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Dog House Digital
Monster Gapes #02
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Monster Gapes #02 (2016)

Co-starring: Ennio Guardi, Leny Ewil, Pavel Matous, Steve Q

Reviewed by PL on 01/08/2017

(7.00 / 10)

In series: Monster Gapes
Length: 117 Min ( 1 hr 57 min )
Condoms: None
Review: With a title like "Monster Gapes", I was immediately drawn in. Looking at the cast, it was all ladies I've not seen or even heard of, so I wasn't quite sure what I was in for - outside of "Monster Gapes". There were plenty of hot girls, the one, in particular, I really liked was Francesca. But, unfortunately, she's not done a lot. The movie fell short on the gapes though. Yes, there was plenty of gaping, but the term "monster" seemed like a big stretch on half of them (Mea and Wendy gaped pretty well). here was plenty of anal though and I really liked the scenes where the cum cumshot was being squirted into the gaping asses. I'm not sure don't think I'd ever revisit it, but it's a pretty solid flick.
Positions: Missionary (anal), Doggy (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal)

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The scene opened with Steve helping Crystal to relax as he gently rubbed his hands over her body, and once relaxed... She started sucking his cock . Steve gave back with a bit of pussy eating and ass licking, but that was to help her loosen up for his cock, which went straight in her ass in mish. When Crystal went to doggy, we finally got some gaping action. While I wouldn't call them "monsters", they were pretty good. Crystal ended up back in doggy where Steve pumped her ass until he was ready to blow his wad in her (slightly) gaping ass. She pushed some out, making some cum bubbles for the camera as the scene faded to black. An OK scene here, it started off pretty well, specifically when Crystal was sucking on Steve's tongue, but things cooled off.
Scene 2:  Francesca Di Caprio (with Leny Ewil)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, Deep Throat, Cream Pie, Squirting
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Spoon (vag), Doggy (vag & doggy), Cowgirl (anal)

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As Francesca talked on the phone to her friend, Leny was eavesdropping, hearing her saying she wanted to fuck him - even though he's her sisters' boyfriend! He wasted no time letting her know that he's on board with the idea As things got started Leny did a lot of fingering, and it sounded like she squirted, but it wasn't gratuitous. Leny started off fucking her in spoon but made a quick (and effortless) move to her ass while she was in doggy. It took a lot to get her to open her ass, but she finally did, and there were lots of nice close-ups. Francesca rode a little in cowgirl but ended up back in doggy as Leny fucked her ass, pulling out to squirt is man juice in her open asshole. A little better scene here, I really liked Francesca and though she gave some pretty good energy. I also liked the camera work more here, however, there was way too much doggy.
Scene 3:  Mea Melone (with Ennio Guardi)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, ATM
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary (vag), Cowgirl (vag & anal), Doggy (anal)

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Ennio is ready to go out and experience the beautiful day, but Mea has a different idea; she wants her ass to open up! They started off with mish doing vag, but soon moved to cowgirl, where the anal and gaping got started. But down in doggy is where Mea's ass really opened up! Finally, on her knees, Ennio jerks off, cumming on her chest, but landing a little on her tongue. Mea gave good energy, and I really liked how she played with her pussy while gettin' her ass fucked. She was also the best gaper by far.
Scene 4:  Wendy Moon (with Pavel Matous)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, Cream Pie
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl (vag & anal), Spoon (anal), Doggy (anal)

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Pavel wanted to relax Wendy, so he has her like face down, in only her panties, on a message table as he rubs on her. After getting loose, Wendy went to reverse cowgirl to start the action. Apparently it got her ass loosened up too, because when she slipped it into her ass, it was one of the most effortless moves I've seen to anal For as long as Pavel worked her ass, he frequently showed off her gaping ass, in which case she slowly opened up, with her best gapes coming in doggy. And in doggy is where it ended, as Pavel pulled out and filled her gaping asshole with cum. Much like Mea's scene, Wendy gave good energy. She also gaped pretty well too, and with the pop shot done the way it was, her really open ass was a good thing