Farm Fresh #03 (2010)

from director Sid Knox
Co-starring: Alex Gonz, Jenner, John Strong, Pat Myne

Reviewed by PL posted on 12/22/2010

(7 / 10)

3rd Degree
Farm Fresh #03
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In series: Farm Fresh
Length: 112 Min ( 1 hr 52 min )
Condoms: None
Review: This one got a 7.60. Not seeing Sid's work, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but knowing it was 3rd Degree, I was pretty confident it was going to be very acceptable. And I can say that now for sure . The flick is filled with cute girls, but as far as the cutest, Lily gets that honor. Wow... She's a real stunner! However, Sienna gave the best scene. She and Alex really clicked well, granted Alex clicked really well with Lily too. In all reality, all the scene hit their mark, except one. Scene 3 (Charlie Ann). The scene kicked off pretty promising, but quickly went downhill. Simply put, Charlie looked bored and not into it. Although a score I'm not normally going to endorse a purchase from, I think this title would against that. And if that's a bit much for you, a rental is absolutely in order, if only to see Sienna and Lily.
Scene: 1 Sienna Milano (with Alex Gonz)
Tags: Deep Throat, Pussy Gaping, Rimming: Male to Female
Rating: 9.00/10

Sienna is a cute girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. After telling us her name and she's here to get fucked, Alex comes in and joins her. She sucks and tit fucks his meat, then he takes over throat fucking her, getting her to take it deep too. After getting her panties off, Alex's tongue goes to battle with her clit for a few moments, along with her asshole, and Sienna looked like she came 3 or so times. After a good amount of oral, the sex gets rolling with Sienna lying on her back as Alex holds her pussy open as he enters it. Moving on, she then rides reverse and regular cowgirl, doing a good job of riding in cowgirl. We get plenty of nice shots too, then he pulls her up to show us her open pussy. Getting out from under her, Alex eats her ass, then gets back to fucking her pussy in doggy. He does some pounding and she does some of the work as well, then it's back over into missionary. Soon after that, the scene ends with Sienna getting on her knees and taking Alex's load on her tits and chest. This was a really good scene. Sienna and Alex really clicked, which showed some nice sparks on the screen. Sienna certainly seemed like she wanted the cock!
Scene: 2 Tristyn Kennedy (with Pat Myne)
Tags: Deep Throat, Rimming: Male to Female
Rating: 8.00/10

Tristyn is a very cute girl with long brown hair and natural A cup tits. After telling us she likes taking cock in her tight wet pussy, she peels her panties down and crawls over to Pat. Up on the couch next to Pat, she gets his cock in her mouth and deep in her throat. Cutting away, Tristyn is on her back as Pat dips his stick in it while we get some nice shots of the action. Stopping, he tastes her pussy and ass some, then has her ride him in cowgirl. Tristyn grinds it hard and deep, which I found really sexy, then gets off for some PTM/deep throat before getting some dick in doggy. Flipping over to her side/back pat fucks her pussy as she tells him "cum in that little pussy", but unfortunately he doesn't. He does give it a very good cum coating though, which the camera kept focus on for a few moments before the scene concluded. Pat typically does good with new girls and I think he did so here. Tristyn put on a good show for us too, and although I would have preferred a cream pie ending, this was the next best thing.
Scene: 3 Charlie Ann (with John Strong)
Tags: Cum Swallowing
Rating: 5.00/10

Charlie is a pretty cute girl with short dark red hair and natural A cup tits. She begins with telling us she's a 22 year old naughty slut, then crawls over to John and starts blowing him. He then gets her panties off, which gave us a nice glimpse of her ass and pussy, then she climbs up to cowgirl to take her first serving of dick. He pounds it too. Getting off, she cleans it off, then gets into doggy. John fucks her pussy, stopping along the way to show us her pink dot, then gets back to it. Charlie takes a break for some more PTM, then gets on her side for some spoon for a bit, where she looked pretty bored with the scene. Over on her side/back, John continues to pound the pussy until he's ready to cum, and when he is, she gets on her knees and takes his load in her mouth. She shows it off to the camera and then gulps it down. The scene started off pretty well, Charlie seemed decently into it and her pussy seemed wet. As the scene went on though, she really seemed to lose interest. By the end she was looking pretty dry and really looking not into it at all.
Scene: 4 Aiden Aspen (with Jenner)
Tags: Cum Swallowing, Deep Throat, Foot Play, Pussy Gaping, Tit Fucking
Rating: 7.50/10

Aiden is an attractive girl with medium length blonde and natural B cup tits. Aiden tells us she's 20 and from Atlanta, at which point Jenner enters and has her start getting naked for us. And I'm certain his whole intention was to get us to see her unique piercing - her Perineum ("taint" - you know the sayin', taint the ass, taint the pussy )! The screenshot says it all. Anyway, Jenner has her show us how she plays with her pussy, then has her show us how she sucks and it fucks dick. Finally, it's up to cowgirl, where she takes the cock and that piercing is on fine display. Additionally, Aiden looked nice and wet too! Taking a break, she sucks and deep throats the meat, then goes to reverse cowgirl for a bit. Aiden looked to have some fun as she rode, then we cut to her down in doggy. We get some small pussy gapes and she may have came too, then it's to her knees to get Jenner's load in her mouth. She plays with it some, but ultimately swallows it down. A very solid scene here. Aiden looked to have quite a bit of fun in her scene, often smiling at the camera, which I found pretty cute. She didn't overly seem interested in Jenner, but worked well with him.
Scene: 5 Lily Carter (with Alex Gonz)
Tags: Pussy Gaping
Rating: 8.50/10

Lily is a stunningly cute, with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. With her hands down her panties, she looks at the camera and asks a question we all know the answer to... "Do you wanna watch me get fucked?" - Enter Alex. Getting her panties off, Alex eats and fingers her pretty pussy, then slips up behind her for some spoon fucking. She seems to cum nicely, then stops to clean it off the dick before going up to ride in reverse cowgirl. After a cut, she's still in RC, but we get a much nicer shots of her riding the cock, then she finally spins around to regular cowgirl and get pounded! Moving on, Lily's in doggy where Alex fucks her pussy and shows off some beautiful gapes before she flips over onto her back to finish up the scene. Taking Alex load on her belly to round out the scene. Wow, Lily is simply awesome and she put on a good show for a newbie too. Good energy and good chemistry. I really want to see more of this young lady!
This was a web DVD review, and it didn't have any behind the scenes or bonus footage. A shame too. However since it wasn't a DVD/BluRay, no points were taken off for it.
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