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Ass Worship #11
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Ass Worship #11 (2009)

Co-starring: Criss Strokes, Erik Everhard, James Deen, Jerry (Czech), Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes

Reviewed by PL

(8.58 / 10)

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In series: Ass Worship
267 Min ( 4 hr 27 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: All I need to see is "Jules Jordan" and "Ass Worship" and know I'm getting a good movie, and with the cast list on this release, I was expecting nothing less. Per usual, Jules gives us a couple of firsts, a DP from Lisa Ann and anal Sarah Vandella. Both turns in good scenes, but no one quite touched the lead-off scene from Kristina Rose. But then again, that girls is having one hell of a year... It seems like she's in every release! However, Jenny's scene didn't quite live up to expectations. Especially since she put on such a good performance in the previous Ass Worship installment. here she seemed to be running through motions and didn't seem to just love the fucking as much as before. By no means was it a bad scene, but it's definitely the lesser scene of the flick. Regardless, this is one of the definitive ass series out there, so it's a must get. More so for the collectors of the series, like myself. So, with that said, all the action is well shot and well lit, which comes to no surprise and all the action is pretty hot. I'm loving the cream pie finishes too, but those were in the previous installment too. No better way to worship an ass than to feed it cum, in my eyes . Anyway, this is a recommended purchase, but I presume you got that idea if you got this far in the review [:p]
Scene 1: Kristina Rose (with Steve Holmes)
Rating: 9.50/10
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Kristina is a sexy looking girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Outside, the tease begins as we get some nice close-ups of Kristina's spread asshole. Later on Steve shows up and Jules has just the thing for his friend from overseas... Kristina. Having him put on a blindfold, he kneels down and Kristina takes her ass and plants it right on Steve face; welcoming him back to the States. She then teases his cock with her pussy before she sucks the cock some. Cutting away, Kristina is in doggy, Steve goes right for the ass. After some nice shots, she then moves up to cowgirl, first taking the cock in her pussy and looking to cum hard before moving it to her ass. After a cut, Steve holds his legs back, giving Kristina great access to his ass for the eating. Back up to cowgirl for some more anal, she rides, then we cut and she's spun around, riding reverse cowgirl anal and looking to cum hard again. Rolling Kristina down to spoon, the ass fucking continues where some nice passion comes in. Stopping, she tastes her ass off the cock and gets it as far down her throat as she can, then Steve gives back with some pussy eating, feet eating and feet fucking. Wrapping this all up, Steve fucks Kristina's pussy in missionary until he cums in her mouth, but lands some in her eye, regardless, she gulps down the cum that landed in her mouth for safe keeping. A very, very good scene here. Apparently Kristina is on the anal kick now since, and thank God! This girl takes a good ass fuckin' here and never lets up.
Scene 2: Alexis Texas (with Mr. Pete)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Alexis is a sexy looking girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Like Kristina, the tease begins outside, where she slowly peels down her shorts, revealing a prize in her ass already. Slowly she pulls it out, cleans it off with her mouth, then spreads her cheeks good for the camera. Showing off her beautiful pink asshole. Eventually she makes her way inside to Pete. She begins with a sexy lap dance, then she stuffs his face in her ass; suffocating him. She works Pete well, teasing nice awesomely, then it's to his cock, extending to him a sexy BJ with some deep throating. Getting the dick inside her, Alexis rides in cowgirl first, slowly pushing him inside her and working the dick quite nicely. Cutting away, we see Alexis with her ass hanging off the edge of a stool. Pete begins by eating it, then slips inside her pussy for a few. Stopping, he gets a toy and pushes it in her asshole while he fucks her. Again he stops and has her taste her ass off the toy, then the real thing slips in. After some nice shots, Alexis gets down on her knees to clean the cock, again taking it deep in her mouth, we cut to her taking it up the back door as she stands in doggy. However, it was pretty brief. So we then cut to her in cowgirl, taking anal of course, while we get some nice close-ups and Pete shows off some gaping. Down in doggy, we get some very nice close-ups and some better gapes, then we cut to Alexis facing Pete. More anal of course, but this time Alexis looked as if she came, then it's Pete's turn, unloading in her poop-chute. He delivered a good cream pie finish too, which she pushed out and ate! A very good scene here, although the anal action wasn't as good as I was hoping for. Pete never really got going good on her. He basically was able to work in half his cock. Still, Alexis has an amazing booty and it looked great getting filled with dick!
Scene 3: Jenny Hendrix (with Jerry (Czech), Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Jenny is a really sexy looking girl with short blonde hair and fake C cup tits. She starts off with showing off her ass, natural, then goes into showing off that pretty (puffy) pussy of hers. Getting a toy, she begins working her ass open, which we get some nice close-ups of. After cleaning the toy with her mouth, she does a bit more tease as she makes her way to the guys. Steve takes her ass and shoves his face in it, then she focuses on sucking the cocks, doing a very nice and sloppy job of it. Getting to the cock, she rides reverse on Steve first, taking it her pussy first, then her ass. Back to her pussy, Pete focuses on fucking her in spoon, then Jenny goes back to RCA on Steve as Pete steps in to DP her. Down in doggy Jenny does some ATM/PTM, and finally Jerry gets his turn, fucking her pussy and then ass. Back to the DP, Jenny takes it in cowgirl this time. After a bit, the DP stops and Steve moves his cock to her ass, and Jenny's ass looked phenomenal... Standing up, Pete gets a bit more of her ass, then we cut to Jenny on her back. Steve starts off eating her and then they all take turns fucking her little love box until they cum on her face. And the little cum that did get in her mouth, she quickly pushed out. A very solid scene over all I guess. Jenny looked great and she handled the guys fine and all, but she looked kind of out of it to me. Not very into it at all, but taking everything that was thrown at her.
Scene 4: Lisa Ann (with Erik Everhard, James Deen)
Rating: 8.50/10
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Disc 2:2hr 18min

