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AJ Bailey Experiment, The
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AJ Bailey Experiment, The (2009)

Co-starring: Alex Gonz, Billy Glide, Danny Mountain, Erik Everhard, Evan Stone, Mr. Pete, Sascha

Directed by B. Skow

Reviewed by PL

(7.83 / 10)

Where to get it
211 Min ( 3 hr 31 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Having no idea who AJ Bailey even was, but now, I know she's the new Vivid girl and she a damn fine looking girl too! And she does a nice job fucking for a first-timer too! Also, I'm a new comer to B. Skow. And after watching this, this isn't the Vivid of old; meaning very vanilla sex and plot driven sex, actually quite the opposite. The sex was on par with any of the big gonzo companies and it was shot just as well too. I particularity liked Skow's used of color and light, it was very natural looking and evenly lit. Additionally, I liked the scene settings, very atypical. So as I said, the sex was good, and although this was AJ's movie, I liked Phoenix's scene the most, however this was still a great introduction movie for AJ. I really liked what she brought to the movie, she's defiantly a girl I hope to see more of. However, she can improve some though. She's pretty vocal, so she comes off as a little "performed". Anyone who becomes an AJ fan, this is a movie you will want to get. Nice job Vivd and B. Skow, and nice work to pulling in the gonzo fans.
Scene 1: AJ Bailey (with Alex Gonz)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Disc 1: 2hr 16min

So AJ opens the movie up, telling us this is her first bog/girl scene and talks a little about the scenes she's about to so, then with no further a due, we cut to the scene.

AJ us a pretty girl with long blonde hair and great, natural B cup tits. Walking into a large warehouse, she starts into a tease routine, flashing her bush and playing with her pussy very sexily. After some very nice tease, we then cut to her with Alex. He eats and fingers her pussy, along with eating her ass too, then she gives back with some BJ action. On to the sex, AJ goes up to cowgirl and gets a pretty good pounding before she tease the pussy off his cock and heads up to reverse cowgirl, where we get some nice close-up shots of the action. Cutting away, AJ is in doggy as Alex opens her pussy up for us to see, then eats her ass some more before moving up behind her in spoon. Back to doggy, this time she takes some cock, which we get some nice shots of, then lies on her back to continue taking it. Pulling out, Alex cums on her face and neck, although some does get in her mouth, but she pushes that out. A pretty solid starter scene here, AJ looked really hot taking the cock too.
Scene 2: Lexi Belle (with Mr. Pete)
Rating: 7.50/10
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So after the scene, we get a quick post scene wrap up from her, the we cut and she introduces us to Lexi Belle. They look cute together too. So they compare "pussy fur", then get the scene rolling.

Lexi is a very cute girl with long blonde hair and natural B cup tits. We start with standard, but good, tease, then Lexi breaks out an electric razor and trims up that beautiful bush of hers before sinking some fingers between her pussy lips. Pete comes in and joins her, taking over the fingering action, stuffing 4 of his in there and stretching it out. Cutting away, Pete fucks Lexi's mouth, then she heads up and rides in cowgirl. We get some nice shots too, then after some PTM, Lexi gets more cock in spoon as he slips a couple fingers inside her at the same time. Up on all fours, I really liked how Lexi worked the cock (which was a small portion of the time), then she heads up to reverse cowgirl. Moving things to the arm of the couch, she takes the cock missionary while we get some nice close-ups, then when it's time, Lexi takes an open mouth facial. She pushes the cum out and we get one last good look at her bush as she does some post fucking sucking. Another solid scene. The chemistry seemed to do a roller coaster deal here, up and down. kind of odd... Still, seeing Lexi in action it great, she super hot.
Scene 3: AJ Bailey (with Billy Glide)
Rating: 7.50/10
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AJ comes on and tells us its day 2 of her shooting, and this is going to be a little different from her first scene. She says she's going to have a "hate fuck" and going to interact with the camera more.

Starting off, we get some good tease from AJ, with some nice shots of her, and she eventually finds a toy and fucks herself with it. Soon, she then wonders off and finds Billy. She plants a big kiss on him, then gives his cock some kisses too. Although she really only got the head of his cock worked well. On the floor, Billy lashes at her clit and asshole with his tongue, then in goes the dick. We get some nice POV shots, then it's to spoon. We get some slightly gaping pussy shots, as well as some close-ups, then cut to her in reverse cowgirl. Cutting away, Billy rims her some more, then fucks her in standing doggy. Moving on, AJ rides in cowgirl, and this time we get some nice pussy gaping. After a little 69 action, AJ heads back to reverse cowgirl, and this time she does some nice grinding on the cock. Wrapping it up, AJ's back in missionary. She tells Billy to choke her but he doesn't, but he does soon cum all over her tits and belly. And as the scene fades, she rubs the goo into her skin. Although a solid scene, I kept waiting for the "hate" to come... She did deliver on giving the camera a little more attention, but she never got aggressive. Or if she did, it wasn't enough to notice.
Scene 4: Kagney Linn Karter (with Erik Everhard)
Rating: 7.50/10
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So after the scene she explained how she got worked good, then she introduces us to Kagney. After some quick words, it's on to the scene.

