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Merci Beaucoup (JavHD)
A part of the network 3D Merci Beaucoup 18 Glamorous Venus M : Miho Ichiki
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3D Merci Beaucoup 18 Glamorous Venus M : Miho Ichiki (2014)

Starring: Miho Ichiki

Reviewed by PL on 07/20/2017

(8.63 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: 3D Merci Beaucoup
Length: 115 Min ( 1 hr 55 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: There are three things I love about Japanese porno. First, all the cream pies, second, lots of close-ups! Finally the fact it's normally focused on one girl, and they picked a damn hot for this title! I was surprised at how much I ended up like Miho's boobs... I'm not normally a big fan of is big fake boobs, in fact, I don't like them much at all (it's certainly not a deal breaker for me to watch girls with them). And while I'm not converted to loving them, Miho's tits were amazing. While certainly oversized they had somewhat of a natural movement to them and the ratio of how big they were and how small she was; fucking fantastic! Now I should also say that's not to diminish Miho's overall performance, she nailed that too. Every scene you would see smiles and her looking to cum, and I loved the slurping sounds she did when she kissed or sucked cock! And to top that off, she was really hot... Suffice to say, this is a no brainer recommendation, I enjoyed every second of this flick!
Scene 1: Miho Ichiki
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Flying Cowgirl, On Side, Missionary
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In just a shirt and panties, Miho started rubbing her pussy over her panties as she looked into the camera. When she was handed a vibrating egg, she got a rather surprised look on her face, but knew exactly what to do with it! For a good 20 minutes the guy finger fucked her, making her cum (it was REALLY hot how you could see her cumming all over his finger) and squirt. Finally she moved on to sucking his cock, which she was quite good at, with lots of good eye contact and smiles. Finally, it was on to the dicking in standing doggy. She took a good dicking, ending up on her back with the guy pounding away until he dumped his load inside her. With cum dripping from her twat and a big smile on her face, she took a last taste of the cock. What a scene!
Scene 2: Miho Ichiki
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: N/A
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In a little red and black lacy teddy, which accentuated Miho's massive tits quite well, she did an interview before some wondering hands find her globes Toys were soon introduced, being used on her nipples before it found her pussy. After looking to cum (quickly), Miho slurped away at the guy's cock until he covered her face in his goo. She took it all with a smile on her face! She really made the scene fun.
Scene 3: Miho Ichiki
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary
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As Miho stood in a pink bikini, two guys quickly joined her and began grouping, kissing her and showing her off. There was a fair bit of oral, both ways, from the group too. Having enough oral, one of the guys got behind her, and slipped it inside her. With no editing, the guys rather effortlessly the guys took turns fucking her. She just seems so ready to please them and she looked like she came a time or two. In mish, one of the guys pumped away until she came, then shortly after he cum inside her. With the cum still oozing from her she cleaned him off, then the other guy came. He started off slow, giving us some nice shots, working up to a good pace; making a frothy mess all of her and his cock from all the action - leaving her full of cum once again. As the camera focused on him show us her well fucked and filled pussy, you could see her smiling all the time - I loved it!
Scene 4: Miho Ichiki
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: N/A
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In a rather undersized bikini top for her sized boobs, Miho strips the underwear of her guy and started sucking and slurping on his cock, and also doing some tit fucking. She did the same to all three guys, although we got some POV type shots for one of the guys. At the end, Miho took each guy one, one by one, sucking and stroking them off until they came in her mouth. Unfortunately she didn't swallow, which would have been pretty hot, but she pushed all the cum out onto her check - which nestled quite nicely between those massive globes of hers. As we faded away, we got a nice shot of Miho smiling at the camera.A good scene here and the fact she did all the work was great - it's not something you see much of in American porno, unfortunately.