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Anal Friends #02 (2017)

Co-starring: Paul Thomas, Renato, Toby

Reviewed by PL

(8.13 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Anal Friends
95 Min ( 1 hr 35 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I really liked the feel of the flick. Normally when you get an all-anal flick, it doesn't quite focus on the sensual side of the sex. This one did and did it well. It really started off blistering hot, I can't explain how much I enjoyed Alexis' opening scene. The other scenes were good in their own right, but none quite lived up to that one (although I really was digging the final scene's setting with the snow and all), giving the movie a "cooling off" feeling. Still, it's a good flick, and one that I'd recommend seeing, especially if you are a fan of anal.
Scene 1: Alexis Crystal (with Renato)
Rating: 10.00/10
Positions: Prone (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Missionary (anal), Doggy (anal)
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While Renato was in the shower, Alexis laid on the floor in a sexy little tank top and thong bikini, eating grapes with a sexy grin on her face in anticipation of what was to come. As Renato ran his lips and fingers over her body the grin got bigger until she traded the grapes for his cock - sexily licking and sucking. Slowly Renato pushed in Alexis' ass and that sexy little smile came back, along with an orgasm Alexis looked angelic as she fucked Renato with all her smiles and kissing and orgasms... It was pretty awesome. Some of the intimacy was lost when Alexis showed off how open her ass was while in mish. With Alexis in doggy, Renato pounded her ass until he pulled out and painted her asshole with a good load of cum, kissing and caressing Alexis as the scene faded. Amazing scene...
Scene 2: Lovenia Lux (with Paul Thomas)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary (anal), On Side (anal), Standing Doggy (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal)
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In only some sexy black panties, Lovenia stood in front of a mirror as she (and Thomas) admired her beautiful body and gorgeous long hair. With just a little sexy eye contact, he knew what to do. As he went over to her, caressing her and kissing her, she soon got down on her knees, getting his thick cock down her throat. Sitting in a chair, with her legs back, Thomas slowly slipped into her ass, looking into her eyes and kissing her as he slid in and out. The camera got some quick shots of her gaping hole as she rolled onto her hip, then Lovenia tucked her legs up under her, giving him complete access to her backdoor. Lovenia looked like she may have came as she rode in reverse, but I was skeptical. Looking up at Thomas, Lovenia jerked the cock until she got her prize on her face and in her mouth. With a big smile, she played with it, but never swallowed, as the scene faded out.
Scene 3: Anissa Kate (with Toby)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Missionary (anal), Prone (anal)
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Horny and looking impossibly sexy, wearing a half t-shirt and lace panties, Anissa tracked Toby down. He gave those gorgeous tits a good suckin' and then worked on loosening up her back door. When it was Anissa's turn to give back, she did some really sexy kissing and lightly scratching of Toby's belly as she sucked his cock. Having her get on all fours, Toby went right for it, dipping his sick into her asshole. A few chemistry sparks flew as Anissa rode in reverse, then she laid back in mish. With Anissa on her belly, Toby pumped away until he got close, then pulled out as she jerked him off as he came on her ass and pussy. She fingered some of into her ass and shook her booty as it closed out.
Scene 4: Christina Shine (with Paul Thomas)
Positions: Side (anal), Doggy (anal), Cowgirl (anal),Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Missionary (anal)
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It was a picturesque scene as Christina peered out the window, looking over a snow-covered landscape as it continued to snow. As she sat down to drink a little tea, Thomas showed up, ready to help warm her up, massaging her breasts and kissing her. Thomas moved the kisses to her pussy, and then Christina snuggled her lips around his cock, sucking it a bit before settling on her side and guiding Thomas' cock into her ass. As red as her chest got, I think she may have came. On her back with her legs held back, Christina got her ass opened up, with Thomas pulling out and cumming across her pussy and rosebud of an asshole. I really liked the snow coming down in the background of the scene.