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Rocco's Initiations #06 (2003)

Co-starring: Chris Mountain, Denis Marti, Franco Roccaforte, Leslie Taylor, Mick Blue, Robert Rosenberg, Rocco Siffredi, Zenza Raggi

Reviewed by kwik nasty on 03/18/2007

(9.00 / 10)

In series: Rocco's Initiations
Length: 133 Min ( 2 hr 13 min )
Condoms: None
Review: Overall Rating: 9

Final Thoughts: This was an absolute must-own DVD for fans of Rocco, Euro girls, Orgies or porn in general. Two of the best scenes I've ever scene. Nothing more to say.
Scene 1:  Cecilia,Kyra Cat,Orsi Shine (with Franco Roccaforte, Rocco Siffredi)
Tags: Anal, ATM, ATOGM, Cum Kissing, DP, Interracial, Orgy, POV, Rimming: Female to Male, Rimming: Male to Female
Rating: 10.00/10

Somewhere in Europe - Katja is blond, Kyra is blond with braids & then coming home from work, Cecillia is a red-headed thin waif-looking girl. We start out with Rocco playing with both the red-headed Cecillia's & Kyra's pussy. You can tell Rocco is enamored with Cecillia because he practically ignores the other girls spending all his time with Cecillia showing off his cock. Eventually Cecillia & the other two girls start sucking the schlong. The sex is quick with Rocco having Cecillia in missionary on the kitchen table. Cecillia looks so tight that its crazy how R manages to fit inside her. Over comes kyra who lays down besides Cecillia & gets the dicking as well. I must mention what a great job Rocco is doing so far on his camera work - he is great in POV shooting. the third girl gets some action & for awhile its every man's dream, Rocco walking around a kitchen with three girls laying on their backs, their pussy holes open for him. Who can complain?! Franco gets to the house & goes right for Kyra's pussy. Both girls lying on the table in missionary getting reamed...excellent! Katja comes over & hops up on the table & gets her pussy eaten out by Cecillia while Rocco is nailing her in standing doggy. Cecillia & Kyra trade off eating Katja's pussy & eventually Cecillia gets her ass reddened by Rocco spanking her all throughout the sex. Franco decides to give Katja the bone while Rocco starts to prime Cecillia's ass for the dick with his fingers. Rocco is noticeably dripping sweat as he begins to fuck Cecillia in the ass. Some of the best moments in this movie are right here when Rocco gets his cock sucked after it being plugged in Cecillia's ass for some great ATOGM action. Franco is getting the better deal in my opinion switching between Kyra & Katja's pussy holes while Rocco is still concentrating on Cecillia. We get some more great pussy/dick licking from both girls on Rocco & Cecillia during the sex. Rocco continues his superb camera work while giving it to Cecillia in her ass while at the same time, Kyra rubs her pussy. Awesome! Finally Franco goes for the ass & sticks it to Katja in standing doggy. They all trade positions for a bit & then go into the living room where Cecillia looks to be flattered by all the attention & agrees to the DP. She is noticeably in discomfort with Franco in her pussy & Rocco in her ass but she endures the pain for her art. They separate & Franco goes back to fucking the two blondes while Cecillia gives Rocco some ass eating. Just when you think the scene is over Franco & Rocco give the DP to Katja. Kyra has no problem sucking Rocco's cock out of her friends ass but never herself does anal or DP. Rocco & Franco continue to fuck the girls separately & because Kyra is such a good ATOGM girl, she gets Rocco's load in her mouth & on her face. Katja turns around to enjoy some aftersperm & they both suck his rod dry. Franco finishes fucking Cecillia & nuts all over her face & tits.

This scene starts where the previous left off. Cecillia, Kyra & Katja are semi-clothed talking with Franco & Rocco while through the window we see several men peeping inside. The men come in & the girls disrobe quickly & get to their knees. There are about 7 guys & its the classic circle jerk/suck scene which is the king of all BJ scenes in my mind. The girls get the guys nutting pretty fast & the girls start kissing each other, cum dripping all over each others mouths. This scene is all about cum kissing & blowjobs & Kyra is a human Hoover while sucking cocks about to blow sperm. great camera work again. Those two scenes combined were longer than an hour. Wow!
Scene 4:  Misty (euro) (with Robert Rosenberg)
Tags: None
Rating: 5.00/10

This scene is the odd-man-out on this DVD. It doesn't match with the other scenes at all. It starts out in some sort of adult business convention with Sabina (blonde) bending over showing off her furry clam. She begins to suck the male talents cock in a slow fashion. There are other pretty girls all around this big room & that's when the guy starts talking to the cute brunette Misty. Misty takes off her clothes including her bra & starts sucking as well. After a short time the guy tells Sabina to lay down on one of the convention tables missionary style & starts fucking her. Misty is smiling & kind of laughing along rubbing Sabina's pussy & then pulling out the guys cock to suck on for a bit. This all goes on with there being many other people in the room casually walking around, changing clothes & talking. Misty puts on her clothes & exits the scene. The guy & Sabina take a walk out of the room, down the hallway where there are even more people casually hanging around. They walk into the bathroom & begin fucking on the tiled floor in reverse cowgirl. the camera pans back as we see some people walk into the bathroom to do their business. They glimpse over not really caring about what is going on but obviously not part of the scene. Sabina gets on her side as they spoon fuck for a bit & then while someone is using the urinal right next to them, they prop up standing doggy against the urinals! the guy promptly leaves as more people keep walking in doing their business. The scene finishes when Sabina gets on her knees & takes the facial. She looks quite happy.

