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(click to enlarge) One of My First Scenes Ever! (2019)

Starring: Mackenzie Moss
Co-starring: Mick Blue

Directed by Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio Bergamin

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

54 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For today's review, I visit BAM VISIONS to review a scene from co-Directors Maestro Claudio, and Mick Blue, as they here, showcase newcomer, Mackenzie Moss in one of her very first scene ever, since she joining the industry. Personally, this is my second time seeing Mackenzie, and if you read the first review, then you know just how much I was impressed with her the first time out. This fact alone has me anticipating just what I will see from her in the future. So, with that said, of course I was going to check this scene out. This scene which clocks in at just under 55 minutes in length, is a pretty extensive one, as here, not only do we have the sex scene, much time is spent with Mackenzie, in an effort for the viewer to get to know her better. This, is the course pretty standard to what BAM VISIONS has to offer us. In this case, I really enjoyed this aspect, as Mackenzie herself is an absolute jewel. From the very first scene that I reviewed her in, she came across as a very likable presence, and here it is again, likewise in this scene for Claudio and Mick. After we get to know a little about Mackenzie(and after she tease us), the native New Yorker, goes on to show us what she's got in her scene with Mick Blue. When speaking of this sex scene, I have to say that Mackenzie, once again shows me exactly what impressed me prior about her sexual prowess, proving that, in front of the camera she is the real deal. As a critic, I myself witness a lot of performers on a weekly basis, so I'm pretty sure I know when one comes along that is undeniably special. I am 2 scenes in with her, and here with Mick, Mackenzie impresses yet again, on nearly the exact same level, bringing much raw energy and enthusiasm. I mean, this girl takes a dick with a smile on her face, not occasionally, but for the entire scene. I personally think that she is a natural, and for a viewer, that is exciting. Not only is Mackenzie Moss beautiful, she clearly loves doing this, and also, she can dirty talk really well too. During this scene, Mackenzie and Mick bring about some really powerful moments of sexual pleasure, and the skilled camera of The Maestro, Claudio Bergamin, excellently captures them. Honestly speaking, there were moments here, where I really liked what I saw, having my own big smile applied on my face. Here, when Mick absolutely bangs the fuck out of Mackenzie's pussy in doggy, as she beg for it - watch out, holy shit! I almost lost my shit, if you know what I mean. There is also another great moment, by way of reverse cowgirl. During this Mackenzie has her legs held back, as Mick plows into her pussy. And again Claudio's camera was right there giving us the juicy details. Things just look amazing from this viewpoint, especially seeing as Mackenzie's pussy is so beautiful to look at. And if that's not enough, we even get an additional very nice close-up view of it from Claudio, as the action next takes to missionary afterward. Overall, this was another great scene, not only for Mackenzie but also for the directing duo of Maestro Claudio and Mick Blue. Here, these two, not only bring to us a very nice round of sexual activity, but also some juicy "visions" as well. So, with all of this said of course, this is a scene that I would definitely recommend checking out, without a doubt. And as for Mackenzie Moss, she is definitely one to keep your eye on. I have a feeling that she is going places in this business, and the good thing about it is that this all seems to come naturally to her.
Cast: Mackenzie Moss (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Spoon, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Spoon, Missionary
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The scene opens with Mick Blue welcoming newcomer Mackenzie Moss, to which she replies that she is happy to be here. This, while the two share a laugh as Mick says that today, to to are going to shoot a "pornographic scene" together. Mick then asks Mackenzie to introduce herself to the audience. Mackenzie then says that she is 24 years old, and has just moved to Los Angeles from New York City. Mick then goes on to ask Mackenzie about her interest in the adult entertainment business. She says that she plans on remaining in the industry for some time, before possibly going on to grad school sometime down the road, as well as doing some research. Mackenzie says that it all likely stems from the fact that she was a late boomer, having lost her virginity at the age of 19. Mackenzie says that she went through some college, and that she was never exactly a good girl per se, yet never had sort of a "slut phase". Mackenzie says that she does like to masturbate at least once or twice daily, and she does particularly enjoyed the rougher side of sex, and that her favorite position happens to be doggy, as it "hits all of the right spots". The next question that Mick asks Mackenzie? What are some of her craziest sex stories?. Mackenzie then goes on to answer that back in New York, she and a group of her friends would actually participate in sex parties - with one occasion including bondage, as she was used by everyone at the party. For Mick's final question, he asks Mackenzie where fans may reach out to her on social media. After this, we then go onto the next stage, a tease segment featuring Mackenzie, which is set to a musical score.

