't as clear as it possibly could be. It's not a big deal, yet is still worthy of noting. But with all of this said it is still a fun scene to watch unfold as the seemingly, average, everyday lucky man gets some pussy. This scene features not only a good story, but great acting to accompany it. I have to say it was a good job by both the Lebelle and Jett, while also recommending this scene for viewing. It's not perfect, but it's enjoyable.
Cast: Ivy LeBelle (with Alex Jett)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Side Fuck
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Our scene begins at a coffee shop. That is where adult male talent Romeo Price receives a call about the talent he is to work with for the day. That female talent is Ivy Lebelle. Production gives Romeo her phone number, as he is to call her to go over dialogue for the day. Unknowingly however, at the same time, eavesdropping on a conversation, is a young man named Alex Jett, whom sits directly behind him. With very little effort, Alex is able to intercept Ivy's phone number. It's from there, that a short time later, he calls up Ivy and pretends to be a "Director's assistant". He then proceeds to tell her that the location has changed. Not only that, that her talent for the day has changed, too - and it is of course himself - Alex Jett. A short time later, Ivy arrives on set, which is actually Alex's house. Ivy is a bit surprised about the set arrangement, or lack thereof. However despite this, Alex keeps the charade going. First off, Ivy the poses for Alex's camera, showing off her tits and ass. But it's a short time later, that Ivy wants to get down to business, asking Alex if it is time to suck his cock. This of course, is when things get down to the start of the scene.

Things begin with Ivy sucking on Alex's cock. This occurs for an extended period, as she works it with both her hands and talented mouth. She makes things slobbery as she says that she likes her cocks super wet and sloppy, over the course of Ivy's work here, she asks Alex if he enjoys having her blue eyes look up at him as she sucks his cock. There are a couple pauses in between this, as we see some titty fucking as well. Following this, our action begins as Alex sits in a chair. It is then that Ivy goes on to ride him in cowgirl. From this position Ivy shows her skill and experience, as she grind and bounce on Alex's cock, nice and slow for a time. It is after this, which things go to doggy next. From doggy, we have initially a side view, before things go to POV and overhead. This, as Alex maintains a steady pace, as he fucks Ivy from behind. It is also from this view, that we are treated to Ivy's nice round ass, as it bounces on the cock. Next up, after some talk that the action then moves back to the chair and to reverse cowgirl. It is here that Ivy continues to control things, as she ride the cock with skill. It's after this however, that Ivy wants Alex to do some of the work, this, being as things transition to the bottom bunk of Alex's bunk beds, Ivy positions on her back for missionary, as Alex proceeds at a steady pace again. During this, Ivy utilizes dirty talk as well, telling Alex to use her pussy as a fuck hole, and to use it "to make his cock feel good". This position finally finishing up with Ivy's legs held tightly in side fuck, which is enough for Alex to build himself up to cum. Ivy says that she wants it on her face, and that is exactly what she receives, as Alex jerks his cock to shoot his load aimed at her beautiful face, This of course concludes the action for the scene.