Production & Editing: Fantastic work in both camera work & editing. I have absolutely no complaints
Scene 3:  Judith Iron,Kata Hilton (with Chris Mountain, Denis Marti, Leslie Taylor, Mick Blue, Zenza Raggi)
Tags: Anal, Cum Kissing, Cum Swapping, DP, Orgy
Rating: 10.00/10

An old idea in the euro setting - teacher & student, but in this case they are both female. Judith (the teacher) is thin with glasses & has a semi-hard look to her face. She's cute though. In contrast Kata is young, has an absolute baby face & would be any mans wet dream. Oh boy, they both have fantastic tits! There is some great slow moving girl on girl action as Judith shows off her tits & then sticks her finger in her own pussy & put her finger in young Kata's mouth. Judith brings out two dildos & teaches the student how to suck some cock. Five guys enter the room & each girl is pulled to one side & manhandled for a bit. Judith gets her clothes off the fastest & is laying on the couch spread eagled while having her pussy eaten by one guy & her ass fingered by another. During this time Kata is getting kissed & having her tits fondled by one or two guys. Judith quickly gets on her knees while the other guys crowd around & form the classic BJ circle while Kata looks on. After a moment Kata gets on her knees to & tries out her new skills at sucking cock. Judith stands up & watches as her student fills the void of her mouth with man flesh. Judith gets back into the picture separating with three guys sucking their cocks as Kata takes on two. The quality of these two girls is fabulous to this point. Judith then lays down sideways on the nearest table & gets a dick in her mouth & a dick in her pussy. Kata in the meantime is swallowing a dick while two guys open up her two holes below for some serious penetration in the future. Finally the student gets the first penetration in her pussy while continuing to suck a cock. Judith changes positions & rides reverse cowgirl on a guy in sitting position. Judith shows off her fantastic tits in this position while Kata gets the cock penetration a little harder. Kata, now having her underwear removed receives some ass licking & fingering in doggy position. She sticks her ass out far as we get a perfect view just before one of the guys sticks his cock inside her cunt. She seems pretty comfortable now as she licks & sucks one guys ball sack as Judith continues to ride in reverse cowgirl in the chair nearby. Judith enjoys some analingus in standing doggy. The student beats the teacher as Kata takes the dick in her ass first in doggy position. The camera angles used & lighting is great. The camera pans from her ass getting fucked to Kata's beautiful face. The guys pulls out of Kata's ass & another is behind to take up the slack. Both girls are now getting anally fucked in one end & both are eating a dick on the other end. The guys switch again on Kata's ass until finally thet pull the trophy position - double doggy DP! this lasts for a short time & they flip Kata over for a reverse cowgirl DP. Kata's face is all flushed red & she isn't showing much discomfort. The guys not get the teacher in doggy on the chair & have her ass sticking out far while sticking her ass - at the same time Kata is laid out on the table, her legs spread like an eagle for some fantastic anal penetration. The guys all take turns on each girl but the camera stays mainly on Kata. This scene is bringing tears to my cock! Judith slips in behind the guy fucking Kata's ass & takes the cock backwards ATOGM. The first guy shoots his load all over Kata's ass & pussy & the teacher comes over & laps it all up. The train is formed & each guys gets the chance to slide his dick into Kata's ass & shoot his load over her holes. Each & every time this happens judith comes up & licks each cum load off her in full! Fucking fantastic! Some of the guys are ready for second cum shots & Judith takes those on her knees with facials. The scene finishes up with another cumshot into Judith's mouth as the hired cock slides into Kata's ass & back to Judith's mouth again for a few times. One of the best finishes on an orgy I have ever seen! But wait, the scene isn't over yet!? Some new guys come into the scene & the two girls suck all eight guys off all for facials. One of the best all-around orgies & finishes I have ever seen!
As with other Rocco movies, this has quite a bit of extra footage. Most of the footage is from the first scene with Cecillia getting in pile driver position & having her ass eaten out by Katja. Also not included in the main scene is Cecillia getting DP in reverse cowgirl. The only reason this footage wasn't included is because the scene itself was fantastic throughout & they had to cut it down somehow. I can't believe how long Rocco & Franco rocked those three girls' worlds.