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Update (7/26/2017):

Jumping back into PornPros, it felt very much like I remebered back in 2015, but now sporting over 3,200 videos! That's a lot. They have continued to serve up qulaity videos, and here's a couple examples:
Massage After Stretching
Deep Tissue Deep Dicking

All HD scenes - and 4k scenes!
Multiple stream qualities
Exclusive scenes
High quality scenes
Pretty deep comment/like mehcanisms

Too many ads
Streams only have 2 options - high and low
Listing the "network scenes" on the landing page (or anywhere) could confuse a user.
Only 1 update a week
Expensive entry fee - $30 a month.

Amended the review to be an 8.00
This one gets a 7.50. When summing up PornPros, the words "pretty", "sensual" and "repetition" are what come to mind. And a lot of Holly Michaels None of which are a bad thing. If you go purely on the tour, you are going to be sucked into about half of what the site has to offer, which is honestly it's best stuff. Besides, there's only about 5 sites (in the network of sites you get access to, about 22 or so) that update, the rest haven't been updates in a year or more. But there are some good scenes sprinkled into those non-updating sites, so you will want to check them regardless. This is certainly a site I would definitely recommend joining; you can regularly find for a monthly cost of only 10 bucks.
When first logging in you are treated to a big-ass banner, advertising all the other sites in the network that you aren't a part of. After that you are treated to the latest/top scenes (about 12) before it's turn back in your face that you aren't a part of the network the latest/top scenes that are not (you guessed it...) in the network. Personally I found this tactic annoying and intrusive. There was already a banner of locks at the top of the screen reminding me that I didn't have access to them, that was enough.

Digging further, there were some nice filter pages, both on the scene and girl level. They worked as expected and were detailed enough to make things relatively easy to find, although there was no filter for non-HD scenes and categories; that was a page all its own.

Content wise, there was a lot (and a lot of Holly Michaels too!). There was about 100 shy of 3,000 scenes at the time of this review, which is pretty good, but roughly a little over half of those were in HD. Unfortunately each scene page was pretty deceptive too, putting them under an "HD Video" tab with screen shot and video clearly NOT HD. Although some may have had HD (720/1080 width), they were so compressed and blocky, they were unwatchable. There were some older scenes (2009- late 2011) that were pretty good, but there was quite a bit of thrash in there with content from sites such as "Freaks of cock" and "Cumshot Surprise" that was very skipable for no other reason than it's blatantly fake content. Fake cocks (that are represented as real, not just dildos) and fake cum have no place in porno for me... Finally, when you reached the site's core competency, you get the standard they are putting out today. Mostly 1 girl on 1 guy scenes, with the occasional 2 girls on one guy scene set in a very well lit setting.

The scenes that I focused on were in the sweet spot. The later ones, which were the best looking and filled the niche I expected to be filled based on the tour pages. Each scene gave you the option to download the movie in various formats, 1080 HD is where I focused. Additionally, most of the scenes had accompanying photos and screen shots that were downloadable in zip format. Since I had downloaded the scenes, I focused on the pictures. I was pleased with the quality over all. I liked the soft and sensual feel of the movies and picture quality was good as well.