Having a Wilde Time
(click to enlarge) Having a Wilde Time (2018)

Starring: Jane Wilde
Co-starring: Mick Blue

Directed by Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio Bergamin

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

57 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this scene directors Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio Bergamin welcome rising star Jane Wilde to BAM VISIONS for an anal scene with the former, and truth be told, it's a winner. When choosing this scene for review, it was an easy choice for me. That's because Jane Wilde, the featured starlet is a hot up and comer, who recently caught my eye after reviewing another scene. The scene in question was a girl/ girl scene, and while it was a great scene in itself, I was'nt truly able to gauge Wilde's sexual prowess from it. I was hoping to do that here, and boy did I ever! Now, usually when I review a scene most of the descriptions say that the scenes start off slow, and then end with a bang. This scene in particular however, is much different. That's because this scene is full speed ahead from the beginning, and never lets up. Jane is a girl that likes it in both of her holes, and that is exactly how Mick gives it to her here. In fact, he gives it to her thoroughly. He absolutely, positively destroys those holes! Though it is Jane's asshole that endures the most punishment here, Mick is sure to give a good amount of love to her pussy as well. Personally, I love scenes like this. Scenes with raw energy. Ones that are well captured, as it is just two performers letting loose with reckless abandon. The way in which Mick fucks Jane's holes at a break-neck fast speed, is such a turn on. It's a nice sound hearing Mick's balls smack up against the pussy or ass at any given time. And any given time, is basically the majority of our scene. This until it all ends with an exclaimation point, so to speak - Mick hammering it in hard, as Jane sit upright - and then subsequently splattering her face with jizz. All comes together quite nicely. Overall, this is a really good scene. It is nicely thorough, and not only showcases the skills of Jane Wilde, but also Mick Blue as well, and once again proves why she has always been a top male talent in this business. As for Jane Wilde, in my personal opinion, I believe that she is the next big thing in porn. I mean, this girl is everywhere, and it is easy to tell why. It is for good reason. She obviously loves what she does. She brings an enthusiasm to her scenes that not all of the new performers possess. She has a certain appeal. This is a scene that I would recommend checking out, as I really enjoyed it. Technically, it is well put together, as it features nice direction by both Mick and Claudio. I really enjoyed the pre-scene close-ups of Jane - which I believe were handled by Mick. This while most of the in-scene stuff was helmed by The Maestro, as only he can.
Cast: Jane Wilde (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Doggy(anal) Cowgirl, Cowgirl(anal) Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Spoon, Spoon(anal), Missionary, Missionary(anal)
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The scene opens with a tease segment outdoors featuring Jane Wilde, whom is wearing pink one peice lingere, pantyhose and heels. We get a look at her from the front and back, before she peels down the front of her suit, to reveal her tits, as she is on her knees. After this, we move inside, as Jane continues to tease. She's on a table, and on all fours as she rocks back and forth. From here, the camera putting emphasis on her ass. Jane is then on her back, as she go on to touch herself through a hole in her pantyhose. This, with the camera focusing on multiple closeup shots.

We then transistion to the pre-scene interview with Mick Blue. Mick welcomes Jane to BAM VISIONS, as Jane says she is ready to play. Mick then compliments Jane on how hot she is, and Jane likewise returns the compliment to Mick, as the two flirt a little. After, the New Yorker Jane touches herself, Mick says that he has a surprise for her in the form of an Hitachi vibrator, which he understands that Jane enjoys. After the introduction of the vibrator, Jane goes on to masturbate until her eventual climax, following this however, Jane says that she wants more - and by "more", she means cock. As a result, we next see that Mick has his cock out, visible from an overhead POV view from his camera.

We then go into the sex, as Jane goes on to work over Mick's cock, with her obviously skilled mouth. From here, there's a combination of Jane sucking, and throating Mick deep, as well as tending to his balls, as well as Mick fucking her face. Next up is a change of location as Jane rips open her pantyhose prior to she crawling over to where Mick is. There is then further sucking from Jane, before hings go to doggy on the couch. It is from here that Mick fucks Jane's pussy at a steady, increasing pace. Next, Mick briefly tongues at Jane's asshole, prior to half straddling her ass and proceed to insert his cock. Initially, he ease it in, before reverting to the same steady pace. He then takes things a step further, by fully straddling the ass, from here, he goes balls deep as he pounds the hole. It's then ass to mouth, as Jane both sucks cock, and tounges Mick's asshole, prior to climbing on for cowgirl. From this position, Mick is first in the ass, before we see him alternate between holes. Soon, Mick takes up a fast and hard pace, as he absolutely drills Jane's 2 openings. At one point, he even uses the Hitachi on her clit in tandem. The action then takes to the reverse variation cowgirl for more of the same, as Mick continues to fuck the ass hard. The next position is spoon, as Jane is first seen with her legs open wide, and then closed tightly, as Mick continues to hammer it in, again alternating between holes. Jane is then on her back in missionary. Here, we see Mick finger both of Jane's holes, prior to again fucking them nice and hard. Following this, Jane sits upright as Mick fucks her ass, as she bounce of the cock. This continues at an increasing pace, becoming harder and harder, lasting until Mick must cum. The scene ends with Mick jerking off to blast Jane in the face with a nice load for the finish.