A2M #11
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A2M #11 (2007)

Co-starring: Brian Surewood, Mark Ashley, Sascha, Tony T

Reviewed by PL on 09/03/2007

(8.25 / 10)

In series: A2M
Length: 173 Min ( 2 hr 53 min )
Condoms: None
Review: I'll start here with a little fun. When I see things advertised on the cover, especially things like "x amount of this" (here it was 95 A2Ms!), I like to kind of keep track of that kind of stuff. So with that, my final count was 91 ATM/A2Ms! I was close! I didn't count some of the one where the girl wiped the cock before sucking on it, but the numbers were close enough for me to not call bullshit on it and deduct. In fact, 91 ATMs are a "fuck-load" of ass-to-mouth! So for those looking, that's a hell of a selling point! Action wise, it was pretty damn good. I'll be the first to tell you I'm not a fan of Tony T. I can honestly say they things I have disliked him for in the past aren't here and he did a good job. I'm not fully converted on him yet, but he's moved up from the ranks of "I really don't like this performer". From the girls end... Nice line-up here, with Aline and Marie Luv leading the way. I got what I was expecting from Marie, but Aline really surprised me, she exploded in her scene. I can see why she got the cover and I really hope she sticks around! Additionally I was impressed with Britney Stevens. the last time I seen Ivan's work, it was for a "lesser" company who I thought underused him and he was doing features. So when I seen this format, I was very curious to see what this was going to do with it. He did very well. I loved the tease segments and I really liked his use of colors and light. So with that, this is an easy recommendation to anyone into anal or ass to mouth, hell even DP lovers should enjoy this as 3 of the scenes have it. The action was good and the scenes were energetic. Rent it if you must, but hopefully this will lead you to buying it if you dig the aforementioned acts. Good work Ivan.
There was a TON of ATM/A2M (Ass to mouth) here. So much so I'm not going to mention it all, but rather a count I took (I wanted to have a little fun, what can I say?) and the first instance of it.
Scene 1:  Maya Gates (with Sascha, Tony T)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, ATM, DP, Cream Pie, Tease
Rating: 8.00/10

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ATM/A2M count: 17

Mya is a pretty girl with medium length black hair and fake D cup tits. We begin with some very nice tease action, and it was nice and long too, then we cut right to Mya in action in reverse cowgirl anal as she introduces herself - LMAO! Anyway, she then gets off and the ATM begins and wile it does, Sascha creeps in and plugs her ass. on to missionary, the guys tag team fucking her ass, then she flips over into doggy for more of the same from the guys. Dropping down onto her side, Sascha gets a little quality one on one with Mya's asshole before Tony gets his stab at it in standing doggy anal, which we get some nice shots of too. Still in standing doggy, the guys decide to do some more tag teaming on her, but this time they start showing off some gaping for us, which Mia did well. Giving Mya's legs a break, Tony sits down and has her lay that pussy on him in cowgirl, but quickly Sascha come in to plug her ass; DPing her. The ass/pussy action continues on in cowgirl, then it's up in the air for a flying DP! Back to concentrating on her ass, Mya's on her side as the guys take turns fucking her asshole and showing off some gapes. Winding down, Mya goes to her knees as Tony jerks off into her open mouth, which she literally spits out onto the couch as Sascha comes in to fuck her ass in doggy some more, ultimately cumming in her ass. There was a nice cream pie ending, and some great cum farts! And for anyone interested, there was lots of "rose buds" too! Good scene here, Mya sure looked good taking the cock and they worked her over very nicely.
Scene 2:  Aline (with Sascha, Tony T)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, ATM, Cum Swallowing, Deep Throat, DP, Tease
Rating: 9.50/10

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ATM/A2M count: 25!

Aline is a sexy girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. After some sexy tease we see he as she sits on a couch and plays with her self for a few moments before Tony shows up and immediately takes her to standing doggy anal! After some nice shots and a quick gape, Sascha enters and she tastes her ass while sucking and deep throating both the guys. Tony stands her up for some more standing doggy anal, then it's Sascha's turn, railing her ass while she's on her side. Flipping over into doggy, the guys take turns fucking her asshole and showing off some great gapes, but Aline impressed me, she took Sascha balls deep! Giving her ass a break, Aline moves up to reverse cowgirl on Sascha for a few minutes, then the cock is slipped into her ass. She gets off and tastes her ass some more and then takes ol Sascha all the way down her throat! Another impressive move! It's then time to fill both Aline's holes as she begins taking it in cowgirl. She really gets fucked too! And Sascha breaks here and there to show off some gapes/rose buds! Spinning around, she does some reverse cowgirl anal with Tony, showing off a couple nice gapes before Sascha comes in to fill her up again. Off and into doggy, the guys alternate back and forth fucking her ass and showing off her open ass, then Sascha finally takes her to a pile driver. Again both fuck her ass and show how open her ass was, then she rolls over onto her knees as Tony jerks off into her mouth. She swallows it down and then Sascha takes her to missionary, fucking her ass until he's ready to cum. She swallows his cum too. But he wants to give her an ATM for the road, dipping his stick in her ass and having her take one more taste before the scene ended. Very good scene! Aline seemed really into the action and I loved some of those devilish smiles she let off while getting fucked... I think we are seeing the birth of a new anal queen!
Scene 3:  Marie Luv (with Mark Ashley)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, ATM, Interracial, Rimming: Male to Female, Tease
Rating: 8.50/10

