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AJ The OC Slut
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AJ The OC Slut (2008)

Starring: AJ Morgann
Co-starring: Chester Kingwood

Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: AJ The OC Slut
106 Min ( 1 hr 46 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I had some pretty solid expectations of this based on trailers I had seen. I don't think I was let down at all. It was an amateur flick though, make no mistake, but a pretty good one. At times the camera got blurry or got of 'track', but Chester did a pretty solid job considering the task at hand. I also liked how the movie wasn't just fucking. There was plenty of setup and other stuff going on. Hell the first bit of sex didn't happen until like 30 minutes into the flick. AJ's a hottie, which Chester points out often, so I say check this out. But keep in mind, this is an amateur shot/produced flick. Keep that in mind, I think most will enjoy this movie.
Scene 1: AJ Morgann (with Chester Kingwood)
Rating: 7.50/10
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With Chester out on the streets, with his dog (who gets a LOT of attention from the passer-bys!), he runs across AJ. He's pretty straight-forward with his work, and she's intrigued! Saying she wants to be an "anal ring toss girl"! They go on about talking and having drinks and she finally pops the question; if he wants to go on a date. And doing the right thing, he does . Later on, back at his place, we get to watch as Chester's dog takes a shit (LMAO!) before AJ shows up in her truck. Inside, they have some more drinks while playing pool. Well things escalate and he gets to feeling on her ass cheeks. Stopping there, the pool stops, and we get a nice shot of her cookie before she starts teasing his cock with her ass! Very sexy stuff. And then the scene gets started.

AJ is a cute girl with short blonde hair and natural C cup tits. They do a bit of mutual masturbation, then Chester has her lies down as he really digs into her pussy. Sliding up, he teases her slit with his dick, then fucks her missionary. Unfortunately the action got blurry at times. It doesn't take too long for Chester to get worked up and cum, doing so all over her belly. She rubs it in and the scenes concludes.
Scene 2: AJ Morgann (with Chester Kingwood)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Being a gentleman, Chester gets her a towel and she cleans up and gets her cloths back on and they get back to their pool game - LOL. At some point the aspect ration looked like it got out of whack. Regardless, things go on and the two get hungry so they order in some pizza. AJ gets frisky again and wants to play some before the food gets there - to work up an appetite

Once again he teases her with the cock and fingers her, but she says she wants to get all wet and slippery, so AJ sends Chester off to get some lube. Back in action, he lubes up his hands and continues fingering her. He then lubes up his cock and fucks her standing doggy. We got some nice shots and then Chester pulls out and jerks off onto her lower back. We get a nice shot of her butt in the process too.
Scene 3: AJ Morgann (with Chester Kingwood)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Again Chester gets a towel for her and we fade away. The next morning (she slept over) they decide she's going to stay for a while so she runs off to her place for a suitcase full of cloths. Once she gets back, she hops into the shower and he (we) watches her. However as soon as she gets out, Chester wants to get dirty again!

Getting the lube again, Chester rubs and fingers her pussy, then she gets the lube and gives him a nice hand-job. Eventually he cums, blasting her tits and belly, then it's back in the shower for AJ.
Scene 4: AJ Morgann (with Chester Kingwood)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Finally they get out of the house for lunch, but as they cruise lookin' for a place to eat, AJ decides "fuck the food". Reaching over she starts rubbing on his cock and soon they are pulling in to a beech parking lot, putting up a sun visor and getting in the back of the van for some fun!

They start with some mutual masturbation again, then she gets up on him for some cowgirl! Spinning around, AJ does the reverse cowgirl thing as well, and we get some nice shots of the action. Down in doggy, we get some more nice shots of the action before he pulls out and cums on her lower back; dipping his dick back in her pussy before the scene fades.
Not much extras on the disc, and honestly I expected nothing, but there was some behind the scenes of AJ in some interesting moods - LOL. If there was just a LITTLE more BTS footage, I would have added some points. Although still entertaining extras.