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Taboo #02 (Original): The Story Continues
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Taboo #02 (Original): The Story Continues (1982)

Co-starring: Eric Edwards, Kevin James, Ron Jeremy

Reviewed by PL on 10/05/2007

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
Length: 100 Min ( 1 hr 40 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I liked this installment a little more, even though Kay was very loosely tied to it, which was a disappointment as I wanted to see her in more of the action. However that isn't to take away from Dorothy, who was pretty damn hot in her own right. The overall story was a little better I think because of it being "all in the family"; adding far more incestuous sex scenes. Although sex wise, it was pretty on par with the first one, but one thing is for sure, the orgy scene here was better. Hands down. Although not quite the cult classic as Taboo was, this is still a good classic flick to own, especially if you have the original. Also, as with the last Taboo I watched, this one makes me want to see where this goes in Taboo 3 - knowing there is a 3 out there .
Scene 1: Juliet Anderson,Kay Parker (with Kevin James)
While Dorothy Lemay and Kevil drive along, he gropes at her, but soon we find out she's not so into it... He's her brother! Anyway, they get to where they are going, and it just so happens Kay runs the store. As Kevin looks for a car for their father's birthday, Dorothy Lemay talks to Kay and it seems they had a past of some sort. Well Kevin isn't so good at picking out cards so Dorothy Lemay tries her hand at it as Kevin hits on Kay; successfully getting her address and telling her he'll be over later to return some of her son's "tools" he had borrowed before he moved in with his dad. Since they had a good talk and some history, Kay gives the card as compliments of the house and off they go on their separate ways they go. As Kevin drive Dorothy Lemay, she pokes at his interest in Kay, but he shrugs it off and drops her off. As he drives over to Kay's, we see her lying on a table, naked, as she gets a rub down from Juliet Anderson - her old pal. While working her magic hands over Kay's body, she informs Kay she absolutely must share that wonderful body of her with people and eventually slips a finger in her. As she works her, she gets the info about her encounter earlier with Kevin, then after tasting a little of her pussy Kevin shows up! Answering the door in just a little negligee, Juliet lets him in and leads him to a towel covered Kay. Pulling it down, she gets back to rubbing Kay, quickly involving Kevin in the activity as well. Kay reaches over and begins messaging him, and the fun begins.

Kay is a sexy looking woman with long brown hair and great, natural D cup tits. Juliet is a sexy looking woman too, with short blonde hair and natural B cup tits. With Juliet sitting on Kevin's face, Kay rides reverse cowgirl, then Key gets her feel of the cock in missionary as Juliet messages his balls. It all then wraps up as Kevin fucks her tits a few seconds before cumming in between them.
Scene 2: Bambi (with Kevin James)
After Kevin gets home from his late night romp with Kay and Juliet, he walks in on his sister (Dorothy Lemay) doing some stretching with a light nighty on and no panties! Excited, he gets her on the bed, but she's not into doing this whole incest thing. However he finds an angle and works it... During his time with Juliet and Kay he learned of what Kay and her son had done (in Taboo 1)! So working that angle, he strikes a deal. If he can suck her tit, he'll tell her what ol Paul (Mike Ranger), her ex, was doing with his mom (Kay)! She agrees, and it ends with him just sucking her tit.

The next morning she's clearly distraught over what she's been told, her mom (Honey Wilder) tries to cheer her up, telling her she will speak to her father (Eric Edwards) about her getting a car she wants. Going out by the pool, she looks over the daily paper for her car, and Kevin comes outside to join her. But he's horny and tries to get her going. Again, a no go, and Dorothy tells him to buzz off - and he does that, finding Bambi to fill his needs.

Bambi is a pretty girl with very long brown hair and natural B cup tits. She begins with sucking Kevin off, then rides him reverse cowgirl. On to her back, Bambi keeps taking the cock in missionary until Kevin cums on her belly.
Scene 3: Honey Wilder (with Eric Edwards)
Lying together after sex, Kevin is a bit brazen as he asks Bambi to help him get his sister (Dorothy) in bed with him! Fortunately for him she's compliant!

Later that evening, Eric and Honey are in bed, ut he's asleep and she's horny! She does her best to get him interested, and after a few tries she gets him going.

Honey is a sexy looking woman with short black hair and natural C cup tits. Honey rides in cowgirl to begin with, then goes on to missionary. As Eric pumps away, Kevin spots them and watches on as Eric cums on her bush.
Scene 4: Bambi,Dorothy Lemay (with Kevin James)
Dorothy begins getting ready for bed and changes out of her cloths. Just then Kevin pops in and catches her naked and he's horny, after all he just watched his mom and dad fuck - LOL. He tries to get her going, but again he's denied access. The next morning Dorothy's out and about and she stops by her dad's office to talk about the car. She finds him and his secretary in a lip-lock, but shrugs it off and continues on about why she's here - her car.

Back home, Dorothy and Bambi take a topless break in the hot tub. While relaxing, Bambi begins talking highly of Kevin's sexual prowess. Evidently all the talk turned Bambi on, so after tasting Dorothy's nipple, they head inside.