Lisa is a pretty sexy looking woman with long brown hair and fake D cup tits. We open the scene with a fantastic view of Lisa's great ass, then as Jules talks to her, we find out she's doing her first DP today! She then goes back to her tease, giving us a good look inside those deep cheeks of hers before she finds a different set of panties. she puts them on and shows them off, then goes and finds the guys; both passed out on couches. She "wakes" them up, starting with James, then as she she's focusing on Erik, James comes up behind her and fucks her. The outfit is quickly lost and Erik gets his piece as James chokes her. He takes her up for a little flying reverse cowgirl action, then she gets down on her side with James fucking her while she sucks Erik. Cutting away, Lisa is up in cowgirl on Erik while we get some very nice shots of the action, and eventually James comes in for her first DP. I found it very sexy how she pushed back on the cocks to get the DP going. We got some nice close-ups too, however there was lots of cutting, so the action felt a bit disconnected. Anyway, we then cut and Lisa's spun around in RC, still taking a DP while James chokes her. Getting off, she cleans the meat sticks with her mouth, then we cut to her burying her ass on Erik's cock in cowgirl; and boy did Lisa's ass look fantastic! Erik tried to gape her too, but it never worked out, she just never opened up. So after one more cut, we see Lisa in doggy as James fucks Lisa's ass until he cums inside her. Erik follows suit, then she pushed the cum out, resulting in a very nice cream pie finish. Although Lisa is no stranger to anal, she looked a little uncomfortable at times with the DP and the editing didn't help matters in that respect either... Regardless, her energy and the scene game off hot, leading to a very scene and a great ending.
Scene 5: Sara Vandella (with James Deen)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Sarah is a pretty girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. Catching up with Sarah, Jules watches as she lubes up a toy that she plans on using to loosen her up before her first anal scene! However things gets sidetracked with some tease. She begins with her tits, but soon moves to showing off her butthole and tight little slit. Finally she gets back to her toy and stuffs it in. Jules got lots of good shots of her working it in and out, then after a little ATM on it, she meets up with James and takes a seat right on his face. He then gets some tape and candy-stripes her, then he focused on rubbing her clit until she collapsed to her knees. James starts off with a limp dick, but Sarah takes care of that, and quite well I might add, taking it deep down her throat. Down in doggy, she crawls to another room and James has had enough as he starts fucking her pussy. Rolling down on her side, James continues to fuck her pussy, but slowly makes his way into her ass. Cutting away, Sarah's on her back and again James slowly works her ass open with his cock, but she fucked him back some this time. Lying on her belly, James's cock continues to make it's home in her ass, but then goes back to her pussy for a bit before we cut to her sucking and stroking him off. Ultimately giving herself an open mouth facial, which she swallows. Sarah is so hot it's hard to not like her scenes, and to see her taking it up the but was even better. However you could see she's not quite an anal queen yet. There were plenty of instances where she looked to be clearly uncomfortable, however there were instances of her pushing back to get more cock in her ass... Still an overall good scene.
Scene 6: Phoenix Marie (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Phoenix is a very attractive girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. As Jules talks to Phoenix, we meet her tits first, but then get to the star of the scene (for today...), her ass She then does some nice ass tease, then shows off her nice pussy too, and soon she finds Christ; using his face like a barstool and sitting on it. Migrating to his cock, Phoenix sucks and deep throats it, and that was pretty impressive to me. 'Ol boy had a pretty long dick! Over in doggy, Christ works a long toy up her ass and makes her gape nicely. Then with the toy back in her ass, he fucks her pussy. They trade off to some rather weird looking anal beads as he continues to fuck her pussy. There was some sweet shots of the action too. Once they come out, Phoenix cleans them with her mouth, and Chris makes her pussy queef while he continues railing her ass. She stops and throats the cock some more, then heads up to cowgirl as we get some nice shots while she works it. Christ stands up, and in POV style, Phoenix bends over and slips him her ass. Some more great shots come, then as Chris sits down Phoenix takes the cock and teases it with her ass, then slips it her butthole. Off and down into doggy, Phoenix continues to get her ass violated while we get some nice close-ups and some great gapes, then she takes a break to clean the cock with her mouth and tit fucks it. Back up to cowgirl, Phoenix teases the cock with her ass again before putting it back in. Once more she does ATM, then gets back in doggy where Chris fucks her ass until he's ready to cum, pulling out and cumming in her gaping asshole. I really loved how he dipped his cock back in her ass and the cum from her ass cascaded down her pussy. Very hot! Once he was done she pushed what she could out and fingered some out, eating it like a good dirty girl Another very good scene here. The two didn't seem to have a whole lot of chemistry or anything but the scene still worked very, very well. Phoenix gave a lot of energy without being over the top and looked amazingly sexy takin' up the backdoor.
As with all Jules DVDs these days, the extras lied on the second disc. There was 18 minutes of behind the scenes, but they were more extended sex scenes vs. real BTS. Additionally, there was a cum shot recap, bios, a cast list, web access info and some trailers:
Feeding Frenzy #10
Breast Worship #2
Lex The Impaler #3
Weapons of Ass Destruction #6
Black owned #3
Lex The Impaler #4 Tunnel Vision #3
Invasion #3
Glory Hole
Unfortunately, there weren't enough extras here for me to award extra points to.