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Vivid My Next Door Crush - The Girl Next Door Parody
(click to enlarge) My Next Door Crush - The Girl Next Door Parody (2019)

Starring: Jill Kassidy
Co-starring: Jake Adams

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
49 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review, I view the newly released parody from VIVID (As part of the ADULT TIME network). Yes, VIVID, a leader in porn for more than 30 years, just recently had a change of the guards, as production for the brand was reassigned to Bree Mills and GAMMA ENTERTAINMENT. Yes, those responsible for the likes of GIRLSWAY and PURE TABOO, are taking over the reins of this legendary entity, to bring us fresh new content. They have done so first with a couple of parodies of popular mainstream movies. For this review, I take a look at the porn parody of the film, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR (2004), a release that they call "My Next Door Crush". This release, which stars Jill Kassidy and Jake Adams, tackles the popular film, which stars Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch, and was directed by Luke Greenfield.

For this parody, Craven Morehead directs a featurette, written and produced by Bree Mills, which recreates one of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR's key moments, and of course dirties it up. The key moment, which was chosen to focus on here is of course, the pivotal moment in the film, in which the lead character "Matt" first comes to meet "Danielle"(though that character's name is never said here, mind you.) the hottie next door, under embarrassing circumstances. Of course, I am meaning that moment in which Matt is caught red-handed as he peeps on his neighbor through the window, as she changes her clothes. Here, Craven and crew are pretty much faithful in their recreation. However, it is of course true that here the situation has an outcome that is far more naughty. Here, Matt is caught. Danielle storms over. She's upset. However, when she inadvertently discovers that Matt is an 18 year old virgin, the spark is lit so to speak, and in a classic porno fashion, she decides to change that.

As far as the story goes here, this was a parody that I was really looking forward to seeing, as the mainstream film, just so happens to be one of my favorite films of all time. To me, it is pretty much a cult classic. So, I can see why Bree Mills chose to take it on as the subject for a parody. Unlike their previous CRUEL INTENTIONS parody, "A Cruel Bet", "My Next Door Crush" is sort of on a lesser scale - and thinking about it, I suppose this one didn't have to necessarily go all out in the way that the previous one did. "A Cruel Bet" had high end production(it's high here, but previously, it felt like much more), from the music, acting, and story, it truly felt more like a mini movie, rather than the "featurette" that it is labeled as. All of these elements really drove that release. Especially the acting, which is fantastic. If you have yet to see it, please do. With that said "My Next Door Crush", does feel more like a "featurette". Not that it's a bad thing. It just does. Here, we are given a moment, rather than a small, yet detailed story. But on it's own, while the storyline setup is fairly basic, it is well accomplished in a number of ways. These things include; being a fairly faithful recreation, that it is well acted(especially, when speaking of Kassidy), and that it was right in it's casting Jill Kassidy in this role. Though she may not be blonde like Cuthbert, she is able, I feel to nicely embody the spirit of said character.

And now on to the sexual content, which sees or character, Danielle teach Matt, the virgin a few things - or as she finds out - Matt is a lot better than she expected him to be. This performance, as we see between Jill and Jake, is in my opinion, really solid. I really enjoyed the fact that the two remain in character for the entirety of the sex scene. One of the things that stands out here is that Jill, in character for the scene, is the more experienced one therefore, she kind of "directs traffic", if you will. I found this to be extra hot. Whether it be Jill asking Jake if he is ready to eat pussy, or how it feels to him, to finally be inside a girl, something about it is just super erotic having someone as sexy as Jill Kassidy leading things in such a way. However, this is not to say that Jake let his guard down and completely gave into his character. No, and even within the confines of the character, he still gives it to Jill nice and hard, giving us a well-rounded performance overall. These two have a very nice chemistry together. Though the storyline portion of this parody is fun and enjoyable enough, it is truly the sexual encounter between the two characters that is the main attraction. Both Kassidy and Adams, give us something great here. To sum it up, "My Next Door Crush" is a really enjoyable effort, with a storyline that is fun, but a sex scene that is even better. As for my recommendation, I would absolutely recommend scenes this one. Whether you are a fan of the original mainstream film or not, this featurette still works as a standalone effort. It is for sure a great showing for our 2 featured performers, Jill Kassidy and Jake Adams.
Cast: Jill Kassidy (with Jake Adams)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Side Fuck, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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In this parody of the mainstream film, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, from VIVID, and Director Craven Morehead, titled MY NEXT DOOR CRUSH, "Matt"(Jake Adams), is a college hopeful, who is seen taking out the trash, while he simultaneously practices his scholarship speech. This, at the same time, is when he notices someone, in front of the house next door as she unloads her car to head inside. Young Matt is quite mesmerized by the sight of this beautiful woman. It is in a way that he is so distracted that he finds himself running into the trash cans in front of him. Matt is so taken back by "Danielle"(Jill Kassidy), the girl next door that he cannot wait to let his best friend "Eli"(Jason Moody) know about her. Matt then calls up Eli, as he is enjoying his favorite pastime - watching porn. Like always. They converse, during which Matt tries his best to describe her to him. It is then that it happens. From the window, Matt is able to watch the mysterious woman changing. It is such a turn on. Unfortunately though, the girl next door, just so happens to spot Matt, as she turns around. Matt tries to hide, however to no avail. Danielle is furious, as she storms over to Matt's house, where she confronts him about what he has done. She scolds him, and over the course of her words she mentioned something about Matt being an 18 year old virgin. It is then that she comes to realize the reality behind her words is true. And it is from there, that Danielle, wastes no time in rectifying the situation, as she first go down on Matt, subsequently being the first girl to ever suck his virgin cock.

Things begin here, as Jill sucks off Jake with skill, tonguing at the head of his cock, and additionally sucking it, as well as his balls. This continues as Jill slips off her pants, as the blowjob continues with slobbery results on the part of Jill. It's then that Jill, in character, asks Jake, if he is " ready to learn to eat pussy?". It's from there that Jill is on her back, as Jake goes down on her to suck on her pussy and clit for an extended period. This is followed up by Jake's cock going in, as things go to missionary/side fuck. Jake begins by grinding his cock in, until his pacing increases to faster and harder. Jill then asks if Jake wants to fuck her from behind. This, as things go to doggy next. Jake soon half straddles Jill's ass, pounding his cock into her deep, and hard, until things go back to standard doggy, and as Jill bounces on the dick for a moment. There is soon a pause, during which, Jill is quick to suck Jake off. However, it's soon back to doggy, as Jake fucks harder and faster at Jill's request. Next up, Jill goes on to ride Jake's cock. It's from here that we see Jill bounce on the cock, as well as Jake slam her down on it. This, lasting until things go to the reverse variation of the position. From here, it is more of the same, as Jake keeps up his pacing. This, as Jill is slammed down. We also see Jake grind his cock in. Following this, Jill asks Jake if he wants to cum on her pretty face. She says up until now that he has probably only came into a sock before. From here, Jill proceeds to slowly suck on Jake's cock, prior to putting all of her focus into jerking him off nice and hard. This of course lasting, until Jake lets his load go into her mouth as she again sucks him deeply.