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(click to enlarge) Fun With Duct Tape (2018)

Starring: Maddy O'Reilly
Co-starring: Prince Yahshua

Reviewed by PL

(8.50 / 10)

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40 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This was a pretty intense scene, one I wasn't quite ready for, and I don't mean that in a negative way. Prince's intensity level was high, dominating Maddy in every way, and she looked to love every minute of it! Which is all I can ask for. Her begging for more and more and her dirty talk were certainly some highlights of the scene. The scene title "Fun with duct tape" was a little misleading to me though. I was expecting it to be a bit more involved, but even the initial use of it was light. The only other complaint I had was the fact Maddy's make-up was a bit too caked on to start the scene. At last in the sense of how close the camera was at times to her face in the opening parts of the scene. Maybe it's just the fact I like Maddy in a more "natural" look. One thing is for damn sure though, if you like rough, intense anal scenes... This one should fill that niche pretty well and it's a scene I'd easily say check out.
Cast: Maddy O'Reilly (with Prince Yahshua)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Standing Doggy (anal), Missionary/Side (vag & anal), Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (anal)
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Looking terrified, Maddy is on her knees, bent over a toilet. She had her hands bound with duct tape, along with her mouth, with degrading words like "anal pig" and "whore" written on her. Her fearful look was justified when Prince entered. Slapping her, gagging her, dunking her head in the toilet - he really put her through the paces before feeding her his cock. Done abusing her mouth, Prince stood her up, pushing his big stick right in her asshole. Having her crawl to a different room, Prince pulled off some of the tape and got back to fucking her ass, but with some much better lighting this time. After making her gape, Pince took a seat to have her suck her ass juices off his cock. She did a really fantastic job. I loved her eye contact with him, the attention to the balls and the "tongue in the pee-hole"! Back to the table. Prince fucked her ass some more while she stuffed 4 fingers in her twat, then he moved to fucking that too. Sitting down, Prince had her suck his feet (he made her take the boots off!) and lick the sweat off him before having her go to her side so he could get back to drilling her pink asshole and showing off some gapes. With Maddy in doggy, Prince gave her the hardest fucking of the scene, looking to make her cum before he dropped his load right down her throat. She pried her mouth open to show how much of a good girl she was (for "swallowing all the babies"), then the scene faded out.