Evil Angel
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Anal Sex Slaves #03 (2017)

Co-starring: Owen Gray

Reviewed by PL

(9.13 / 10)

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In series: Anal Sex Slaves
140 Min ( 2 hr 20 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I recently reviewed Stepsister Creampies (from Evil Angel / Aiden Starr) and before that I had seen Aiden feel a little "side-stepped" by reviewers for her movies, so that lead me down the pike of getting this title in front of me. I'm very happy I did. While I can't say all of Aiden's subject matter is up my alley, cream pies and anal are certain things I like and so far she's does a damn good job on delivering on those. This flick had a different feel from Stepsister Creampies, with Aiden often talking to the talent during the scene. I really like how it was executed, it wasn't the normal director "do this" or "face this way", it was far more like a fan of porno was right there and just interacting with the ladies. The movie hit exactly the itch it should, focusing on anal, but more to the point it was good anal! Also, the cast was second to none. They all did a great job handling the cock and bringing good energy, but best of all, each scene had a distinctively different feel. Aiden did a really nice job assembling a range of girls. If it's not apparent, I loved the movie and highly recommend getting it.
Scene 1: Holly Hendrix (with Owen Gray)
Rating: 9.25/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Doggy (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Prone / Side (anal)
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Starting with a close-up of Holly's pretty face, the camera kept tight to her as she teased us. The lingerie didn't last long as she continued, soon jumping right into things, placing her mouth around Owen's already hard cock. She killed it, giving him some good head and amazingly getting the entire thing down her throat! Sitting back on the ottoman, she begged to be choked and smacked as he fucked her. She and Owen opened her ass of the camera some, then with a little lube, he slid right in. As they transitioned to doggy, Aiden spoke up "I see why everyone loves you, Holly!", as Owen just pounded her little ass and gaped her! With little effort Holly was hoisted up to reverse cowgirl as she continued to massage his cock with her ass, then the action continued down on her bell/side with more choking. Holly worked the cock in fantastic fashion for the camera, with plenty of ATM, as she went back for some more reverse. After a bit more anal on her belly, it was time to get her reward for being such a good fuck, so Owen planted a good load in her mouth. She pushed the cum and out rubbed it all over her face, give a cute smile to the camera before it ended. This was a very good scene, and I couldn't agree with Aiden more - this is a great example of why Holly is so beloved!
Scene 2: Alexa Nova (with Owen Gray)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy (vag & anal), Side (vag/anal), Missionary (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Prone (anal)
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Like Holly's scene, the scene kicked off with a close-up of Alexa's sexy face as she gave her finger the treatment that most guys she would give to their cocks and then went on to show off her beautiful titties, pussy, and ass before getting to suck on Owen's big cock. Owen started off fucking her pussy in doggy, making her gape nicely for the camera, and as she went to her side, Owen did a fantastic job of stretching her open more as he fucked her little pussy. As Alexa moved onto her back, Owen started with opening her ass up for the camera, then slipped his cock inside her. With the camera pulled in close, Alexa slowly sat her ass down on the cock as she began riding reverse. Some really wonderful shots were had. Back to doggy, Alexa got her ass pummeled and gaped this time around, then after sucking the cock freshly out of her ass (giving it some lube), she went up to reverse cowgirl again with her beautiful pussy on display. After a bit more anal, Alexa got on her knees and took Owen's load in her mouth. Unfortunately, she only looked to play with it, never swallowing it. Another good scene here. Alexa did a good job bringing the energy and sexiness, not to mention a hungry asshole!
Scene 3: Jaye Summers (with Owen Gray)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Doggy (vag & anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Spoon (anal)
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After the camera focused on her impossibly cute face, she started in on her tease, starting with showing off her pierced nipples and moving on to her sexy pussy (and asshole). With Jaye on all fours, Owen came into the scene ready for action as she started sucking on his cock. Owen gave her pretty butthole a good tongue fuckin', getting it to gape slightly before flipping her over and fucking her pussy. Back on all fours, Jaye got her pussy fucked some before Owen slipped into ass. First worked just the head of his cock in, making her gape nicely while she had a big smile on her face and doing some ATM. With Jaye up in reverse, her cute smile shined as she continued to bounce her ass up and down on Owen's cock. Back in missionary, she got her asshole exercised some more, showing off more nice gapes, then she moved into spoon. It was really hot how Owen used his cock to stretch her ass. Wrapping it up, Owen fucked Jaye's pussy in mish and doggy until she's told to get on her knees so she could receive a mouth full of cum. I'm not sure if she swallowed it or not, but it didn't matter... Jaye is so ridiculously hot... I loved the looks Jaye was giving, mostly these cute smiles with some sexy faces mixed in, and I loved how open she got. She didn't seem to be able to take a pounding though, the sex was slow and deliberate, which I liked.
Scene 4: Anna de Ville (with Owen Gray)
Rating: 9.25/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Doggy (vag & anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Flying Cowgirl (vag)
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The tease started off like the others, close-up on Anna's face, which then focused on her beautiful tits and already gaping ass and pussy! Again, like the other scenes, Owen entered and Anna went right into sucking. However, Anna probably did the best cock sucking of the group; she got it pretty deep! Starting off on her back, Owen pumped her little pussy full of cock, and when he moved to her ass, we got some amazing gapes from a queen of them! Fuck, she opened up so nicely! Aiden even commented on how open she got! It was a great sight as Anna pulled her legs back, giving the camera a full view, as she took it in her ass in reverse. Of course she gave some huge gapes too! She rent back and forth between mish and reverse, looking fantastic at every angle and Owen did an amazing job of using his thick cock to open up both her love holes! Picking Anna up, Owen plowed her good in flying cowgirl, then laid her back down on her back to keep going, working both of her holes. In the end, Anna got her holes cycled before getting on her knees to get a face full of cum. She scraped some off and pushed it into her mouth, holding it there as she thanked Aiden for having her; blowing the camera a kiss before Another fantastic scene. Anna looked amazing and took a good dicking in each of her holes. Of course, my favorite was how open her holes got, but I did feel like the scene could have ended on a better note - her holding her ass/pussy open as Owen came inside her. Oh, now that would have been mind-blowing! Still, though, the best was saved for last and the must-see scene of the movie in my eyes.
The BTS, while short (5 minutes), were fun. And as suspected, Jaye hadn't done a whole lot of anal so far and Owen was by far the biggest she's taken in the butt. A little too big by her own admission Hoesntly though, I thought she did outstanding! Also, Anna did a bit of cum play with the cum she kept stored over from the scene and she also revealed she had anal sex before vaginal sex! However, she likes both equally.