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Addiction (2000)

Co-starring: Brian Surewood, J.J. Michaels, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer

Directed by Mike Quasar

Reviewed by PL

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
82 Min ( 1 hr 22 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one 7.5. This is a definite movie to see if your fans of Sydnee, Alexandra, Wendy, or Kianna. For the most part the sex was DAMN HOT and the people were very attractive, with some decent anal action thrown in, it was well worth the watch. I highly recommend this to any porn viewer, but be warned the raincoat factor is a little bit on the low side.
Scene 1: Alexandra Silk (with J.J. Michaels)
I liked this scene ALOT, Alexandra REALLY seemed to get into this scene and it SHOWS! This was a joy to watch from start to finish and it hits on a point all males have had at one point or another, the Teacher WANTS YOU!! The scene has it all, good oral (both ways), anal, and positional sex and to top it off, Alexandra REALLY looks to cum HARD (twice no less)!! Scene ended in a nice open mouth facial with a GOOD CLEANUP! This was my favorite scene
Scene 2: Ava Vincent (with Brian Surewood)
This scene was probably the weakest of the rip, but was not ALL bad. If your a fan of Ava, as I am, it was a nice soft scene with some nice close ups of Brian fondling her pussy. The sex was pretty mild, but in every movie there has to be one scene that's weaker than the it is. The music was WAY too predominant in this one, however Ava looks to cum (the VERY red chest was a dead give-away), hell she even does some anal. Brian's pop was a good open mouth facial, but was VERY mishandled by Ava, not to mention she looked to NOT want it at all.
Scene 3: Kianna,Wendi Knight
Wendi and Kianna. THIS IS ONE HOT LEZ SCENE!!! WOW to start off with they paired the two most beautiful girls in the movie together. What can I say about this scene....well they dug each other from what I could tell, with some GOOD eye contact and a soft touch... HOT!! Good toy play and the setting was GREAT and added to the overall scene. This is still a MUST see scene, even though the damn music was interfering with the moans and groans.
Scene 4: Courtney Madison (with Mark Davis)
This scene was OK; the heat was a little low, but HAY U COULD HEAR THE SOUNDS!!! Anyway I hand it to Mark on this one he pounds and pounds for most of the scene. With the run of the mill positions and the lack of length it was a let down. This scene is a big female fantasy though, with the robber that breaks in and takes over, this scene is a little on the soft robber side, no rough stuff or simulated rape so I was a happy man Worth a look though if you dig interracial sex, as I do.
Scene 5: Sydnee Steele (with Vince Vouyer)
Sydnee and Vince. Sydnee plays this part PERFECT! I'm a Sydnee fan anyway, and I need this woman as MY BOSS!!! This scene has some REAL HEAT! The sounds were present here also, which was nice, because Sydnee makes GOOD sounds Ends with a NICE open mouth facial that Sydnee waste NONE of!