Kagney is a very attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and fake DD cup tits. During her tease footage, she shows off her jewelry and plays with her pussy very sexily, then EE enters and gives her some of that famous pussy eating skill he possesses. Over in doggy, she gets her mouth around "the wedge". I got a kick out of how we could see traffic on the interstate behind the action; they were on a roof top. Anyway, Kagney get deep on it too! Then taking things to a standing position, EE fucks Kagney from behind. He then takes her to reverse cowgirl while sitting on a chair, and I really liked how she put her legs on the arms of the chair; giving her a good chance to get worked and do some of the work herself. Spinning around to side saddle, we get some nice shots of the action, and Kagney does some more nice work with the arms of the chair. Back to reverse cowgirl, we get some very nice shots of the action, then we cut to her in missionary. She continues to take the cock until Erik is ready to cum, and she takes an open mouth facial, but pushes it out. Another very solid scene. Kagney looked very good and seemed to mesh well with Erik. The roof setting was nice and as I said, I really liked Kagney's use of the chair in the scene.
Scene 5: Phoenix Marie (with Sascha)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Disc 2: 1hr 15min

So AJ begins disc 2 by introducing us to Phoenix Marie. They have some talk about Phoenix's style in scenes and she also gives some pointers to AJ too, then it's on to the scene.

Phoenix is a very attractive girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. As with the other scenes, we get the scene rolling with some tease, then Phoenix finds a toy, but first she applies a generous amount of lube before the toy sees work. I really loved how she fucked her outer pussy lips before getting insider her inner ones Cutting away, with AJ in the background watching, Phoenix starts sucking on Sascha's cock. Doing some nice deep throat on it too, not a simple task. He then has her lie on a desk so he can fuck her mouth and tits, then she spins around on the desk for some missionary. He stops a couple times to tease her ass with the cock, but never gets in it... Cutting away, Phoenix rides in cowgirl, and apparently she liked her ass getting teased with cock so much that she sinks a couple fingers of her own in her ass and stretches it out! Off, she tastes the cock, taking it down her throat too, then heads up to reverse cowgirl. Like Kagney, she uses furniture for some extra "leverage", then she gets off for some standing doggy over the desk. We get some nice shots of the action while Sascha gets 3 fingers up her ass. So wrapping up the scene, we then cut to Phoenix in a pile driver. As Sascha fucks Phoenix, he stops to open her pussy up for a nicely for us, and then eventually pulls out and jerks off into her open pussy! Nice! A very god scene here, Sascha and Phoenix really seemed to click well and I liked how they never really delved into Phoenix's ass, but had plenty of play around it. Not to mention the ending to the scene was really hot
Scene 6: AJ Bailey (with Danny Mountain, Evan Stone)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Post scene, AJ and Phoenix talk about it, then we cut to AJ. She tells us it's now day 3, and the final scene of the movie. She sets it up too, saying this is her first boy/boy/girl scene, and before she can get to the scene formally, the guys come in for some fun.

We open this scene with the best tease of the movie, very sexy, very subtle and very natural looking. The we cut to her with a vibrator as she rubs it on her clit, looking to cum from it too. Cutting away, she's with the guys and after they are "acquainted", she gets acquainted with their dicks; sucking them. Evan then stands her up and fucks her from behind while she continues to service Danny with her mouth. Danny then gets a piece of AJ as she rides in reverse cowgirl, then we cut to Danny still in her, fucking her missionary. Evan gets his sword wet with her min missionary as well, then we cut to her with him in reverse. I really liked how he rubbed his dick all over hr pussy and ass a few times before pushing into her pussy! Back over to Danny, AJ rides cowgirl where we get some pussy gaping action. Back over to Evan, she takes it spoon, then we cut to her in doggy as we get some nice close-ups of Danny fucking her little box. Wrapping things up, Evan fucks AJ in missionary until he's ready to cum, giving her a big facial. And with the cum still on her face, Danny comes in and fucks her until he cums too. She takes some in the mouth, but makes no qualms about immediately spitting it out. A good scene and AJ did a nice job taking on two cocks at once, however Evan was the stronger male of the scene. And AJ seemed to click better with Evan too. He seemed to push her in the scene and she reacted well to it.
Being a 2 disc release, there was a lot of extras. There were "Position Rooms" on each disc, allowing the viewer to chose which positions they want to watch but the positions were specific to the girls on that disc. Also there was a photo gallery, vivid products advertisement and 15 minutes of behind the scenes (mainly an interview with AJ). Moreover, there were 3 bonus scenes:
Suck it - Meggan Malone (not sure which male...)
Bounce - Hanna Hilton, Whitney Stevens and Voodoo
The Nikki Jayne Experiment - Nikki Jayne and Mick Blue
Also there were some trailers:
Meggan Does Malibu
Stroke It
Play With Me
Art School Girls Are Easy
Unfortunately not enough "real" extras for me, I still don't count scenes for other movies or trailers as true extras... So the only real extras for me were the BTS, which were a fun watch but didn't get any extra points from me.