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Red Light District
Assault That Ass
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Assault That Ass (2002)

Co-starring: Darren James, Mark Davis, T.T. Boy, Tristan Seagal

Directed by Dion Giarrusso

Reviewed by PL

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Assault That Ass
137 Min ( 2 hr 17 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one an 8.5. This one could have scored higher if T.T. wouldn't have damn near killed Paris in scene 5, not to mention the (what I thought was) fecal matter. On the other hand the other 4 scenes ranged from good to very good, and the anal was all very good also. Monica Sweetheart fans may want to see this one, her scene is very HOT!
Scene 1: Monica Sweetheart (with Darren James, Mark Davis)
Monica, Mark, and Darren. The head jobs here were pretty good considering 2 cocks needed attention. Monica does a good job by splitting the time nicely. Just as the sex gets under way Mark has her speak in her native tongue, Czech, and has her do it through the scene....HOT! The sex here was really good, and hot! Monica really handles these guys like second nature. The anal was very good too, each guy gets ample time in her ass, then she does doggy style DP and then does a reverse cowgirl DP! Great scene! Bareback. Scene ends in a double open mouth facial, which Monica handles perfectly
Scene 2: Angela Crystal (with Tristan Seagal)
Angela and Tristan. Angela is a very attractive and sexy girl with short blonde hair and B cup tits (natural). Angela really seemed to dig Tristan. The BJ was very good, excellent eye contact and was enthusiastic. The sex here was good, a lot like the head, Angela was into the scene, and it was nice. Angela seemed a little uneasy to start the anal, but once she got started it was good. Bareback. cene ended with what would have been a good open mouth facial, but Angela messed it up.
Scene 3: Angel Long,Donna Marie (with T.T. Boy)
Angel, Donna, and T.T. Angel is a very attractive girl with medium long blonde hair and A cup tits (natural). Donna is an attractive girl with medium long blonde hair and C cup tits (natural). The BJs here were very good, both girls worked on each other and both seemed very eager to get T.T. in their mouths. The sex was real good, both girls were good and the English accents were a real turn-on. When the girls call each other cunts and bitches, WOW, again a nice little turn-on. The anal was just as impressive as the sex. When Donna begs for T.T.s cum, again a great turn-on. Bareback. Scene ends in a very good open mouth facial to Donna, who then cum swaps and Angel swallows it.
Scene 4: Daniella Rush,Lea de Mae (with Mark Davis)
Daniella, Lea, and Mark. Daniella is an extremely attractive girl with medium long brunette hair and B cup tits (natural). Lea is a GORGEOUS blonde with medium long hair and C cup tits (natural). Once again Mark attempts to have the girls talk in native tongue, however neither one of them would. The BJs here, again are good, with Daniella somewhat stealing the show with some good deep throating. The sex was very good, Mark really directed this scene, really had the girls going all the right things. The anal, to no surprise, was very good too. Bareback. Scene ended in a good double open mouth facial, which Lea catches most of.
Scene 5: Paris (with T.T. Boy)
Paris and T.T. Paris is a cute girl with short blonde hair and B cup tits (natural). Now I'm against real rough sex, but Paris plainly states she loves rough sex. "The rougher, the better" she said, and T.T. obliges. This scene was a little tough for me to watch, but I got through it ;) The sex was pretty good, Paris seemed to like the rough sex, so all the nose pinching, choking and face slapping was easier to take. Paris seemed to cum HARD a few times, and really seemed into T.T. The anal was pretty decent, wasn't up to par with the rest of the movies anal though. Bareback. cene ended in an OK open mouth facial, however there seemed to be some fecal matter on T.T.'s dick and it was a REAL turn off