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ATM/A2M count: 12

Marie is a sexy looking girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. After her tease session, Marie makes her way over to a couch where she licks on her nipple before Mark enters. She teases his cock, but that does nothing but intensify Mark's taste for her as he takes her and eats her ass and pussy. She moves up to ride him in cowgirl, and does so nicely, but soon the cock's moved to her ass; naturally right? Getting off, she tastes her ass and moves to taking the cock in reverse cowgirl, where we get some nice shots of the action before she goes into doggy. Mark starts off back in her pussy, but soon moves to her ass, fucking her really good and showing off the occasional small gape. Rolling down onto her side, spoon anal follows the doggy, then its down into a pile driver for Marie. As she gets her ass reamed, we got some really great shots of the action, as well as some more small gapes. Marie lies on her back and mark tastes her twat some more before fucking her pussy until he's ready to blow. And when that time came, he must have really been holding back, because her drops a big load on Marie's face, but what landed in her mouth got pushed out anyway. Typical Marie scene here, and that's a good thing! She's hot and put on a good show for us.

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ATM/A2M count: 10

Britney is a good-looking girl with medium length brown hair and natural C cup tits. After her colorful tease, we see her sitting on a couch where she lets those nice boobies out! Quickly Tony enters and ignored the fun bags, opting to use her mouth. And she takes him down her throat well too. Standing her up, he slips right in her ass and begins fucking her. She tastes her ass and then he takes her up for some flying reverse cowgirl anal, and she squirts too! Setting her down, Tony continues to do his damage on her asshole while she's in doggy, then they roll down onto their sides where Tony gives her ass a break and fucks her pussy. On to her back, Britney gets back to the point as she takes it up the ass some more while Tony shows off some small gapes to us. Back into spoon, anal takes place this time while he chokes her and she fucks him back! Wrapping the scene up, jerks off into her open mouth, which she shows and swallows. Then Tony dips his cock in her ass for one more ATM for the road. I was rather impressed by Britney, she seemed to have more of a spark to her than her sister usually does. but one things for sure, both have some great racks!
Scene 5:  Lexi Love (with Brian Surewood, Mark Ashley)
Tags: Anal, Ass Gaping, ATM, Cum Swallowing, Squirting, Tease
Rating: 8.00/10

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ATM/A2M count: 14

Lexi is a cute and sexy girl with long blonde hair and natural A cup tits. After her sexy tease segment, Lexi is on a couch as she plays with her pussy as she begs for some cock. She gets it. Both of the guys enter and one fucks her (pussy) while she sucks the other. It's then on to some cowgirl as she takes turns riding the cocks in cowgirl, but finally its time for some anal as Brian slips into her ass. After tasting her ass, she gets down into doggy, where the guys take turns fucking her ass and gaping it, then Mark puts her over the arm of the couch (missionary) to get his piece. She looked to enjoy it too, letting off a squirt or two, then Brian hopes in to get some. Afterwards, more ATM and anal ensues in standing doggy, then it's on to reverse cowgirl on Mark. He rolls her up to show off some Gapes and Brian jumps in there for a few strokes, then he gets his come with Lexi as she moves over to cowgirl anal with him. Getting off and getting on her back again, Lexi takes more anal and shows off more gapes in missionary as the guys tag team her asshole. Mark finishes up his session, fucking Lexi in doggy until he's ready for her to take his load, so she goes to her knees as he jerks off into her mouth. Then Brian comes in and delivers his load in her mouth too. She gargles the cum and plays with it, then ultimately sends it home in her belly. Good scene, but had some problems. The audio was turned off via the menu, which for all the scenes previous here worked, but this one had music all they up until about half way through the scene.... Other than that, the scene got a bit repetitive. I was particularly fond of the bush Lexi was sporting though!
Scene 6:  Maria Bellucci (with Sascha, Tony T)
Tags: Anal, ATM, DP, Tease
Rating: 7.50/10

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ATM/A2M count: 13

Maria is a very attractive girl with medium length brown hair and fake C cup tits. After a bit of tease, we see Maria on a couch with Sascha and Tony as she sucks their cocks. Off with her panties and to her side, Sascha fucks her ass for a few moments before she tastes her ass and gets into doggy where Tony gets a feel of the ass. I did find it hot when she took her panties and used it to tie her hair up - I don't know why, but FUCK that was hot! Anyway, Sascha jumps in there to get some more of her ass too, then she's stood up to continue her doggy anal with Tony. She spins back and forth, getting her ass fucked by the guys, then she does a little riding in reverse cowgirl anal on each cock before going back into doggy with Tony. Having enough of just fucking her ass, she goes up to cowgirl on Tony, riding for a moment, then Sascha comes in and stuffs her ass; DPing her. She also takes a reverse cowgirl DP, then ends up on her side in spoon with Tony fucking her ass while we get some nice shots of the action! Soon Tony's ready to blow, so Maria goes to her knees and takes it in her mouth. Sascha tried to get her to swallow it, but she flat out refuses, then gets into doggy, holding the cum in her mouth. Sascha fucks her ass some and then she's flipped over onto her back for a little vag action, then she takes his load in her mouth too. Finally pushing both loads from her mouth at once. This was a pretty solid scene, but something felt off to me, regardless of that, I was digging the bush she was sporting!
The extras here were a little disappointing to be honest. There was 8 minutes of behind the scenes, which were pretty good, and in addition there were 18 minutes of all the strip tease action at the beginning of each scene. Is that really extra? It's in the movie... Other than that there was a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, web info, chapter stop for the scenes and girls with cameras. I will say the girls with camera was kind of cool because I know Ivan likes this stuff and I think it's neat too, but it's still only a photo gallery and it was only a minute long. Maybe video footage of the photo shoots for these would have been neat. No extra point for the extras, there just wasn't enough.