Dorothy is an attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and natural C cup tits. Dorothy's on her back as Bambi begin eating her out, which she obviously likes, so much so she didn't realize Bambi and Kevin had changed spots until she opened her eyes and looked down between her thighs; finding Kevin! Surprised, she allows Kevin to continue doing his thing because he's sooo good at it! He then slides up and fucks her missionary as Bambi watches on. Eventually Kevin cums on her belly.
Scene 5: Dorothy Lemay (with Kevin James)
Later that evening, Honey (mom) shows off her new lingerie to Eric (dad), but he's too tired and has to go on a business trip tomorrow. She explains she does need to get laid more often but she's blown off. So as they fade into slumber, Kevin goes looking for some more fun with his sister (Dorothy)! In her room, he tries to get it going by fingering her (which we got some great shots of) in spoon, but she's feeling guilty about it being her brother and all. She orders him out and he begins to go, but his cock flops out and that catches her attention!

Calling him back over to him, she takes his member in her mouth. Moving on, she rides in reverse cowgirl and then he cums on her bush.
Scene 6: Dorothy Lemay (with Kevin James)
The next morning, as Honey drives Eric to the airport, Kevin gets a call from Juliet. She invites him to this party she's having and tells him to bring along his sis; as long as he don't mind fucking in front of her! Well this is right up his ally and says he'll be there, then hands up and wakes Dorothy up to have some more "brother/sister" time.

This time Dorothy starts off in spoon before ending up in reverse cowgirl, where we get some nice close-ups. As they keep on going, Honey shows up and walks in on Kevin pumping away on her in missionary.
Scene 7: Honey Wilder (with Kevin James)
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So with no popshot (and who could blame them?), Kevin and Dorothy bolt to Bambi's place. Honey struggles with how she's going to tell Eric, so to relax, she gets some vodka and takes a bubble bath. As she talks her self through the conversation she's going to have with Eric, we find out her own interest in Kevin's cock too!

Eventually that evening Kevin comes home and finds his mom on the couch, still drinking Vodka and listening to music. He talks to her and takes all the blame for it all, but Honey seems to kind of understand. She goes on about the one thing she liked to do when she was younger was dance, and she hasn't done it for a while. Seeing an opportunity, Kevin invites her to dace. Dipping her down, he lays her down on the couch and lays into her, kissing her! She doesn't resist too much and even takes his cock in her hand, but then she freaks. Pushing him away she tells him she can't do it, but as she walks away from Kevin she sees him stroking his cock and she's caught...

Getting onto her knees, Honey takes him in her mouth and does her thing, using her mouth and hands to get him to cum. Not done, the two head into the bed room and get naked. She sucks him off some more and then he fucks her in missionary, soon giving her a pearl necklace finish.
Scene 8: Bambi,Cara Lott,Dorothy Lemay,Juliet Anderson,Kay Parker (with Ron Jeremy)
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The next morning Honey field's Eric's call about her frantic calls the night before. She tells him she took care of it, so then we cut to that party Juliet was planning - a HUGH orgy!

There was lots of pussy eating, cock sucking and fucking! And then finally Kevin, Bambi and Dorothy show up. As Kevin finds himself some fun elsewhere, we follow Kay and Dorothy as they watch the orgy from a little way back with Bambi joining in on the action - forming a nice big oral ring! Finally Juliet stops making rounds and joins the action, and that must have been Kay & Dorothy's cue because Kay slips on down to nibble on Dorothy's snatch. After Ron cum on Bambi's ass/pussy and in Cara Lott's mouth, he heads over and takes over pussy eating duties for Kay, but he doesn't stop there, he then begins fucking Dorothy in missionary. There were a few cum shots, mainly from Ron. However there seemed like some of the guys never came.
Scene 9: Dorothy Lemay (with Eric Edwards)
The next morning we see Eric's home as he walks through the house, bitching that no one is home, he's the one making the money and he can't even get a cup of coffee... but to his surprise he finds Dorothy in the kitchen with a cup waiting on him. As he drinks his coffee and reads the paper, she half handedly makes him some eggs and toast, then starts in on him about the car. He kind of dances around the subject and she pushes it more with her body. It upsets Eric a bit too, so much so he slaps her because she being so vulgar!

Later that night, as Eric and Honey are asleep in bed, Dorothy's sexually frustrated so creeps in and pulls back the covers on her dad. She rubs his leg and migrates to his cock, finally getting it out.

Dorothy begins with sucking on him, which eventually wakes him up. He goes to protest but she reminds him mom's asleep & right next to them! He gets the idea and keeps his mouth shut as she blows him for a good while. Finally the underwear are off and she's on top of him, riding in cowgirl. Getting close to waking Honey, Dorothy spins around to reverse cowgirl. Again they get close to waking mom, and this time Eric rolls her down to spoon, fucking her until he cums on her bush.
Scene 10: Honey Wilder (with Eric Edwards)
Quickly Dorothy scampers off before Eric reaches over and turns on the light. Evidently this little encounter really turned him on because he then wakes Honey up.

He awakens her by munching on that wonderful bush of hers, but it was very brief, then she gives back with some head of her own. Onto her back, she takes the cock while we get some decent shots, and eventually he cums on her bush.

Honey was very curious as to what turned Eric into this "new man", but she decides she wasn't so interested...
Very little extras, as expected from a dated flick as such. An interview with Kay Parker, the same one from Taboo, as well as a picture gallery (not from the movie) and Trailers:
Taboo 2
Playing With Fire
No extras were expected here, no points for or against it.