The tease segment opens as the camera focuses on Mackenzie's beautiful face, especially her eyes, as it work itself down her body, to survey her black sheer lingerie. Mackenzie then turn, as the focus then becomes her backside, this as Mackenzie tease the camera with her ass for some time, prior to the focus then reverting back to her front. Beginning again with a focus on her face. The camera once again works its way down, as Mackenzie pulls at her lingerie to further tease for the camera, eventually pulling down her top, to reveal her small, yet very perky breasts. The next focus is on Mackenzie's panties, As she touches herself, eventually pulling them aside, to rub her pussy. Things continue soon after as Mackenzie is next on all fours, and as she gaze into the camera. The camera loves Mackenzie's face, as it is once again the focus of the majority here, minus, a moment of closeup of Mackenzie's ass for this position. It's from here that we soon move on to the third, and final segment.

Here, Mick finds Mackenzie on the couch, as he says that it is time for the "good stuff". It is time for them to have sex. But first, Mick pulls his camera back, as he says that he wants to see Mackenzie get herself ready for the scene, because after all, she did say that she likes to masturbate. It is then that Mackenzie proceeds with an infectious smile on her face. Mackenzie then sits with her legs spread, as she touch herself, prior to moving her panties aside to continue to rub herself. She continuing, as she finger herself, and apply an Hitachi to her clit. From here, as things progress, Mackenzie's fingering becomes faster, and as a result, she eventually reaches climax. It isn't long after this that she finds herself joined by Mick. Initially, the two exchange passionate kisses. Mackenzie tugs at his cock, as Mick then makes his way down between Mackenzie's legs to eat her pussy. From here, we see Mick suck on her clit, prior to tonguing at the pussy. This before Mick then takes things quickly into spoon. From this position, Mick initially begins at a steady pace, before progressing into a much quicker, and faster one, as Mackenzie encourages him to fuck her "tight little wet pussy". Next up, Mick has Mackenzie suck his cock, as she get on her knees. From here, Mackenzie slurps on the cock, before Mick takes charge, fucking her face, this concluding with Mackenzie deep throating Mick. Next up, Mackenzie is on all fours from the couch, as Mick briefly tongues at her pussy, prior to inserting his cock, as things go into doggy. Things from here begin with long strokes, as Mick moves in and out of Mackenzie's pussy. However, as she begs Mick to pound her pussy, he increases his pacing, hitting the pussy deep and hard, at a very fast pace, bringing Mackenzie to a raging orgasm. Following this, we soon see Mackenzie suck cock from POV, as she make eye contact with the camera. This occurring for some time, as she handles Mick's cock with skill. Next, the position is cowgirl, as Mick continues his consistent fucking, as well as Mackenzie bouncing hard on the cock. This position then seamlessly transitions to Mackenzie riding Mick's face, as Mick again eats pussy briefly. Brief, because next it's to reverse cowgirl. The position sees Mackenzie lean back, while at the same time holding her legs back, to allow Mick to pound her pussy hard, and fast from here. After the nice pounding, Mackenzie again rewards Mick, by sucking his cock. Following this, things go to a round of reverse spoon. This, as Mick continues to plug away at the pussy, prior to taking things into missionary, to continue to slam his cock in. From there, during which, Maestro Claudio treats us to a delicious closeup of Mackenzie's beautiful pussy. This lasting until Mick must cum. The camera of The Maestro is then close up, as Mick jerks off, to explode with his load onto Mackenzie's eager mouth and face.