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Reviewed by PL on 01/09/2017

(8.50 / 10)

Condoms: None
Review: After reviewing, and knowing this was a sister site, I was excited to see what was inside and if the same level of quality carried over. It did! The look and feel was very similar to, but focused on the ass - of course. I was a little disappointed by the fact there wasn't a big focus on bigger bootys, but it wasn't that big of an issue. In fact, it was an after thought. Pretty much everything said in the can be said for this site as well, but it does bear repeating, I'm not an overly big fan of the slow updates. 6 updates a month is low to me, especially for the initial entry point of $30. Regardless, it should be no surprise that I liked the site. There are lots of hot girls inside, taking it up the ass while the video was very well shot and lit. The only real down side to this site is the fact it's not been around as long as, and has less content, just north of 100 scenes at the time of this review, but not enough to hurt its review. So, with the right price point (for me), I would recommend it. And on the bright side, I've seen memberships anywhere from $15 to $10, which is a great price point in my mind, and I would certainly recommend doing.
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Inside the members area you are greeted with a clean layout with the week's update, then a list of the other past updates; with the latest releases first. To avoid a lot of repeating things, if you check out the, you will get that same experience here. Just focusing on anal vs interracial, which was pretty sparing (2 scenes with a black female/white male and 2 scenes with a white female/black male).

Although one thing I missed on my review, there's a disclaimer when posting comments - "Let's make this a friendly place. Most of our models read your comments. Please be respectful.". I really liked the fact they encourage being respectful, and I will say the members/comments that I saw, were.

Qulaity scenes
All anal
Exclusive content
Lots of 4K content - since June mid 2016
Ability to rate and comment on the scenes
Site owners/webmasters interact with the users and take input for scenes
Ability to "Up Vote" or "Down Vote" comments

Infrequent updates
Price (when it's not on sale)