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Evil Angel
A part of the network Fresh Young Pussies #02
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Fresh Young Pussies #02 (2017)

Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Reviewed by PL on 08/10/2017

(7.94 / 10)

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In series: Fresh Young Pussies
Length: 277 Min ( 4 hr 37 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: In my mind, Mike is a director focused on anal (most of the time), so when I saw this, and it's cast, it struck me. It's certainly not the only pussy-only flick he's done, but I would say it's out of his norm. The movie overall had that "Mike Adriano" feel, he's nothing if not consistent. The amount of close-up action in this flick is right on par with everything I've ever seen from him, and his fetish for ass licking was on full display. Each was an hour or more long, with well over half of the scene focused on close-ups of the girls pussy (which I love) and oral. The cast was good and they all looked fantastic. The way Mike has the girls made up is always good and I like his use of colors. While I think Lily, Kylie and Naomi are still active, I was a little disappointed to learn Rylee has since quit the business already. I really liked her. Anyway, if you are a fan of close-ups like I am, you should be good with this one, but... If long sustained close-ups aren't your bag... Well, just pass on it.
Scene 1: Lily Jordan (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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Mike started off the scene with an interview; Lily is 19 years old and has been in the business for 8 months now. As he continued to talk with her he has her show off her body, in pretty detailed fashion, letting the camera take all of her in. We got some great shots of her beautiful flowery pussy as Mike took a taste, then worked her ass with his tongue and finger. She doesn't do anal, not even in her personal life. Finally, it was her turn, getting on it good with good noises and lots of spit. When it came time for Lily to get the cock, she started off in mish. Lily meaty pussy was on full display as Mike tends to keep the camera very close to the action, giving us some great shots of her pussy as it gripped his cock. He also gave her ass a little more love with his finger too Finally, Lily got a few squirts of cum in her mouth. She didn't look like she swallowed it, but sucked on the cock some more, working up a big slobbery mess before we closed it all out.
Scene 2: Naomi Woods (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Side, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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Naomi is 20 years old, from Miami, Florida, and has been doing porn movies for about a year and a half now and is 5' 5". She went on to show off her body, showing her tits first, and when she went to show her ass... She showed off a great set of panties! At which point, Mike took his taste of her ass and puffy pussy/thick clit! He got her to gape a little too With the camera zoomed in on her well-lubed pussy, Mike went at it. He got a little ass functioning action going, as well as getting her to do it too! All scene Naomi's beautiful plump and meaty pussy was on display, we even got some gaping going on, but Mike did take some time to give those wonderfully plump tits some lovin' too. The action picked up with Naomi in reverse, where she did the work, riding his cock before spinning around to cowgirl. After Mike opened her up for the camera and she sucked on his cock some more until he came down her throat! She swallowed most of it, and showed off some, then swallowed the rest! Nice!
Scene 3: Kylie Page (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.25/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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With Kylie sitting on a couch, in a fishnet body suit and bright red lipstick - looking "appetizing" (as Mike put it - and I couldn't agree more ), Mike started in on the interview. She just recently turned 20 and has been in porn for almost a year now. And when she was asked about her favorite kind of porn, I was surprised, she said amateur! They talked a little about Mike butthole licking fetish, which Kylie liked, along with anal, but it's not something she's done on camera yet. She was fine with him fingering it too, deeply, no less and also taking a taste of it! Mike has her do some really hot spit play with her pussy and ass, and a lot of cocksucking before the fucking finally got going about 45 minutes into the scene. So with a well-lubed pussy, Mike slipped in her pretty slit. Kylie worked her clit some with a Hitachi wand some, making herself squirt so Mike could lap it up! Finally, when she made it over into doggy, the camera put a hold on the tight close-ups and focused on her tits slapping while she got fucked. Nice! Finally, with Kylie on her knees and the full length of Mike's cock in her mouth, he came down her throat. Some was left over, and she played with that, swallowing it too! Another nice ending!
Scene 4: Rylee Renee (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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Rylee is a fresh face who's only 21 and started in the business in October of 2016. I found it interesting she didn't watch porno before getting into it and made the decision based on it being "different" and easy to do . After saying she's focused on dick, Mike gave us some close-up looks of her (naturally), and wow she's got a nice ass! She wasn't too sure about being open to him tongue fucking her ass, but she seemed to settle into it quickly It was pretty hot seeing Raylee's clit and pussy flex as he got deep in her ass with his tongue, with her legs back for us to see. After Mike had her suck his cock for a while, it was time for some fuckin' (45 minutes into the scene). I was quite surprised the lube wasn't broke out, but that gave us a chance to see Rylee creaming all over his cock as he fucked her. Down in doggy, the lube was finally brought in, and Mike gave her a good pumping. Unlike the last two scenes, Mike had Rylee suck his cock some before jerking off until he squirted in her mouth. She swallowed some of the cum too.